The President Went Into Battle Chopin Decisive Battle With The Classic Car

In 1998, Chopin and the international car race ‘Mille Miglia’ always maintained a good cooperative relationship. In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the event, Chopin has organized an old car viewing party with major auto manufacturers. Participating in this competition are well-known car manufacturers from all over the world, and each brand has come up with unimproved and upgraded vintage cars for the passionate competition.
 There are many classic models among the participating car models. The Brook Langley car produced in 1982 or the Alfa Romeo 6C in 1750, the Mercedes-Benz Eurowing 300SL produced in 1930 or the Porsche RS 550 produced in 1955. These classic cars have become ‘Mille Miglia’ Retro look. The route is: Brescia-Rome-Brescia. The total length of the track is 1600 kilometers.
 The eye-catching vintage car rally is going on year after year, and it has become the most exclusive event for the marriage of cars and watches. Thousands of attentions are around the track, just to be able to see the wonderful moments when these classic cars pass by at top speed. This track traverses countless beautiful scenery: from Brescia to Rome and Ferrara, Ferrara returns to the starting point, covering more than 30 Italian towns such as Verona, Modena, Siena and Florence. The event organizers said that this kind of tour has not changed on the track since it was first held in 1972, just to maintain its authenticity.

 Since 1998, Carl Chevrolet and Carl-Friedrich Chevrolet co-presidents and President Chopin have been sponsoring this legendary race, even as they went deep into driving competitions with other drivers. President Chopin stated that such cooperation made him very happy and an honor to Chopin.
 As you can see, in this competition, each car manufacturer adds a new car model and the innovative manufacturing of the classic series year by year. The same goes for the watch manufacturing process. This year’s Chopin sports watch shined at Baselworld, and editors couldn’t help but write a few more for this watch. It is believed that in the near future, Chopin’s partners will be more extensive, and its brand itself will shine in different occasions.