Luxury And Feminine Piaget Diamond Watch Appreciation

Piaget watch is not only famous for its thinnest watch in the world, but its women’s watch design is also one of the highlights of its brand. The appearance of gorgeous women’s watches is everywhere. With a woman’s tenderness and grace. Appropriate diamond setting embellishes the watch’s modifiability. Piaget watch is really a benchmark for women’s aesthetics.
 Piaget Limelight Dancing Light Collection G0A38172

 The biggest feature of the Piaget G0A38172 watch is that a movable ring is installed on the dial, and at the same time the rib is decorated with a rib-shaped chest pattern. Only a slight movement of the wrist is required, and the ring will rotate. The overall design creativity, just like its product name, the dial gently moves with the wrist, elegant and delicate. The watch is 39 mm in diameter and has an 18k rose gold case with a total of 176 round diamonds on the case and dial. The total weight is about 2 carats. At the same time, the rose gold buckle is also set with 15 round diamonds. Sparkling diamonds combined with a feminine rose gold case and a free spirit dance face make the Piaget women’s watch perfect.

 The Piaget G0A38172 ladies watch is fascinating with its rotatable dial, precious materials and unique design. The high price is also due to its material and elegant properties. It is equipped with a quartz movement inside. Relatively speaking, its watch attributes are far less than its decorative significance.
 Summary: Compared with other women’s watches in the world, Piaget ladies’ watches pay more attention to women’s physical and mental experience, creating women’s exuding and intangible innate beauty and elegance. In fact, the biggest highlight of Piaget’s watch is that it always adheres to the principle of creativity first, and only breaks the conventional creativity to attract more attention.
 Watch details reference: piaget / 30805 /

Winter Picture On The Wrist Tasting Jacques De Rouge Gold Bird’s Hour Dial – Four Seasons Watch

As a unique high-end brand in the watch industry, Jaquet Droz takes art design as a secret weapon, and is good at capturing many wonderful and beautiful moments. He uses art creation to freeze on the dial, and eternal The time merges into one, showing the infinite charm of mechanical timepieces. The golden carving technique is also one of the unique expression methods of the brand. Jacques Rodriguez bird hour and minute dial-this is the case with the Four Seasons watch, which shows us four animated scrolls of gold bird with different times and backgrounds in the four seasons. From winter to winter, of course, the most suitable is the winter-themed J005024575 watch. Below, we take this as an example to take a look:

Detailed gold carving skills

   Integrating Jacques Dro traditional craftsmanship, the brand watchmaker displays the natural charm of the birds vividly and flexibly in a completely three-dimensional form on the white, mother-of-pearl dial. Inspired by the natural scene of the Jura Valley, the birthplace of the brand’s watchmaking, the mother-of-pearl dial fully carved by the craftsman has created two vivid birds in the valley. In different seasons, interpret the scenery of the world with different colors and backgrounds. At the same time, the fully opened wings of the birds are even more vital under the subtle carving of the gold carving.
Watch details

Jacques Rodriguez small bird hour dial-Four Seasons watch

   The 18K white gold case shows a smoother, fuller line of beauty after careful polishing. Platinum is both low-key and high-cold, blending with the theme of winter. In addition, the inner bezel and the four lugs are inlaid with two rows of diamonds. For women’s watches, it is a more luxurious and shining one, full of elegance and nobility, which can satisfy little vanity. The 18K white gold crown is located on one side of the watch. It is engraved with the Jacques Dross double star logo, which once again gives the brand a full sense of beauty.

   Mother-of-pearl pan, two birds fluttering their wings, playing on the branches of falling snow, one of them mouthed a bug and the other opened its mouth to catch the bug. With the first bird hanging in mid-air, and the other just leaping, the brand captured this vivid and beautiful picture, with mother-of-pearl as the winter sky and snow-falling branches as the background, showing a very dynamic Bird picture. In addition, the details of the watch are very delicate. Through careful observation, each bird feather and claws are clearly visible. When making such an exquisite plate, the master carving artist first carved out all the forms of the bird, then outlined the colors, and finally set it on the dial, so that the bird is not only lifelike, but also has a three-dimensional visual experience and artistic conception. Full.

   Equipped with Jacques de Roche 2653 self-winding movement, through the back cover designed through the process, you can see the gold carved bird wings on the automatic rotor engraved with the brand’s double star LOGO, to meet the theme of the disk. The watch has a 68-hour power reserve and a daily water resistance of 50 meters.

   A hand-rolled crocodile leather strap, covered in silk, creates an extremely soft wearing texture. Equipped with 18K white gold diamond buckle, it is integrated with the white gold diamond case to reproduce the overall sense of sparkling luxury.

