Richard Mille 2014 New Double-news Richard Mille

RICHARD MILLE has been chasing, and has launched two masterpieces again! Highlighting RICHARD MILLE’s continuation and inheritance of classics!
RM 38-01 Bubba Watson Tourbillon with Gravity Sensor
American golfer Bubba Watson has been the ambassador of RICHARD MILLE since 2010. Relying on his perseverance and perseverance, his appealing personality and his self-taught golf skills have attracted worldwide attention. On the playing field, left-handed Baba Watson’s precise calculations and outstanding performance let us see the ability and potential of human sports to challenge the limits. Baba Watson’s kicking distance is amazing, and the ball and swing are also a must. In 2006, he was awarded the player with the longest ball distance on the PGA event. At only 32 years old, Baba Watson is already one of the best golfers in the world today, with a bright future.

RICHARD MILLE Tourbillon RM 38-01 Gravity Sensing Device for Golfers

In 2010, RICHARD MILLE and Baba Watson jointly released a limited edition RM 038 golfer tourbillon watch. Today, the brand challenges the difficulty and develops a RM 38-01 gravity sensor device for golfers Flywheel watch, new features make Baba Watson even more powerful on the playing field. The RM 38-01 Bubba Watson Tourbillon is equipped with a patented gravity sensing device that provides golfers with added performance in response to the needs of the game. The courage to make breakthroughs, RICHARD MILLE has always been the industry’s unique visionary pioneer, the first to introduce the world’s first mechanical gravity sensing device in the field of watchmaking, this mechanical device is composed of more than 50 fine parts, only 17 mm thick, allowing the wearer to detect The gravity emitted during the dribble. The sensor is set at 12 o’clock, which can record the golfer’s stroke strength, especially the closing movement. RM 38-01 can detect gravity acceleration up to 20G. For a golfer like Baba Watson who can play at a speed of up to 310 kilometers per hour, this is undoubtedly a very important information to win the game. Just press the button at 9 o’clock to reset the gravity sensing device easily. The gravity sensing device is fully integrated into the manually wound tourbillon movement, with a power reserve of up to 48 hours. The movement is highly skeletonized, with asymmetrical bridges and a grade 5 titanium alloy PVD-plated baseplate.
All moving components are made of high-tech materials that are hard, flat and shock-resistant, allowing sophisticated movement construction to be presented perfectly. Just glance at the RM 38-01 Bubba Watson watch, you will notice its unique green case, which is the favorite color of this world-class golfer, and the unique case witnesses the successful use of industrial materials by RICHARD MILLE 21 The revolutionary contribution of century watchmaking. The bezel and bottom case of the RM 38-01 are made of TZP-G, a new material made from powdered alumina tube under a pressure of nearly 2000 bar. Next, the material was ground through the long and arduous machining of diamond tools to obtain the ideal shape of the bezel bottom case that is ergonomic and completely fits the wrist, which fulfills RICHARD MILLE’s meticulous pursuit of design. RICHARD MILLE’s unique three-piece (bezel, middle and bottom cover) barrel case requires multiple different processes to complete. The bezel and bottom case made of TZP-G are specially treated due to high pressure, and their hardness is 20% -30% higher than that of ordinary ceramics. After that, they are darkened and carefully polished. Finally, grade 5 titanium protected by white rubber is installed. The alloy middle case has super hardness but is extremely lightweight and easy to wear.
RM 38-01 Bubba Watson Tourbillon Watch with Gravity Sensing Device Limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide, bringing a new experience for golf enthusiasts around the world, intuitively experiencing swing strength, to better master golf skills and winning competitions Bring bigger chips. This watch once again witnesses that RICHARD MILLE has brought the innovative spirit, pragmatism, architectural aesthetics and comfort-oriented design to the 21st century fine watchmaking industry. It is a new and forward-looking page for the watchmaking industry today.
RM 11-02 Automatic Movement Dual Time Zone Flyback Chronograph
The newly launched RM 11-02 continues the brand’s most popular RM 011 model for seven years, making the lineup even more prosperous. The RM 11-02 watch is equipped with the RMAC2 self-winding movement. Compared with the previous RMAC1 movement of the RM 011 watch, it has added many new features. With flyback timing function, large date display perpetual calendar, 60-minute countdown, 24-hour counter, etc., Universal Time (UTC) display, and equipped with Super-Luminova ultra bright luminous material hands. The bottom plate and bridge of the movement are made of grade 5 titanium alloy, equipped with a dual barrel device and a variable inertia balance wheel, which can provide a power reserve of 50 hours.

It takes more than 300 processes to create a perfect and powerful RM 11-02 automatic movement with dual time zone flyback chronograph

The RM 11-02 watch is easy to operate. The button at 9 o’clock is used to set the second time zone function. The button is sculpted and decorated with a unique and delicate appearance. The 2 o’clock position is the chronograph function start button. The buttons are reset to zero quickly, following the aesthetic concept of the RM 011 series, the dial layout is clear and easy to read, and the watch’s many complex functions are clear at a glance. The grade 5 titanium crown is reminiscent of a clutch, and the Alcryn washer equipped with the crown makes the hand feel More comfortable, thorough interpretation of the powerful posture and streamlined beauty of the car.
RICHARD MILLE’s unique three-piece (bezel, middle and bottom cover) barrel-shaped case requires a total of 68 milling processes and multiple different processes to complete. The detailed undulating curve is designed according to ergonomic principles, and it fits the wrist completely when worn. Extremely comfortable. Before starting the watchmaking equipment, there are more than 300 independent processes, which involve many advanced technologies such as CNC 5-axis machines. The precision of processing or engraving and cutting can reach micrometers. Only by this can we meet RICHARD MILLE’s pursuit of ultimate aesthetics. In addition, RM 11-02’s heart RMAC2 movement is fixed by 4 silicon connecting pieces to optimize the shock resistance performance. 20 spline screws and sealing layer can ensure the waterproof depth of RM 11-02 is up to 50 meters.