When You Buy A Watch, Choose The Brand Or Look At The Material Function

As the question, this is a more tangled issue in any field, whether it is buying watches, cars or digital products, or other things. Between brand and material functions, there will always be There are some trade-offs.

   In fact, for friends who are new to watches, this problem is actually not that difficult, because they have just come into contact with the watch, they are not very familiar with many things, and may not intend to learn more about it, just to buy a daily wearable, My favorite watch, then the material complexity is not so important, but the brand is more critical. In today’s watches, we only talk about mechanical watches, talking about the appearance materials and movements, the appearance can be seen at a glance, what ceramic bezel, luminous scale, diamond setting, enamel dial, polished appearance, alligator leather strap, etc. The appearance of a watch can often account for more than half of the value of the entire watch. Performance of the movement, if we take the ETA movement as the basis, then the self-made special material hairspring, independent shock absorber, higher level of polishing, different patented automatic winding structure, new gear design, homemade capture Vertical mechanism, longer power and other special features. If you buy a watch for the first time, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the movement, because those parameters will not make your watch go over quartz, nor will it make your watch so magical. Instead, it has a good brand, good design and good appearance. It can make this watch have more flavor when you put it on your wrist.

   So what do you choose for a brand? This is very important, in fact, it is not just that you like the design of the brand, so I chose it. Each brand has its own positioning and design style. Although they have different collections, they all focus on the brand’s tone. When choosing a brand, first choose a brand that matches your own personality, not which brand everyone says is right for you. If you are Sven, then don’t choose a brand like Breitling. If you are relatively strong and rough, then Glashütte Original Just don’t choose, the character is more restrained and implicit, then Hublot is not suitable for you. In addition, when choosing a brand, in fact, the other choice is the brand culture and after-sales. If the staff members have a general attitude, don’t read it. If there is a problem in the future, it will be more uncomfortable to find them. Some small brands do not have after-sales centers in China or second- and third-tier cities, so after-sales will be a little troublesome. Now large groups generally provide express delivery for after-sales service, which can also be regarded as a way to solve after-sales. Try to choose the largest brand, there are more branches in various regions of the country, easy to find, the problem is relatively easy to solve.

   In the bezel, because of the different depths of the industry involved, there will be many different opinions. Some people think that the movement is important, some people think that brand and design are more important, and some people think that these are not important. Sincerity is most important, and some people think It’s worth buying. In short, different opinions do not say right or wrong, but they have different perspectives and viewpoints. So it doesn’t matter who you choose to listen to. What’s important is how you want to buy a watch and how to play with it. If you just buy a watch and wear a watch, choose a big name. Don’t think about it so much, the price is right, you like it.

   So when will there be a tangle between brand and material functions? Of course, when the prices are similar, but the two have their strengths in all aspects. For example, if you want to talk about the configuration, you must mention the Omega. The configuration of the Omega watch is very high in technology. In addition to the coaxial escapement, it also uses a large amount of silicon springs, antimagnetic materials, ceramic rings, and its own patented Sedna. Gold, the design is outstanding. From all angles, if you want to buy a sports watch, Omega’s latest seahorse series ‘Deep Ocean Black’, ‘Deep Ocean Blue’ and so on are all extremely high performance watches. The coaxial movement of the hippocampus has a public price of more than 40,000, and at this price, it is almost difficult to find a higher configuration than that. However, from the brand perspective, if the public price is 80,000, some brands have a higher positioning than Omega, such as Parmigiani, the basic models are at this price, as well as Piaget, Blancpain, Girard Perregaux, etc., except for a few In addition to the top brands, many other top brands, the current basic models, have been reduced to less than 100,000. The basic models of these top brands cannot be compared with Omega in terms of configuration at the same price, but they are better known for their brands.

   Obviously, these tables are all called good tables, and the differences themselves are not as great as expected. There was a time when I often reminded myself to de-brand, that is, when you see a watch, judge whether it is a good watch, first do not look at its brand, otherwise the brand impression will be preconceived as soon as you come up. But when it comes to purchasing, brand factors have to be taken into account, or even prioritized. Closer to home, when some good watches appear in front of you, then you should consider what you need. To give a few simple examples, if you are buying a watch for the first time, then I recommend giving priority to the basic models of big brands for a simple reason. When you do n’t know enough about the watch, you may not find those complicated configurations. Their excitement, but the brand is big enough, the basic models are simple and practical, not easy to break, and more meaningful to you.

   If you have played some watches and want to advance, then you can consider some higher configuration watches. For example, if you already have a basic model, then you do not lack a daily watch, so choose some cooler watches, will Bring you different excitement and experience. The same is a chronograph, a chronograph equipped with a cam structure and a chronograph using a column wheel have different feels. The same is a chronograph with a column wheel, the price is different, and the feel is still different. At the same time, some of the chronographs are self-produced and integrated, and some are added after the basic model, so in terms of fun, it is another matter. In addition, when you are used to wearing a steel model, you will find that the ceramic model is too light, and you are no longer used to it, and you feel that it is not weighty, but when you are used to the ceramic model, you feel that the steel model is too heavy and cumbersome. With age, I want some luxury watches. I started to choose watches with diamonds, only to find that some of the diamonds are too small, the setting method is very simple, but it seems stingy, and some watches have not many diamonds, but the setting technology is good, it seems Very atmospheric.

   If you don’t think it is clear enough, let me give you another aspect. You should feel it. Why is it recommended that a friend who buys a watch for the first time chooses the basic model of a big brand? One of the more important points is the after-sales. The watch is different from ordinary gadgets. Its after-sales often cost a lot of money. A simple three-hand watch, compared with the complex model, the failure rate is lower. Even if there is a problem, as long as it is not caused by a balance spring or escapement, other repairs will not be expensive. In addition, in order to maintain their brand image, quality control is still strict. But as soon as you come up, you buy some high-profile watches. Of course, it’s great when you buy them, but once you encounter the after-sales, you will be troublesome. The ceramic bracelet is very easy to wear, but it is easy to break. It can be changed for thousands of times. The watch often returns to zero after being bumped, or the timing is jittering, or it fails to jump to 59 seconds. Repair the chronograph, and if it is not replaced, it is at least 30% more expensive than the ordinary three hands. Pieces, it’s even harder to say. However, if you have been playing with a watch for a while, you have the basic concept of daily wear and maintenance of the watch. Although you cannot lower the after-sale price, it can at least reduce the chance of problems. At the same time, if you are playing with the watch, We can recognize some famous watch repair masters in the industry. Unless it is a relatively big problem or is within the warranty period, if there is a minor illness or disaster, a good folk master can also solve it for you, and the price is not so outrageous, unnecessary Thousands of miles run after sales.
   Therefore, when you buy a watch, choose a brand or choose a material function, in the final analysis, to see what state you are in at this stage, what you want. Summarizing it is very simple. If you have professional or special needs, or you already have some experience with playing watches and want to try different fun, then you can consider choosing a better built-in watch. If you buy a watch for the first time, or the watch is not yours A big hobby, then try to choose a large brand basic model. In addition, if you are already a veteran, I think I have more experience, and welcome to share. Of course, if you can fully afford the tuition fees for playing a watch, then you can play without any of the suggestions above, and play a watch that makes you happy.