Thick Accumulation Of Thin Hair Epson Wearables Are Listed In China

On December 2, 2016, Epson Autumn Media Day-Wearable Devices Launch Conference was grandly held in Beijing. At this conference, Epson released three major series of products-Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch, Smart Canvas time theme watch, Oriental Double Lions watch. This shows that Epson has officially entered the Chinese wearable market and has completed its market layout in the four innovative areas of inkjet, vision, wearable and robotics.

Epson Wearables Launch Ceremony

   Mr. Ando Zongde, General Manager of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., reviewed the related performance of Epson in the Chinese market in the past six months. As of the end of August 2016, the cumulative global sales of Epson ink cartridge printers reached 15 million units. By the end of 2016, it is expected that the cumulative sales of ink cartridge printers in China will exceed 3 million units. Thanks to the good performance of the ink tank style, as of the third quarter of 2016, Epson’s inkjet market share was the first. With 3LCD technology advantages, Epson projectors have the largest market share in the Chinese projector market for six consecutive years; Epson’s robotics business sales have increased by 25% compared to the same period last year.
   This time Epson announced its entry into China’s wearable market. It has a lot of accumulation, not only expanding its business into new areas, but also highlighting its strong brand and technical advantages.

Mr. Ando Zongde, General Manager of Epson (China) Co., Ltd.

The premier innovation in watchmaking history
   Epson’s relationship with watches can be traced back to the 1940s, and its business originated from the development and manufacture of watches. Epson’s provincial, small, and sophisticated technology accumulated in watch manufacturing has become the cornerstone of its vigorous development. Mr. Shigei Inoue, Chief Operating Officer of Seiko Epson’s Wearables Business Unit, introduced Epson’s long history of watchmaking and world-leading innovation.
   In 1953, Epson introduced the original design of mechanical watches, which became the foundation of business development. In 1969, the world’s first quartz watch was launched. The world was astonished by the ultra-precision technology with a day difference of ± 0.2 seconds, and rewritten the history of the world watch.
   In 1971, the ’46 series’ of mechanical movements representing Orient was launched. So far, as the basic drive of Orient watches, the total production has exceeded 100 million. In 1982, through the Active Matrics LCD technology, TV-WATCH, the world’s first watch with a display screen, was introduced. It was the smallest, lightest and least power-consuming TV in the world at that time. In 1984, the RC-20 watch went on sale. It was equipped with the most advanced 8-bit microprocessor at the time, and was equipped with innovative touch keys. It had applications for calendar registration, recording, world time, and electronic calculator functions. It can be said that it is the earliest smart watch, which can be called the innovation of that era.
   In 1999, the small portable information terminal ‘Locatio’ with a built-in GPS module was launched. As the world’s first portable information terminal equipped with GPS function, it has been collected by the Smithsonian Museum.
   In the 30 years of history, Epson has created many world-renowned wearable products. In the future, Epson will effectively integrate the precision processing technology and the latest sensing and display technology accumulated based on watch manufacturing experience. With the advantages of provincial, small and sophisticated technologies, it will provide three types of sports and health, fashion and personality, business and honor. Lifestyle provides personalized products, and constantly provides customers with emotions and surprises.

Shigei Inoue, Chief Operating Officer of Seiko Epson’s Wearables Business Unit, explains the history of watchmaking

Multi-dimensional ‘management’, wonderful every moment
   At this conference, Mr. Wang Jincheng, senior director of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., gave a new definition to wearable devices. In Epson’s view, in addition to simply managing time, a seemingly simple watch also needs to carry more ‘management’ functions, such as managing sports, or managing mood, and even artistically manage time. Through these ‘management’, every moment of life becomes more exciting and interesting.
   Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch can scientifically manage sports. Its high-precision GPS sensor chip has a correction function for accurate GPS positioning; its dual sensors and dual filters continuously monitor heart rate per second with an accuracy of 99%; relying on Epson’s own energy-saving chip, Epson RUNSENSE professional sports wrist The watch has the characteristics of long battery life. Take the Epson SF-850 as an example.
   When the rate is turned on at the same time, the battery life is up to 20 hours. Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch can display data such as calories, pace, distance, heart rate interval, oxygen uptake, sleep and mood, etc., so that people can understand their health status in real time and accurately, and truly become the heart rate steward and road runner around you coach!




   It is worth noting that the Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch cooperates with the professional sports app Tulip, which can synchronize data such as running, GPS route, speed, cadence, heart rate, calories, etc., and generate charts for professional data analysis. Convenient for sports or post-match sharing.

Professional sports app tulips live show

   Epson’s Smart Canvas series of time-themed watches can make you feel the warmth of time during the change of time. It has a 300dpi high-resolution electronic paper screen and a battery that lasts up to 3 years. The freely changing picture on the dial is fun and clear. The theme characters will accompany you through at any moment. It will surprise you during the festival. Greetings, as if playing with you, put you in a lively and interesting time travel. With the advent of the intelligent age, time seems to be getting colder and colder, with the help of Smart Canvas, heals every moment.

Monotype word time

OTTAIPNU frog time

   The Oriental Double Lions watch with a century-old watchmaking history is an earlier Japanese brand dedicated to the development of overseas markets. Because of mastering the core technology, they can design and develop their own movements, and use this as a basis to integrate management of production, sales, maintenance and other services, so as to provide users with more outstanding products with higher cost performance. It is for this reason that the Oriental Double Lions watch was sold in China in the 1980s. Today, the Oriental Double Lions watch with its originality and fashion is once again shining brightly. Business watches focus on visibility and functionality. Modern Skeleton is one of the outstanding representatives. It is equipped with the Oriental Double Lion Classic 46 movement. It looks extremely delicate in appearance. In addition to the business series, the Retro Future series has a distinctive personality. Popular elements in the middle of the last century are the origin of creativity. The Guitar series was born to pay tribute to ‘pop music’, the Road Bike series was born to pay tribute to ‘free spirit’, and the Turn Table series was born to pay tribute to ‘classical music’. Literary and artistic nostalgia. The Oriental Double Lions watch perfectly interprets fashion and vintage, artistically manages time, allowing you to enjoy the quiet and peaceful flow of time …

Orient Star 65th Anniversary

Orient Star Retro Future Guitar Series

   Everyone and time seem to endless stories. The famous singer Wang Minliang’s ‘Where has the time gone’ has caused countless memories … Famous singer Wang Minliang and famous host Xiao Qiang also appeared at the press conference. They shared stories about time and their feelings about life … Many media people present also talked about their understanding of time. Or be energetic while working out, relax when spending time with your family, or taste elegant during business negotiations. Every second of life is worth recording and remembering.
   Epson, born of time, always adhering to the ingenuity of craftsmen, taking ‘provincial, small, and sophisticated technology’ as its core, taking a vertically integrated business model, adhering to the ‘technology + localization’ strategy, and striving to bring users products beyond expectations And program. In the future, Epson will continue to innovate and challenge in four major fields, including the wearable field, deeply explore the needs of Chinese users, leverage its accumulated experience in watch manufacturing, and continuously improve the timing and sensing accuracy to provide users with full personality And stylish products! This is what Epson has always pursued.