Longines Peerless Double Pride Watch

This year marks the 180th anniversary of the brand’s birth. It has been inheriting the LONGINES with exquisite watchmaking technology and the pursuit of extreme quality. In addition to busy exhibitions around the world, it has also prepared a large number of new watches. As a winning chip to attack the gold consumption schedule in the second half of the year. The latest two TS TELEMETER and TS TACHYMETER chronograph watches are equipped with the L688 column wheel precision chronograph automatic mechanical movement specially designed for the brand. They are printed on the dials of the two models with a flow meter. Scale calculation table for TACHYMETER and TELEMETER. Its white lacquered dial is lined with red, blue and black scale details and stainless steel Breguet hands, which makes the 41mm diameter case more elegant and refined. Lined with a black alligator leather strap, it also makes a strong visual contrast, creating a more eye-catching look.

Kunlun Launches Admiral Left Crown Chronograph

Admiral 50 Left Crown Chronograph is the ultimate measuring instrument to challenge short time. This time, the watchmaker and design team especially increased the timing measuring instrument to create the best performance. Admiral 50 left crown chronograph case; large size design can easily read the various time information provided by the model, the face plate size has increased, and it is also in fact the hour markers, small seconds display, and chronograph display The position of the disk frees up considerable space. Because the concept of this watch creation is measured in a short time, the display of the hour and time is omitted, and the focus is on the seconds and minutes display in the center of the case, emphasizing its best readability. The same simple design concept is adopted on the labels and scales. At the top of the faceplate, there is an exaggerated large ’60’ digital indication at the 12 o’clock direction. Admiral 50’s left crown chronograph stopwatch will express time and seconds in such a convincing manner. Imagery.

Admiral’s Cup Admiral 50 Left Crown Chronograph
Material: Titanium
Movement: Cal. CO-753 automatic winding movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / Swiss Observatory certification
Water resistance: 300 meters

 Admiral 50’s left crown chronograph is equipped with Kunlun’s exclusive self-winding chronograph movement. Its fine and rigorous surface finish and the oscillating pendulum are engraved with the name of the CORUM brand. And the pursuit of perfection.

Chanel J12 Tourbillon Jewellery Watch

Chanel J12 Tourbillon Jewellery Watch
Jewelry setting + high complexity + limited edition of 12 pieces = 170,000 euros
Chanel 05-T.1 manual winding movement / power reserve 100 hours / white high-tech precision ceramic case, white gold bezel / white high-tech precision ceramic bracelet / case diameter 38 mm
    Jake Hailu shaped the classic J12. The hard black and white high-tech high-precision ceramics made the J12 long-lasting and passed down. However, when Chanel set J12 with bar diamonds and assembled a tourbillon movement, the value of J12 once again attracted everyone’s attention. As we all know, Chanel’s fine jewelry is very sophisticated in design and craftsmanship, and the jewelry on the watch must be equally good. The tourbillon movement was developed by Chanel’s watch workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which combines the traditional craftsmanship of Swiss watches with high technology. This watch can be regarded as the masterpiece of Chanel’s high-complexity watch.

The Most Interesting And Natural Wind Makes The Expressions And Meanings Of Time Change Richer

Lifelike little animals, romantic and colorful leaves and flowers, can always easily stir the feeling of nature hidden inside. When the jewellery watch has a creative design that injects life’s agility into it, the fun and fantasy between minutes and seconds makes time have a richer expression and meaning.

1, mysterious and demon fish pattern
RoRolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Royal Pink Noble Pink (36mm)
In 1945, Rolex first introduced the Oyster Perpetual Date Watch “Datejust”. The surface calendar display function has since rewritten the history of the watch. This year, the design of this watch is even more youthful and fashionable. The most eye-catching part of the noble pink color lies in the somewhat mysterious devil fish skin and rubber combination strap, which has a rich texture and is inlaid with a few more. A sparkling diamond, echoing the striped design of the dial, has some cool neutral power.
2, ancient spirits, cute stunners
Boucheron ‘Seconde Folle’ Ronde Watch
Is owl just waking up from a deep sleep? The cute expression with one eye open and one eye closed is witty and funny. The whole body is studded with sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and tsavorites, which makes it somewhat proud. The Girard-Perregaux watch factory developed the new GP4000 ‘Seconde Folle’ self-winding mechanical movement exclusively for Boucheron. The second hand in the center of the dial was skillfully moved to the 7 o’clock position, and the hands were moved by a lightweight dial that makes one revolution per minute. To replace.
3, soaring into the sky
C Cartier Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier
The eagle decoration watch is a veritable journey of the world. Following its voyage to Asia last year, the Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier watch series has landed in the Americas this year: raccoons, eagles and crocodiles have joined the dream team that traveled to the charming country. This eagle decorative watch, limited edition, 18K yellow gold case, pavé round diamonds, circles in the circle, carved out a truly three-dimensional dial space, and dynamic emerald eyes, black one hundred two-tone enamel painted feathers , Make the eagle’s wings spread more vivid.

