Tag Heuer Tag Heuer And Max Verstappen Together Witness

TAG Heuer TAGHeuer and Red Bull Racing Team jointly launched the extraordinary TAG Heuer Carrera Carrera Series Heuer 01 Red Bull Racing Special Watch in the Formula One World Championship 2017 new season. The millimeter-diameter stainless steel case, combined with Red Bull’s iconic classic red and blue color scheme, shows the infinite charm of the racing spirit.

To celebrate the debut of this watch in China, at the arrival of the F1 China Grand Prix in Shanghai, TAG Heuer and Max Verstappen, the youngest standing champion in F1 history, held a racing simulation in Shanghai. Challenge.

At the start of the 2017 Formula 1 World Grand Prix China Grand Prix (and F1 Grand Prix Shanghai), today, Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer celebrates the new year’s cooperation with the F1 Red Bull team in Shanghai. The TAG Heuer Carrera Carrera Heuer 01 Red Bull Team special watch officially debuted in China. Red Bull driver and Max Verstappen, the youngest standing champion in F1 history, appeared in surprise and passionately interpreted the # DontCrackUnderPressure # (no fear under the pressure) pioneering spirit.
TAG Heuer is a performance partner, official timekeeper and official watch for Red Bull Racing. Since 2016, Red Bull Racing has also named the team engine after the Tag Heuer, which is called Red Bull-Tag Heuer RB13 this season. The unusual characteristics of Red Bull Racing in sports, performance and entertainment fit perfectly with TAG Heuer’s market strategy, and it is this inevitable similarity that brings the two together.

Mr. Pan Jinji, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, said: ‘Tag Heuer is always committed to the development of sports. As a speed and passion extreme sport, racing has the same characteristics as Tag Heuer # DontCrackUnderPressure # (without fear under pressure) The concept of the brand is highly in line with the spirit of sports. Through today’s challenge, we hope to pass Tiger Heuer’s long-standing racing pedigree and endless enterprising spirit to every young person who loves racing and sports. ‘
Red Bull Racing driver Max Vestapan said: ‘I am very pleased to be in Shanghai today to help make the debut of the new TAG Heuer Red Bull Racing Special Watch in China. Time is extremely important for motorsport, as a wrist Watch enthusiasts, I am very happy that TAG Heuer will again launch the new TAG Heuer Red Bull Team special watch in 2017. This watch is very good, and I sincerely hope that all fans of China and the world who love F1 cars will like it too. ! ‘
Although the two legendary brands of Tag Heuer and Red Bull Racing have different historical heritages, they have different sparks due to their shared brand beliefs. TAG Heuer always regards the passion for racing and the ultimate pursuit of competition as the driving force behind the development of the brand. Along the way, we wholeheartedly provide rough support for the most outstanding F1 teams, share the peak glory with the greatest drivers, and inscribe the most legendary track memories. The combination of TAG Heuer and Red Bull Racing is the perfect fusion of the brand’s unlimited love for motorsport and Red Bull Racing’s continuous pursuit of success.