Time Gentleman Burns For Dreams – Tianwang Watch Joins Popular Singer Chen Leji To Learn The New Product Tasting Meeting Of Hengyi Series

On November 18th, the new product tasting meeting of the Tianwang Watch Hengyi series • Qiqihar Station opened grandly, and invited guests from all walks of life to share the wisdom of time and space, and to appreciate the style of the timekeepers of the new Hengyi series. Tian Lebiao’s best friend and popular singer Chen Leji was also attracted by the event. He visited the tasting site to share the thirteen years of music with the guests, and brought a shocking music LIVESHOW with the killer band. At this moment, the ‘time gentleman’ is burning for dreams!

   Perhaps wisdom is the best gift of time to us, and the most important ‘killer’ in the dream journey. The new product of the Tianwang Hengyi series launched this year, inspired by the time-honored ‘time gentleman’, the designer has washed out the minimalist design of the brilliance, showing the abundance of time in the watch in seconds, interpreting both internal and external The gentleman style and artistic charm.

   After this year’s Qixi Festival, King of Heaven watch together with the brand’s best friend He Shengming witnessed the launch of Hengyi’s new products, the simple and elegant design style was loved by watch lovers. In order to share the elegant charm of the ‘gentleman in the watch’ with more people, the first tasting of the new watch series of the Hengheng series on November 18 also opened in Qiqihar. Chen Leji, the vocalist and brand friend of the killer band who was praised as the successor of the Beyond band, was also present at the tasting.

   He is a good voice from Hong Kong. The song ‘A Midnight Serenade’ is stunning, making this classic once again on the major music charts. He was praised as the successor to the Beyond band, and a low-key ‘rock gentleman’, shining with the new Hengzhen series watches worn on the wrist. When I first met Chen Leji, the modest and elegant background contained infinite energy and enthusiasm. Just like his music, it was lyrical and warm, pure and moving, singing the courage and dream of young people, and leaving time in the rhyme Taste, intriguing.

   When time and music met, Chen Leji shared with the guests on the scene the ten years of music. Together with the killer band, they started the music liveshow. At this moment, the ‘time gentleman’ ignited for his dream.