Bryce Releases New Limited Edition Br01 Burning Skull Bronze Forward-looking Timepiece Pays Tribute To ‘explore The Limit’ Military Spirit

Beijing-On November 20, 2017, Bell & Ross held an ‘Explore the Limit’ experience tour at the Beijing Flying Home Space Experience Center. To pay tribute to its military spirit, the brand presented a number of 2017 forward-looking timepieces at the event and released the new BR01 Burning Skull Bronze limited edition watch.

   As a world-renowned watch brand, Bell & Ross has been committed to manufacturing professional flight timepieces since its establishment, and has actively explored other professional fields, breaking the limits and never ending. In 2017, the brand launched a new ‘Watch Beyond’ campaign, focusing on the three elements of sea, land and air that are closely related to the brand, leading everyone to invest in Search of Extremes. Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager of Bell & Ross North Asia, attended the event to share the latest brand information and the 2017 watch beyond the limit series with guests, and unveiled the highly anticipated BR01 Burning Skull Bronze exclusive mainland China and Hong Kong exclusive sale watch mystery .

Miss Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager, Bell & Ross North Asia

   At the event, guests not only personally experienced a series of new Bellace timepieces, but also actively participated in the experience activities. Through indoor skydiving, simulated flight driving, and simulated fighter battles, they stimulated potential, challenged themselves, and explored the limit with the brand.

   Ms. Zhu Xuanhua said: ‘We are very happy to be able to present our new Bell & Ross products to our guests today. These watches follow the brand’s philosophy of equal emphasis on function and style, and can not only cope with the extreme conditions encountered in flying, land and deep seas. It also symbolizes our insistence on innovating over the years. At the end of November 2017, Bell & Ross also successively settled in the Beijing International Trade and SKP shopping malls, Shanghai Xintiandi and Guangzhou Taikoo Hui stores of Drivepro. The Mainland can have more points of sale, so that fans of Bell & Ross can enjoy the brand’s latest timepieces for the first time. ‘

Death from Above

   In 2009, Bell & Ross broke through the traditional watchmaking technology and launched the first unforgettable BR01 Skull watch with a skull as the focus. In 2015 and 2016, Bell & Ross introduced the eye-catching BR01 Skull Bronze watch and BR01 Burning Skull. In 2017, the brand presents a new work-BR01 Burning Skull Bronze. The limited edition of 100 pieces is only available in mainland China and Hong Kong. It is amazing again with a new look.

   Each watch of the BR 01 SKULL series pays tribute to the legendary World War II paratroopers in its own unique way. Skeletons and badges with the text ‘Death from Above’ have been used since ancient times, and have become a symbol of warriors’ fear of death and intimidation of enemies.

   Loyal to the spirit of the paratroopers of 1944 and its badge resembling a traditional pirate flag, BR01 Burning Skull Bronze perfectly incorporates the skull and crossbones pattern in the iconic square case of Bell & Ross. The entire case is adorned with finely engraved tattoo-style motifs, including many hearts, roses, death scythes, and hourglasses symbolizing fate and death. The visual depth brought by the double-layer dial design highlights the ‘tattoo’ decorative pattern, and the skull pattern in the center of the dial is vivid and lifelike. The skull pattern is embossed from a piece of metal. The black SuperLuminova luminous material on the dial surface further highlights the skull pattern, showing its fearless eyes.

   In order to create the unique appearance of the BR01 Burning Skull Bronze, Bell & Ross chose to make the case from micro-blasted copper. The alloy made of copper (approximately 91%), aluminum (6.80%) and tin (1.75%) provides excellent abrasion resistance, while presenting a unique color, achieving the perfect watchmaking level and unparalleled retro feel.
Charge the Sky (The Air)
   Over the years, Bell & Ross has been fascinated by military history and the superior performance of military equipment, and has taken design inspiration from the aerospace industry, especially flight instruments, invested in cutting-edge technology, and used exquisite aesthetic details to develop one after another Outstanding quality timepieces.

