Remember The Eternal Father’s Love With Time Jaeger-lecoultre Selection Of Classic Timepieces Father’s Day

He often interprets the responsibility of love with unique silence; he always expresses his delicate affection in a serious way. In the rings of life, father’s love becomes deeper and stronger with the accumulation of time. Time has witnessed the trueness of father’s love, and it has also recorded many warm moments. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre selects several timepiece masterpieces and remembers eternal fatherly love with time.

Life exploration, father love goes
First time babbling, first babbling,
First bike ride, first trip,
Life is a journey full of unknowns and surprises.
Time records every first exploration of life with my father.

Jaeger-LeCoultre North Chronograph

  The Jaeger-LeCoultre Beiji series chronograph is 42 mm in diameter and equipped with a tachymeter scale bezel, which allows the wearer to calculate the speed through a specific distance, which is suitable for racing or self-testing on the highway. Chronographs are arguably the most practical complication in watchmaking. Its precise timer button has been redesigned for easier operation; the chronograph dial is equipped with a large triangular indicator, which has a sharp contrast and is easy to read. Every time he explores his life, he is with him. The length of time can be counted, but the devotion of his father’s love does not count.

Father is silent, guarding silently

Parent conference at 7 years old,
Adult at the age of 18,
Graduation ceremony at 22 years old,
Time has recorded every important moment in life accompanied by father’s love.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterUltraThin

  The new Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterThin Ultra-thin calendar series watch, the pursuit of high precision, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship of the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop. The new slim case has a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of only 7.8 mm. The slender and delicate hour markers are arranged on the eggshell dial. With a new date display window at 6 o’clock, carefully record the beautiful memories of 365 days.

Yan Ci is good, love is both sides

Father’s love is sometimes severe
Preaching by example, Fang Neng’s father Yan Zixiao;
Father’s love is sometimes gentle,
The wide shoulders give the warmest support;
In the promenade of time, my father’s love never has only one side.

Jaeger-LeCoultreClassic Reverso Small Second Hand

  In addition to the practical chronograph functions (hours, minutes, and seconds), the Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Classic double-sided small seconds watch has a dual dial and dual time zone. The front dial is equipped with a beautiful small second hand. The design of this watch follows the golden section, revealing the elegance of Art Deco in a low key, exuding a low key and charming charm. Between the flips, the two aspects are transformed into the strongest guardianship by love.


  The new Jaeger-LeCoultreReversoTributeDuofaceFagliano is a limited-edition Fagliano limited edition model, adhering to the unique Art Deco style, with a simple and pure shape. Limited edition of 100 pieces, all with a Cordoba leather strap hand-made by the famous Argentine bootmaker brand CasaFagliano. Adopting the Duoface double-sided dual-time zone design concept developed by Jaeger-LeCoultre for the Reverso series in 1994, the double-sided dial shows the time in two time zones, driven by the same movement. A small second hand display window is located at 6 o’clock on the front dial, while the day and night display function on the back dial allows the wearer to easily distinguish the day and night conditions of the departure place. No matter where you are, always waiting for the warmth of your home.

Xingyuejiao, father’s love forever

Father’s love,
Not as warm as the sun,
And like the glory of Xingyue,
Although deep and subtle,
But it is enough to illuminate the darkness of the night.

Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterThinMoon

  The Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterThinMoon ultra-thin series moon phase watches uphold the simple aesthetics, the dial design is the classic of the Master Series. The round dial and the small moon phase display area echo each other. The simple lines outline the thin body. The moon phase and date display are presented in an elegant and prudent way. The pure lines create a timeless classic. Its ultra-thin movement was carefully crafted for half a century, demonstrating the manufacturing tradition of ultra-thin luxury watches that Jaeger-LeCoultre still adheres to today. The moon is full of yin and clear, telling the flow of time, and the father’s love, like the famous song played by time, flows quietly in the heart and converges into an immortal eternity.