Xu Ruohuan And The Earl Stepped On The Red Carpet Of The Venice Film Festival

The dazzling jewels of diamonds and the exquisite emotional portrayal of drama, Piaget and Xu Ruoxu jointly exhibited dazzling magic in the 68th Venice Film Festival.
 Internationally-known actress Xu Ruojiu joined the Piaget on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival at 5 pm on September 1, Venice time, Italy. Xu Ruohuan was shortlisted for the film competition of the new film ‘Sedek Bale’ directed by Taiwanese director Weide Sanctuary. He was invited to participate in this important international film event with the film team. The epic blockbuster ‘Sedek Bale’, based on the ‘Mist Society Incident’, was twelve years of preparation and a large-scale production of 700 million funds. It was released on October 27, 2009, and the work team gathered. It attracted more than 400 film elites from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and mobilized nearly 20,000 people to shoot. It has become the only Chinese-language film selected in this year’s competition. Outstanding films compete for the highest honor Golden Lion Award.

 Before entering the climax of the film festival finals, the fashion competition on the red carpet had already quietly opened, competing for the splendid grand occasion of the red carpet fashion model, no less than the competition on the big screen. At the international press conference in the afternoon, Xu Ruoxuan first displayed a beautiful luxury with a pink long dress and Piaget Limelight series full-set diamond barrel watch. Then, in order to show the cleanliness, perseverance, and dazzle of the role played in the finalist film on the red carpet, Xu Ruoxuan specially selected a low-cut long dress combined with python pattern and elegant tailoring to highlight the wildness of the film’s aboriginal theme Beauty, and from Piaget’s famous Limelight series of high-end jewelry, Limelight Paradise series bracelets inspired by mermaid scales are selected with tassel earrings and elegant rings to show the superstar charm of both sexy and elegance. Since the diamond is rectangular The drop-shaped diamond ornaments that extend to the ends of the faceplate not only show the gorgeous outline of the hollow scales, but also echo the python pattern on the dress. The Magic Gardens of Piaget diamond tassel earrings inheriting the concept of water drops and the arched ring The Limelight series high jewelry ring decorated with square diamond segments on the ring tells the image of elegant and perseverance. The true Sadek spirit is fully reflected in Xu Ruoxu’s hands and styling details.
 At this moment, the ups and downs between actresses may not be visible, but it is foreseeable that the perfect combination of Xu Ruoxu and the count will become a beautiful topic on the red carpet.