   Bell & Ross watch production has always been an important reference indicator in the field of professional aviation timepieces. In 2017, the brand further launched the BR03-92 Horolum and BR03-92 Horograph, re-presenting Belles’ iconic ‘circle in a square’ with a modern design, reminiscent of the clock in the cockpit of the aircraft, fulfilling the display with the highest efficiency The mission of time is especially suitable for travel lovers. As the newest member of Bell & Ross’s camouflage watch series-BR03-92 Black Camo combines the core aerospace and military technology design of the brand. Since its launch, it has been sought after by military fans. Original military tri-color coating and dumb The light treatment makes the watch secretive and low-key, clear and easy to read, but perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.
The Land
   Bell & Ross is committed to surpassing the limits of traditional indicators and never stop on the road to exploring the new world. Since 2016, Bell & Ross has entered the field of cutting-edge Formula 1 racing for the first time and has become Renault’s official timing partner.

   In 2017, Bell & Ross once again proved its determination to challenge the limits, and exerted its passion for high-speed racing to the extreme. The new Bellytanker series uses a round case of a vintage model, while maintaining an absolutely modern style. It was designed to inspire people to remember the legendary era of the United States in the 1950s, which was full of record-breaking events. One of the members of the third-generation retro series, BRV1-92 Military, is inspired by the military code. The arched sapphire dial makes the look more retro and brings a more comfortable wearing experience.
Dive into the sea
   The ocean is a mysterious and fascinating world. Bell & Ross strives to combine exquisite aesthetic design and superb watchmaking technology to expand the mechanical watchmaking process to new fields.

   Bell & Ross has a wealth of experience in the field of diving watches. The brand launched Hydromax in 1997 and still maintains an excellent record in the history of diving watches. In 2017, the brand launched the first square diving watch BR03-92 Diver, writing a new chapter in the ocean story. Since its inception, Bell & Ross has regarded soldiers as heroes. To pay tribute to professional marine lifeguards, the brand has launched the Garde Cotes series, which inherits the design of its Vintage series round case. A sporty, modern look.

Have Not Seen This Carving Technique Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Excalibur Round Table Samurai Iii

The magnificent, fascinating and ingenious Excalibur King series watch fully embodies the creative genes of ROGER DUBUIS, becoming the ultimate symbol of its courageous spirit. The brand actively uses innovative materials and frequently launches breakthrough movements, showing extraordinary creativity. For a complete full-line watch factory with an internal R & D department, it is a matter of familiarity to be in the fierce battle of avant-garde innovation and pioneering technology. After the launch of the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table Samurai Watches II and their successes, Roger Dubuis reinterprets contemporary interpretation of classic timepieces with cutting-edge techniques, demonstrating its subversive and traditional talents. .

Roger Dubuis released the third-generation new work of the Excalibur round table samurai watch. This time, the creation of the samurai statue and the material of the face plate are re-introduced with new ideas.

Ancient myths and art forms of the 21st century. Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III boldly combines ancient legends containing mysterious power with innovative new technology and contemporary art methods, showing the unrestrained Roger Dubuis style-a love for extreme adventure Drive the brand to the wildest challenge. Low Poly Art was originally used to make three-dimensional models and scenes of video games. It is a technique that uses polygonal aspects to make statues or paintings. Low-resolution polygons are gaining popularity because of their fast drawing performance. Roger Dubuy used this art form to create 12 highly expressive three-dimensional rose gold warriors as the faceplate time stamp, reflecting the extraordinary creativity and vitality of the brand’s craft warriors, as well as their combination of disruptive materials and Tabulation promise of advanced complication.

The brand used a technique called Low Poly Art to create a three-dimensional rose gold warrior statue, exuding the craftsmanship like an artist’s hand carving

Each samurai statue has a new design, completed by low-poly sculpture, highly detailed processing, meticulous engraving, and hand-finished. Each of them looks energetic, radiant, and powerful, and points each person’s giant sword to show Ava. Dragon Island legend on blue enamel desktop. These craftsmanship needs to be realized through the skillful hands and patient execution of many hours. The production process of each face plate takes 45 hours, and is finally carried by the 45mm Excalibur King series case, with a solid bottom cover, 18K rose gold grooved bezel and matching crown, and is equipped with a blue crocodile Leather strap. The whole is natural, creating mechanical wonders.

Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III

18K Rose Gold Material / Automatic Movement / Hour, Minute Display / Gold Carving, Blue Enamel Dial / Geneva Mark / Sapphire Crystal / 45mm Diameter / Limited to 28
The RD 821 self-winding movement has hour and minute display functions and provides a 48-hour power reserve. It is like the movement of all the brand’s timepieces. It is a Roger Dubuis original movement that ensures the accuracy and reliability of the watch. The details of all the parts of this movement are similar to those of the samurai on the faceplate. They all follow the traditional standard set by the famous Geneva Seal, and are exquisitely hand-finished. The pioneering spirit of the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III has proved that the classic legend never fades, especially after Roger Dubuis reinterpreted in a grand and magnificent way. This exclusive limited edition of 28 timepieces is exquisitely reproduce the fundamental spirit of the brand ‘Creating extraordinary.’

Jacques Dro And His Royal Love

From the Chateau de Châtel to the top temple of Swiss watchmaking, Pierre Jaquet Droz gave up his set life path and devoted himself to watchmaking, and He went to extremes with this independent watch brand. As a continuation of the tradition, even the brand’s popular watchmaking arts such as the big fire flame enamel are also quite royal style.

 Pierre Jacques Dro

Collected clocks and won the first barrel of gold

皮 On July 27, 1721, Pierre Jacques Dro was born in the small town of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Seventeen years later, Jacques Dro enrolled at the University of Neuchatel with a major in theology. After graduating, when almost all of his classmates devoted themselves to the pastor’s career in accordance with a pre-set life trajectory, Jacques DeLor made a completely different decision-to join the watch manufacturing industry. The decision that seemed very sudden to others was not a surprise to Jacques Dro himself. While at the university, he taught at Basel Academy with the then renowned physician and mathematician Daniel Bernouilli. After that, Jacques Dro returned to La Chaux-de-Fonds, and developed great interest and enthusiasm for watchmaking. The watch manufacturing industry at that time was just a new industry in Switzerland, which had not yet formed a climate, and it was gradually being established. However, Jacques DeRoot stood out from many watchmakers with his outstanding skills and perseverance. Through his own research, Jacques Droux perfected many different clock components at the time, and began to try to incorporate harmonious bell sounds and several musical instrument tubes into the clock. Although this attempt was unsuccessful in the end, this experience also inspired him with different clock designs, that is, the fusion of two metals with different expansion coefficients was used to make the pendulum free of winding.

Soon after, Jacques Dro’s talent and love for watchmaking spread. At that time, the local leader of Neuchâtel, known as ‘Captain Marshal’, became aware of his deeds, and encouraged Jacques Dro to bring his work to Spain to pay homage to King Ferdinand VI. After a long journey to reach the Spanish capital Madrid, Jacques Dro was solemnly received by the Spanish royal family, and the watches and clockwork he carried with him were sold out. Because of this, Jacques Dro accumulates the first bucket of gold in his life.

 Jaquet Droz & Leschot clock

The master of watchmaking, popular with the court

With his wealth in Spain, Jacques DeRoot was able to go all out to make his own timepieces and automatic robot puppet devices that he has always remembered. In 1774, Jacques Droux, along with his son and apprentice, founded the Jaquet Droz & Leschot watch shop and opened a workshop in the Bartlett building in London. At this time, it was the ‘Kang and Qian Dynasty’ in China, especially the Emperor Qianlong in the dynasty, who especially loved mechanical clocks. It was in 1758 (23 years of Qianlong) that Jacques Drouh’s watchmaking talents began to emerge. The Emperor Qianlong issued a seal script: ‘In addition to the tribute to the Guangdong Customs, there is still silver in the heart of the fostering house. With this, you can do foreign goods once in both silver and silver, …, you don’t need to do gold, silver, and wide-making equipment. However, you can do the singular furnishings of clocks and Western gold beads, and gold satin, silver satin, or new utensils. Don’t hesitate to pay … ‘The monarch of a country expressed his preferences in the form of a seal, and his subordinates did not dare to neglect, searching for skilled artisans in various places.

