Vacheron Constantin’s ‘one Of Not Many’ National Tour In Beijing At Wangfuzhonghuan

On January 11, 2019, Vacheron Constantin, a Swiss manufacturer of high-end watches and clocks, presented a ‘One of Not Many’ tour on the national stage in Beijing’s Wangzhong Central Shopping Center. This is also the last stop of this theme tour in China. The Beijing tour lasts for 5 days (January 11-15, 2019), and is built around a new concept with a new exhibition hall. The unique display layout and the experiential lifestyle setting are ingeniously integrated. Friends who are interested may wish to come and experience the charm of the scene.

‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Beijing Station

 As the last stop of the “One of Not Many” tour exhibition, which is the theme of the new promotion event in 2018, the exhibition area of ​​Beijing Station was selected in the central shopping mall of Wangfu, the iconic business district of Beijing. In fact, this tour exhibition has landed in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Shenyang and other places last year, and its influence is enough to be seen.

‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Beijing Station

 In the global watchmaking industry, only a small number of timepieces each year can meet the high standards of fine watchmaking. Vacheron Constantin combines superior quality, exquisite design and exquisite craftsmanship into each timepiece with a more scarce annual output. In 2018, the brand launched a new promotional theme ‘One
 of Not
Many are outstanding ‘, and have started creative cooperation with four young talents. The four talented young artists have unique personality and outstanding works, all showing the unremitting pursuit of excellence consistent with the brand, openness to the world, and unswerving innovation. Passionate.

‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Beijing Aerial View

‘One of Not Many’ National Touring Exhibition ‘Beyond the World’ Exhibition Area in Beijing

 As an offline extension of the brand’s new publicity campaign, this nationwide tour showcases five uniquely ingenious exhibition halls, combining unique and interesting installations, showing the creative connotation of ‘One of Not Many’.

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Wullu-shaped’ series models on display in the showroom

 The first exhibition hall is music-themed, linking the brand’s new Fiftysix® series with music. Refreshing band instruments, vintage vinyl records, headphones and other musical elements are spread throughout the exhibition hall, and there is also a musical artist Benjamin Clermont
 Clementine) and musician and songwriter James Bay
Bay) In collaboration with the brand, guests can experience the up-to-date and elegant elegance of the Fiftysix® series in this close range.

Vacheron Constantin and Rhyme watches in the showroom

The most expensive Vacheron Constantin Maltese models on tour, RMB 585,0000
 The second exhibition hall is based on the theme of ‘classic’. The timeless modern space displays classic series watches such as Patrimony heritage series, Tradtionnelle heritage series, Malte series, etc., showing the brand’s simple design and superb watchmaking The extraordinary control of technology is also related to the designer Ora
 Ito) ‘s advocating design concept-‘simpleplexity’ coincides.

Vacheron Constantin Watches at the showroom
 The third exhibition hall is on the subject of travel and adventure, and explorer and photographer Cory Richards
Richards) leads guests into the world of travellers, showing the same spirit of openness, tolerance and exploration of the unknown as the Overseas Series. In addition, the brand also exhibited Métiers, a fusion of excellence in watchmaking and aesthetics.
 d’ Art masterpieces, fine jewelry and highly complex watches.

 Vacheron Constantin High Jewellery Watch

 The ‘One of Not Many’ national tour in Beijing is the last stop of the tour, providing watch connoisseurs with a rare opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary masterpieces of Vacheron Constantin, and show the ‘One of Not Many’ Rich content. Interested friends may wish to take a look at the scene during the tour!

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘One of Not Many’ National Tour Exhibition Beijing Station
Time: January 11-January 15, 2019
Venue: Atrium, 1st Floor, East Block, Wangfu Central, No.269 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing