The Time Elf Spoils Herself Citizen Es5024-57a

Modern women are multifaceted fusions, walking through career and family, managing time and enjoying life calmly. What they need is a watch that provides perfect time management. ES5024-57A uses Citizen’s light and kinetic energy wave technology to absorb any visible light source, including sunlight, light, candlelight, snow, etc., into kinetic energy to drive the watch, eliminating the need to regularly replace the battery. Not only that, the watch also incorporates radio wave technology on the basis of light kinetic energy. As long as the radio wave signal can be received, the time and date can be automatically adjusted, giving the wearer real peace of mind and comfort.
Citizen ES5024-57A Christmas Women’s Watch
Fashion is the eternal theme of women. The ES5024-57A uses a vibrant round dial. The golden Arabic numerals and silver Roman numerals are even more interesting under the crystal clear sapphire mirror. Whether at work or leisure, whether formal or formal, add fun details to the refinement to achieve the most beautiful fashion match. At the same time, the case and strap of this watch are made of stainless steel specially treated by DURATECT technology, which makes the body itself harder and harder to produce scratches, making the watch as new as ever.
Just like CITIZEN, the English name of Citizen, since its inception, Citizen has always been committed to ‘providing high-end products and high-level services for all citizens around the world’. Products to contribute to the good life of all humankind.