Although Jacques Droux has not obtained this as a business, he still devotes himself to researching innovative technologies. Because of this, for a long time at the time, Jacques Droux was always a guest of the royal nobility of various countries. At that time, the prosperity of Chinese society and the imperial palace’s pursuit of mechanical technology led Jacques Droux to pay attention to China. Jacques DeLuo learned about Chinese preferences through collaborators who opened a trading company in Guangdong, China at the time. For example, the Chinese like to be paired and gorgeous, Jacques de Droy incorporates symmetrical elements into his works, and uses gorgeous enamel, round pearls, and dazzling colored stone as watchmaking materials and decoration. This is the ‘China market table’ that we often mention.

The members of the puppet royal family recognized Jacques Droe’s works. In addition to Emperor Qianlong, King Louis XVI of France and Marie-Antoinette of Queens were also their loyal fans. Even the works that were sold in the Spanish royal family in the ‘benthouse’ that year have been exhibited in the palaces of Madrid and Villavic Ocha.

 Jaquet Droz & Leschot clock interior

Automatic machinery, leaving a century of masterpieces

For this purpose, Jacques Dro has made a watch model for the Chinese market. At the same time, the automatic robot puppet devices that were once shelved for some reason also matured and gradually surfaced during this period, including the three most famous automatic robot puppets: calligraphers, painters and musicians. Later, Jacques Dro, who was thriving in business, opened his first watch shop in the Geneva area. It is here that small handmade products such as snuff boxes, timepieces, music timepieces, etc., which have repeatedly won high prices at auction, have been born.

多少 How many Jacques de Ronaldo works ever passed to the Chinese court has no history, but at least ten of the existing collections of the Forbidden City come from the hands of Master Jacques De Rouge. Among many achievements, Jacques Dro’s innovation of the ‘Bird Mechanical Clock’ is one of his most important contributions to the development of the watch industry. Prior to the 1880s, songbird mechanisms were not associated with clocks and were usually equipped with a bulky mechanical pipe organ. And Jacques Dro, through close cooperation with partners, invented a bird song device that uses a sliding movable valve to make sounds, further miniaturizing the entire design device, and brought a revolutionary breakthrough to the singing mechanical bird technology. Not only that, Jacques DeRoux also cleverly applied this innovation to small clocks to create practical and practical songbird music clocks, which were widely loved.

The ‘Songbird Music Clock’ made by Jacques Drow usually consists of three parts, namely the clock base, timing module and automatic robotic bird module. The rectangular base is equipped with a mechanical device for controlling the movement of the songbird and the sound of the song. This device is connected to different parts of the mechanical songbird at the top of the bell body through a lever system. The clock base is equipped with a mechanical clock mechanism. The rear shell of the clock body can be opened. It has a winding hole and two sets of separate mainspring power sources to supply the energy required by the time of the clock and the songbird of the automatic machine. The mechanical bird stands on the top of the clock. The bird is made of copper, the exterior is decorated with colored feathers, and the beak is made of dentin. After the starter at the bottom of the watch was turned on, the body of the mechanical bird began to swing left and right, and with the flapping of the wings, the mouth opened a gentle tweet, vivid. In order to better control the bird’s song, the bell body is also provided with a stop valve, which can control the ‘bird’ of the mechanical bird at any time. Because it was created for the ancient Chinese court, in addition to the bird’s bright colors and precious materials, the songbird bells usually exist in pairs. Of the 5 songbird music clocks that currently exist in the Palace Museum, 4 of them only exist in pairs.

 Jaquet Droz & Leschot

Modern watchmaking, inheriting the royal style

的 The time-keeping bird of that year made Chinese and European courts astounded. Today, the Jacques Dro watchmaking factory inherits this precious history with its unique and hand-crafted skills, and carries it forward. Just this year, Jacques DeRoy launched three masterpieces of decorative arts at the Basel Watch Fair. The bird, which is auspicious, was displayed on the dial by the watchmaker in various art forms.

From pure naturalism to magical abstract patterns, from ancient carvings and micro-painting techniques to new expressions of modern art, from European palaces to contemporary metropolises, these unique models continue to tell the legend of Jacques Droe.

