Winter Picture On The Wrist Tasting Jacques De Rouge Gold Bird’s Hour Dial – Four Seasons Watch

As a unique high-end brand in the watch industry, Jaquet Droz takes art design as a secret weapon, and is good at capturing many wonderful and beautiful moments. He uses art creation to freeze on the dial, and eternal The time merges into one, showing the infinite charm of mechanical timepieces. The golden carving technique is also one of the unique expression methods of the brand. Jacques Rodriguez bird hour and minute dial-this is the case with the Four Seasons watch, which shows us four animated scrolls of gold bird with different times and backgrounds in the four seasons. From winter to winter, of course, the most suitable is the winter-themed J005024575 watch. Below, we take this as an example to take a look:

Detailed gold carving skills

   Integrating Jacques Dro traditional craftsmanship, the brand watchmaker displays the natural charm of the birds vividly and flexibly in a completely three-dimensional form on the white, mother-of-pearl dial. Inspired by the natural scene of the Jura Valley, the birthplace of the brand’s watchmaking, the mother-of-pearl dial fully carved by the craftsman has created two vivid birds in the valley. In different seasons, interpret the scenery of the world with different colors and backgrounds. At the same time, the fully opened wings of the birds are even more vital under the subtle carving of the gold carving.
Watch details

Jacques Rodriguez small bird hour dial-Four Seasons watch

   The 18K white gold case shows a smoother, fuller line of beauty after careful polishing. Platinum is both low-key and high-cold, blending with the theme of winter. In addition, the inner bezel and the four lugs are inlaid with two rows of diamonds. For women’s watches, it is a more luxurious and shining one, full of elegance and nobility, which can satisfy little vanity. The 18K white gold crown is located on one side of the watch. It is engraved with the Jacques Dross double star logo, which once again gives the brand a full sense of beauty.

   Mother-of-pearl pan, two birds fluttering their wings, playing on the branches of falling snow, one of them mouthed a bug and the other opened its mouth to catch the bug. With the first bird hanging in mid-air, and the other just leaping, the brand captured this vivid and beautiful picture, with mother-of-pearl as the winter sky and snow-falling branches as the background, showing a very dynamic Bird picture. In addition, the details of the watch are very delicate. Through careful observation, each bird feather and claws are clearly visible. When making such an exquisite plate, the master carving artist first carved out all the forms of the bird, then outlined the colors, and finally set it on the dial, so that the bird is not only lifelike, but also has a three-dimensional visual experience and artistic conception. Full.

   Equipped with Jacques de Roche 2653 self-winding movement, through the back cover designed through the process, you can see the gold carved bird wings on the automatic rotor engraved with the brand’s double star LOGO, to meet the theme of the disk. The watch has a 68-hour power reserve and a daily water resistance of 50 meters.

   A hand-rolled crocodile leather strap, covered in silk, creates an extremely soft wearing texture. Equipped with 18K white gold diamond buckle, it is integrated with the white gold diamond case to reproduce the overall sense of sparkling luxury.

Jacques Rodriguez small bird hour dial-Four Seasons watch
In summary: the elegant and natural dial surface is fused with the high-cold, sparkling 18K white gold diamond case, creating the wearer’s exclusive winter beauty on the wrist. This watch is limited to 88 pieces in the world, and the back cover is engraved with an independent number of X / 88, demonstrating the distinguished identity of the wearer. If you like this watch, you may wish to enter the brand store for more details. Watch price: RMB 610,500