Remembering The Space Adventure: Legendary Astronauts Meet Again At The Omega Winter Olympics Pavilion

On February 10th, guests at the Omega OMEGA Sochi Winter Olympics Pavilion witnessed two legendary astronauts–US Air Force Lieutenant General Stafford and Soviet Air Force Major General Alek The reunion of Xie Leonov. This space-themed event highlights the significance of space exploration in history.

Stafford and Leonov are best known for their important roles in space competitions and their outstanding contributions to performing multiple space missions in their respective countries. The two legendary astronauts The space handshake in the test program is often considered to have contributed to the end of the Cold War and is historically significant. The Apollo-Alliance test program is the first joint space mission between the United States and the former Soviet Union. The media interactive session of this space-themed event explored the significance of this historic event.
Commenting on the importance of this space project, Mr. Stafford said: ‘The Apollo-Alliance test program shows the world that the United States and the former Soviet Union have very different political systems, even in different languages , But these two great nations can work together to achieve a common goal. ‘

Mr. Okewa, Omega Global President, described the long-standing relationship between Omega and space exploration. He said, ‘I think people underestimate the value of the US-Soviet docking mission in the Apollo-Alliance test program.’ He pointed out several points before the test program. In the middle of the year, mankind carried out many moon landing missions, which made people think that the moon landing was a truly extraordinary technological feat. However, this docking mission has far-reaching political and social significance and has affected so far.
Before visiting the Omega Pavilion and experiencing an interactive sled simulator, Mr. Stafford expressed his gratitude to Omega, saying to Omega Global President, Mr. Okehua: ‘We are the owner of Omega Thank you so much for your contribution. ‘