Time is a straight line with no beginning and no end. The charm of clocks lies in being able to transcend the time and space of people’s thinking, remembering and continuing a period of history. Mr. Jacques Drow may not have thought that his work would still be admired by the world after hundreds of years. Perhaps this is also a mystery left to us by history: a pioneer of Swiss watchmaking who has never been to China, but left a time span on the Chinese land for two centuries through his great works. Deep footprint. Backtracking along this trail, we suddenly see an art master who is giving life to a pile of metal.

Time Gentleman Burns For Dreams – Tianwang Watch Joins Popular Singer Chen Leji To Learn The New Product Tasting Meeting Of Hengyi Series

On November 18th, the new product tasting meeting of the Tianwang Watch Hengyi series • Qiqihar Station opened grandly, and invited guests from all walks of life to share the wisdom of time and space, and to appreciate the style of the timekeepers of the new Hengyi series. Tian Lebiao’s best friend and popular singer Chen Leji was also attracted by the event. He visited the tasting site to share the thirteen years of music with the guests, and brought a shocking music LIVESHOW with the killer band. At this moment, the ‘time gentleman’ is burning for dreams!

   Perhaps wisdom is the best gift of time to us, and the most important ‘killer’ in the dream journey. The new product of the Tianwang Hengyi series launched this year, inspired by the time-honored ‘time gentleman’, the designer has washed out the minimalist design of the brilliance, showing the abundance of time in the watch in seconds, interpreting both internal and external The gentleman style and artistic charm.

   After this year’s Qixi Festival, King of Heaven watch together with the brand’s best friend He Shengming witnessed the launch of Hengyi’s new products, the simple and elegant design style was loved by watch lovers. In order to share the elegant charm of the ‘gentleman in the watch’ with more people, the first tasting of the new watch series of the Hengheng series on November 18 also opened in Qiqihar. Chen Leji, the vocalist and brand friend of the killer band who was praised as the successor of the Beyond band, was also present at the tasting.

   He is a good voice from Hong Kong. The song ‘A Midnight Serenade’ is stunning, making this classic once again on the major music charts. He was praised as the successor to the Beyond band, and a low-key ‘rock gentleman’, shining with the new Hengzhen series watches worn on the wrist. When I first met Chen Leji, the modest and elegant background contained infinite energy and enthusiasm. Just like his music, it was lyrical and warm, pure and moving, singing the courage and dream of young people, and leaving time in the rhyme Taste, intriguing.

   When time and music met, Chen Leji shared with the guests on the scene the ten years of music. Together with the killer band, they started the music liveshow. At this moment, the ‘time gentleman’ ignited for his dream.

[2016 Basel] Tag Heuer Heuer Monza Chronograph

1976-2016: 40 years of glory, the second edition of the watch together celebrated the grand ceremony, the classic watch peaked.
 In 1976, as the official timekeeper for the Scuderia team (1971-1979), Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of the founder of the TAG Heuer brand, designed a chronograph to celebrate Nigeria. Niki Lauda won the world championship for the first time in a Ferrari. This is the first time that the name MONZA has appeared on the watch dial.

 The watch was very different at the time and very fashionable. Its Coussin case is inspired by the 1925 model. The all-black chronograph with pulsometer (heart rate) and tachymeter scale (converts time to speed), red hands and chronograph dial make the racing tradition outstanding, new and unique. Design also usher in a brand new era for the development of this watch.
Beautiful watch, timeless fashion
 Going back to the roots: The newly re-released version in 2016 has two important functions of the watch series-the pulsometer and the tachymeter scale (both previous reprints did not have the above two functions), and use the original font.

 The famous original Coussin case is the core component. The whole body is dark and looks like a historic classic. The black and white two-tone lacquered hour and minute hands are the same as the original watch. The retro orange SuperLuminova ™ luminous material hour indexes follow the original design. . The traditional Heuer logo is printed on the dial, which proves the watch’s place in the brand’s historical treasures.
 As a link between the front and the back, the case of Heuer Monza chronograph is made of grade 5 titanium (previously made of stainless steel), which makes the watch lighter and more shock-resistant. The watch material is matt black treated with titanium carbide coating, showing its powerful aura.
 The diameter of the watch has also been increased from 39 mm to 42 mm in the original model, making it more modern and masculine. The watch was paired with a ‘Super Racing’ style full-grain black calfskin strap, with exposed stitching details reminiscent of the three-spoke steering wheel design used at the time for racing.
 The Monza chronograph is equipped with a Calibre 17 automatic winding movement, and the dual chronograph dials are located at 3 and 9 o’clock, respectively. The precisely spaced design achieves a unique and harmonious aesthetic. The threaded screw-down case back is numbered and engraved with the traditional HEUER logo in red lacquer.
 The original Heuer Monza chronograph is highly sought after by collectors and rarely reprinted. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this watch, the design of the new watch is very original. There is no doubt that the Heuer Monza chronograph will be another milestone in the history of TAG Heuer’s classic heritage.
technical details
Number CR2080.FC6375

TAG Heuer Calibre 17 – Automatic chronograph movement (with date)

Function The ’15-beat’ pulsometer (1st timer activated, 15th stopped timer) also has a speedometer scale that converts time to speed.

Case diameter 42 mm.
 Grade 5 titanium case and bezel, matte and polished with black titanium carbide coating
 Arched sapphire crystal with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating on both sides
Polished steel crown with Heuer logo engraved
 Polished stainless steel button
 Threaded back cover
 Watch back engraved with ‘MONZA HEUER’ and number
Dial Black Sunprint
 Dual counters: minutes counter at 9 o’clock, seconds counter at 3 o’clock
Date display window at 6 o’clock
‘Retro’ Orange SuperLuminova ™ Luminous Material Timescale
Black and white two-tone lacquered hour and minute hands
 9 o’clock position counter with white hands, 3 o’clock position counter with red hands
 Red chronograph second hand
 Tachymeter scale and pulse meter printed on flange
Vintage Heuer logo with ‘MONZA’ and ‘Automatic – Calibre 17’

Water resistance: 100 meters

Strap Full grain perforated black calfskin strap, exposed stitching, black coated titanium buckle
 Security button and Heuer engraved logo

Mido Baroncelli 80-hour Observatory Certified Silicon Material

The use of silicon materials with excellent material properties such as magnetic resistance and wear resistance in the watch industry has gradually moved from the original concept to practical use, and the level of application has gradually shifted from a few high-end watches to mid-prices. The popularity proves that this material revolution has reached the stage of flowering and fruiting. For example, this time, MIDO launched the Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Si using a silicon hairspring, allowing consumers to purchase high-quality watches equipped with a Swiss Observatory-certified movement with a silicon hairspring for more than 30,000 Taiwan dollars, which means the use of silicon material It has reached a fairly mature stage.

   The introduction of silicon materials into the Swiss watchmaking industry has become a significant phenomenon in recent years. Silicon hairsprings have continued to spread in the field of high-end watchmaking. MIDO is the first to launch Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Si silicon watches with silicon hairsprings, becoming Swatch. The first silicon spring movement watch of the group’s mid-price brand to come out, with a Swiss Observatory-certified movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours and a silicon hairspring, liberating silicon from luxury watch technology and revolutionizing the mid-price movement. Standard. The series of men’s and women’s watches not only have excellent precision performance, but also combine the iconic design style of MIDO, taking the classic architecture—Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan as the design inspiration and simplicity. The striking faceplate aesthetics fully reflect the brand spirit of ‘inspired by architecture’.

Eternal Series 80-Hour Observatory Certified Silicone Men’s Watch_M027.408.11.011.00
   Founded in 1918, MIDO watches are inspired by architecture and focus on providing accurate timepieces. They launched a new topic movement on the eve of the new century. Not only has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, it also passed the Swiss official observatory certification. The key part ‘hairspring’ is made of ‘silicon’ material, showing the brand’s new exploration of hairspring materials. For mechanical watches, running, fitness, skiing, and ball games, these everyday activities, challenge the shock resistance of watches. Electronic appliances, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, refrigerators, and televisions, which are flooded in modern daily life, challenge the antimagnetic function of watches. Silicon has very stable physical characteristics, such as magnetic resistance, shock resistance, temperature difference resistance, and corrosion resistance. It becomes an excellent material for making hairsprings. The ‘Si’ logo decorated with 9K white gold on the balance plate indicates the highest precision performance of the eternal series 80-hour observatory-certified silicon watch, and this new watch has undoubtedly become the standard of the movement in the brand’s existing models. The highest series of watches is also the most worthwhile watch in the same price range.

