Together And Different Lifetime Rado Swiss Radar Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Pairing Watch Valentine’s Day ‘watch’ Up

(Linno, Switzerland-January 2018) Whether it is the first moment of heartbeat, or the unwavering affection, sincere love, with the baptism of time, it finally becomes a good wine. In the alternating connection of hours, minutes, and seconds, love grows stronger with time. On the occasion of this warm Valentine’s Day, RADO Swiss radar watch carefully presents the Diamond Bully Series 1314 limited edition pairing watch, with the strong wish of ‘coming together but different in one life’, setting the moment of eternal love in time.

RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Bull Series 1314 Limited Edition Pairing Table
   In Chinese culture, there are many numbers of great significance. One of them is ‘1314’, which is similar in pronunciation to ‘Lifetime’. This number is usually used to imply eternal love. When it becomes a wrist, it is worthy of being an excellent wrist companion who will accompany you and your loved ones for a romantic holiday.
   RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Adhering to the design concept of the Diamond Diamond Series, it is made of shiny polished plasma high-tech ceramics. The dial is set with diamonds and a luxurious leather strap. And feminine elegance. These two watches have the same design concept and each have their own unique style, just as RADO’s concept of love in the same life: two independent souls, in the infiltration of love, are close to each other, Know each other and keep each other; witness the growth of love with a sincere and sincere heart.

RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Series 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition
   RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series 1314 limited edition ladies watch, with elegant design, highlights the extraordinary charm of women. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with 49 brilliant diamonds and is equipped with a 33 mm case, which presents a luxurious and light beauty. The Diamond Ba Series 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition watch is equipped with a power reserve function. The 12 diamonds set on the watch dial are in white. The sun-patterned details are dazzlingly flashing, uniquely masculine, and can be regarded as high-profile design masterpieces; both of the case backs are decorated with a special 镌 lettering ‘ONE OUT OF 1314’ (limited to 1314 pieces), which is unique Eye-catching.

RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond 1313 Limited Edition Watch
   Rado Swiss Radar Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Limited edition of 1314 pieces, each with a unique design, praises the ‘reality but not the same life,’ respect for individuality, and respect for the concept of compatible love, true love fixed love Every moment of love between couples.