Swatch Group Announces Acquisition Of Simon Et Membrez Sa

Global watch giant Swatch Group AG (Swatch Group AG) announced the acquisition of 100% of the entire equity of Simon Et Membrez SA in Delémont. Simon Et Membrez SA’s current shares are held by its CEO, Philippe Membrez, and two other members of the family, Etienne Membrez and Didier Membrez. In addition, Swatch Group will also acquire a 60% stake in Termiboîtes SA (Case Polishing), an affiliate of Simon Et Membrez SA, which is located in Courtemaîche and currently employs approximately 50 people. Simon Et Membrez SA works seamlessly with Swatch Group’s existing manufacturing companies. The company is also a reasonable supplement to Swatch Group’s major watch casing manufacturers, Comadur, Ruedin and Lascor.
Simon Et Membrez SA mainly produces high-end watch cases with high-grade raw materials such as gold, titanium, platinum, rhodium and high-quality steel. Some watch brands under the Swatch Group (Breguet, Blancpain, etc.) and Simon Et Membrez SA exist. With long-term business dealings. After the acquisition, Simon Et Membrez SA will continue to provide products and services to third-party customers.
Currently, Simon Et Membrez SA has approximately 250 employees. Swatch Group will retain the Simon Et Membrez brand after the acquisition is completed. At the same time, the entire Simon Et Membrez team led by Philippe Membrez will continue to work for the company. The company has a strong sense of environmental protection and has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. At its new plant in Delémont, it has advanced machinery and the most advanced production technology, which can fully meet the quality requirements of customers. Simon Et Membrez SA was founded in Delémont in 1975 by René Simon and Etienne Membrez, father of the company’s current CEO. The company’s new plant in Delémont was completed in the summer of 2008 and expanded to its current size in 2011.
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