Eternal series 80-hour observatory certified silicon gossamer men’s watch_M027.408.16.058.00
MIDO Baroncelli Eternal Series Elegant ‘Core’ Power Key Parts Silicon Hairspring
   The movement is regarded as the heart of the watch. The movement speed of the mechanical watch is controlled by the balance spring and balance wheel, while the key part ‘silicon balance spring’ is located at the heart and coiled around the balance wheel. It is a very thin spring, only 3.5mm Silicon hairsprings need to be manufactured through extremely complex and high-tech processes. The elasticity, durability, low density and low coefficient of friction of silicon contribute to excellent mechanical properties. The non-metallic silicon (Si14) ‘s anti-magnetic and shock-resistant physical properties allow The accuracy of the movement has been comprehensively improved.

Mido Caliber 80 (based on ETA C07.821) Silicone self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC). 11½ ”, 25.60 mm diameter, 5.22 mm thickness, 25 gems, 21,600 vibrations per hour, ELINFLEX mainspring. The balance plate is engraved with the ‘Si’ logo in 9K white gold, a delicately decorated movement with blue steel processing screws, and an automatic plate decorated with the Geneva wave and the beautiful watch logo. Adjusted in 5 different positions for high accuracy. Up to 80 hours of power reserve.
   As large as MRT, high-voltage electric devices, as small as hair dryers, electric shavers, microwave ovens, artificial electromagnetic fields are omnipresent, and they will also affect the accuracy of watches. According to experimental tests, general movements and silicon Under the influence of the same magnetic force, the daily movement of the hairspring movement can reach plus or minus 30 seconds (MIDO meter test simulation test data), while the movement using a silicon hairspring is within plus or minus 3 seconds per day * ; Under the same acceleration or impact, such as impact on a table, a sport swing or the takeoff of an airplane, the daily error of a typical movement can reach plus or minus 10 seconds *, while for a movement using a silicon balance spring, the daily difference is within plus or minus Within 3 seconds *, the use of a silicon gossamer 80-hour observatory-certified silicon watch, showing absolute precision in time.

The balance plate of the Caliber 80 movement is decorated with the ‘Si’ logo in 9K white gold. It is also worth noting that a newly designed shock absorber is used in the balance bearing part.
Classic watchmaking tradition meets advanced technology
   Among the MIDO Mido series models, the Baroncelli timeless series is known for its elegance. The new Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Si is an 80-hour observatory-certified silicon watch. In addition to the fully upgraded movement, the watch’s double-layer metal bezel echoes The perfect arc of the arched glass curtain of the neoclassical Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan integrates the artistic sense of traditional Italian architecture into the watch, making the watch appear natural and smooth. The sense of lines, while maintaining the simplicity and refinement of the design, is the same as the timeless elegance. The men’s watch with a 40mm pure white, black polished lacquered dial or ivory white dial with a simple three-pin, stainless steel or 18K rose gold bezel, reflects the design aesthetics shared by architecture and mechanical watches. At 6 o’clock on the dial, ‘CHRONOMETER’ describes the watch’s reliable quality certified by the COSC Swiss Observatory, and ‘CALIBER 80’ interprets the watch’s ultra-long power reserve advantage of up to 80 hours. The screw-in sapphire crystal transparent bottom Cover, 80-hour power reserve silicon gossamer self-winding movement that can see through the finely polished, the ‘Si’ logo decorated with 9K white gold on the balance plate is the highlight of the movement; waterproof to 30 meters, showing the eternal 80-hour observatory Certified silicon watch with high accuracy and stability without fear of the impact of daily life; the model uses double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, the date pane is at 3 o’clock, and the detailed hour and minute hands are sprayed. The sand and diamond cut surfaces show the attention paid to detail by MIDO. The watch offers a choice of black calfskin crocodile leather strap and stainless steel bracelet. The black leather strap reflects the texture of the polished lacquered dial. The metal bracelet has all The chain is polished to release the delicate color of the metal, and then show the superior design power of MIDO.

Eternal series 80-hour observatory certified silicon gossamer men’s watch_M027.408.46.268.00
   Women’s watches in the series show a feminine style with a 34mm diameter. The dials are available in white lacquer or mother-of-pearl dials, and there are meticulous changes on the time scales. Or with simple polished time scales, it shows simplicity and eye-catching Face plate configuration; or 8 Wesselton diamonds with Roman numerals on the wrist to add femininity.

Eternal series 80 hours observatory certified silicon spring watch_M027.

Eternal series 80 hours observatory certified silicon spring watch_M027.