Jacques Rodriguez small bird hour dial-Four Seasons watch
In summary: the elegant and natural dial surface is fused with the high-cold, sparkling 18K white gold diamond case, creating the wearer’s exclusive winter beauty on the wrist. This watch is limited to 88 pieces in the world, and the back cover is engraved with an independent number of X / 88, demonstrating the distinguished identity of the wearer. If you like this watch, you may wish to enter the brand store for more details. Watch price: RMB 610,500

Xu Ruohuan And The Earl Stepped On The Red Carpet Of The Venice Film Festival

The dazzling jewels of diamonds and the exquisite emotional portrayal of drama, Piaget and Xu Ruoxu jointly exhibited dazzling magic in the 68th Venice Film Festival.
 Internationally-known actress Xu Ruojiu joined the Piaget on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival at 5 pm on September 1, Venice time, Italy. Xu Ruohuan was shortlisted for the film competition of the new film ‘Sedek Bale’ directed by Taiwanese director Weide Sanctuary. He was invited to participate in this important international film event with the film team. The epic blockbuster ‘Sedek Bale’, based on the ‘Mist Society Incident’, was twelve years of preparation and a large-scale production of 700 million funds. It was released on October 27, 2009, and the work team gathered. It attracted more than 400 film elites from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and mobilized nearly 20,000 people to shoot. It has become the only Chinese-language film selected in this year’s competition. Outstanding films compete for the highest honor Golden Lion Award.

 Before entering the climax of the film festival finals, the fashion competition on the red carpet had already quietly opened, competing for the splendid grand occasion of the red carpet fashion model, no less than the competition on the big screen. At the international press conference in the afternoon, Xu Ruoxuan first displayed a beautiful luxury with a pink long dress and Piaget Limelight series full-set diamond barrel watch. Then, in order to show the cleanliness, perseverance, and dazzle of the role played in the finalist film on the red carpet, Xu Ruoxuan specially selected a low-cut long dress combined with python pattern and elegant tailoring to highlight the wildness of the film’s aboriginal theme Beauty, and from Piaget’s famous Limelight series of high-end jewelry, Limelight Paradise series bracelets inspired by mermaid scales are selected with tassel earrings and elegant rings to show the superstar charm of both sexy and elegance. Since the diamond is rectangular The drop-shaped diamond ornaments that extend to the ends of the faceplate not only show the gorgeous outline of the hollow scales, but also echo the python pattern on the dress. The Magic Gardens of Piaget diamond tassel earrings inheriting the concept of water drops and the arched ring The Limelight series high jewelry ring decorated with square diamond segments on the ring tells the image of elegant and perseverance. The true Sadek spirit is fully reflected in Xu Ruoxu’s hands and styling details.
 At this moment, the ups and downs between actresses may not be visible, but it is foreseeable that the perfect combination of Xu Ruoxu and the count will become a beautiful topic on the red carpet.

When It Comes To Understanding Women, It Must Be Bulgari

I have always felt that although many brands are launching women’s watches, in fact, there are not many women who understand women’s psychology and ideas and turn them into masterpieces on the wrist. If there is anyone, Bulgari is definitely an inevitable topic.
   In Western culture, the most well-known use of women’s watches is still fashion accessories, which first prevailed in the 19th century. Bulgari is particularly good at jewelry watch design. For example, its Serpenti Tubogas watch, which has been carefully crafted from the 1940s, has now become an important part of the brand’s heritage. The head-to-tail creativity makes the watch more aesthetically pleasing. The smart ring bracelet is worn on the wrist, revealing the sexy and exquisite female.

Bvlgari Antique Collection Tubogas Stainless Steel and Gold Bracelet Created in 1983-1984

   This year, Bvlgari launched a new women’s watch LVCEA Tubogas halo watch, which once again infused the achievements of its century-old jewellery watch into this brand-new ladies watch.
   ‘LVCEA’ is derived from the Latin ‘light’ and ‘Tubogas’ is the Bulgari’s acclaimed Tubogas bracelet. The Tubogas bracelet technology is named after a bent metal gas pipe. This technology has been applied to the field of jewelry making since the late 1940s.

Bvlgari Antique Collection Serpenti Tubogas Gold Watch, circa 1960

   As we said earlier, in the 1940s, Bvlgari successfully combined the dial with the Tubogas bracelet innovation to successfully create a stylish Serpenti watch.

Bvlgari Antiques Collection Gold Ring with Ancient Coins, circa 1980

   By the 1970s, the Tubogas process had been widely used in the design of Bvlgari watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings. The exquisitely processed Tubogas chain, paired with ancient coins and colorful gems, strikes a distinct personality, interpreting the Bulgari trend created by multiple elements, providing more options for daily wear.

Bulgari 2018 new LVCEA Tubogas halo watch

   The newly launched LVCEA Tubogas halo watch by Bvlgari combines the two elements of the LVCEA series watch with the classic Tubogas bracelet creatively, demonstrating the profound historical accumulation of the family of jewelry, and the stylish classic Tubogas bracelet is halo-like. The round dial clasps the wrists in a refined state for a comfortable wearing experience.

Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas craftsmanship

   The Tubogas bracelet made up of many chain links is meandering. The gold or stainless steel long bracelet wrapped with steel core has extremely complicated manufacturing process. The outline of the bracelet is beautiful and round, and the edges are seamlessly joined to each other, completely hiding the internal structure, and no welding is required during the production process. And the winding bracelet is flexible and comfortable on the wrist, which is very comfortable.

Five new LVCEA Tubogas halo watches

   The new LVCEA Tubogas halo watch offers five models to meet the daily wear needs of modern women, reflecting the self-aura of women whenever and wherever possible. Two of them feature 28mm and 33mm stainless steel cases with black lacquered dials, highlighting their unique style. The other two are 28mm and 33mm cases, respectively, with a shiny white mother-of-pearl dial and a steel and rose gold Tubogas bracelet. The LVCEA Tubogas halo watch also offers a 33mm rose gold watch with bezel and bracelet set with several diamonds, exquisite and gorgeous. The 28mm model is equipped with a precise and practical quartz movement, while the 33mm model incorporates Bvlgari’s self-winding mechanical movement. The five models of the LVCEA Tubogas halo watch use diamond hour markers, and the crown is set with convex egg-face-cut pink stones.
   In terms of price, the price of 28mm black lacquered dial is 42,900 RMB, and the price of 33mm is 50,500 RMB; the price of white mother-of-pearl dial 28mm is 74,200 RMB, and the price of 33mm is 85,000 RMB; The diamond watch is priced at 275,000 RMB. Women’s favorite elements are included in this watch, and friends who like it may wish to try it in the specialty store.

Baselworld Basel 2013 – Dro Jaquet Droz Golden Eagle Bird’s Day Dial – Four Seasons Series Petite Heure

Golden eagle bird hour and minute dial – The Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons watch combines the most unique skills of Jacques Droe craftsman, a new interpretation of tradition, can be called a Brand new aesthetic masterpiece.

Birds, especially those from the Jura region of Switzerland, home to Pierre Jaquet-Dro, have always fascinated Pierre Jaquet-Droz.
Since its inception, Jacques Dro, a La Chaux-de-Fonds watch brand, has paid tribute to these light, agile and clear-eyed tits, and has used the most advanced technology at the time to reproduce the plump feathers, bright feathers and birds Mysterious and deep eyes.
Over three centuries, this ingenious craftsmanship has been the essence of Jacques Dro’s creation. These craftsmanship is not just for the simple decoration of the brand, but also aims to make the spirit of the brand more humane. Today, the master craftsmen of the Jacques de Loire Art Workshop also take this creative theme and surpass themselves again to design the golden eagle bird hour and minute dial – Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons watch, a bright color And three-dimensional timepieces pay tribute to the Elven Bird.
The two tits stood on both sides of the dial with ease, their wings extended. Are they just landing or are they flying? The mysteries of this scene are all carved by hand: the mother-of-pearl dial is carved by hand, and the golden bird is engraved and engraved, and then it is set on the dial, and finally colored together. The micro-painted birds and dial are worthy of the three-dimensional miniature masterpieces created by the master craftsmen of the brand. From the shape of the bird’s wings to the size of the bird’s body, from the outline of the throat to the meticulous combination of yellow and blue bird feathers, everything is exhaustive, making this watch a veritable three-dimensional masterpiece, towards the beauty of nature and the freedom and unrestrained nature of the sparrow. pay tribute. The sapphire crystal mirror surface is specially designed to enhance the stereo visual effect of the scene. When wearing a watch, the whole nature seems to be jumping on the wrist, reminding the world that time passing is the best testimony of reading life.
This watch combines the top craftsmanship of mother-of-pearl with a gold chassis. It comes in two styles: the warm autumn version (red gold) and the cold winter version (white gold), each limited to 88. Pieces.

Extreme Sports Fan Bulgari Bre56bsvdchs Men’s Watch Brief Comment

If you are a person at the pinnacle of fashion, if you are a person who is ahead of the trend, then you must know about this watch I bring to you today, this This watch comes from Bulgari, a well-known Italian fashion brand. It has the bold and fashionable design style of Bulgari, and has the precision, durability and good quality of Swiss watches. Its specific model is: Bvlgari BRE56BSVDCHS for men Watches, everyone please follow me to understand this watch.

  This is a men’s watch positioned for leisure sports. It adopts a large diameter of 56 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. The black dial has a simple time scale. It has a large calendar display and a single-button timing function. It is fully automatic. The winding movement can provide a 45-hour power reserve, and the sports style is more prominent with a black rubber strap. The dial design uses a bumpy athletic field pattern.

  Let’s take a look at the front of this watch, which is fixed by six exposed stainless steel screws to form a perfect line. The most dazzling on the dial is the large calendar display function. The 56 mm large diameter rough design style will always cause The attention of others, the stainless steel case guarantees the wear resistance of this watch.

  There is also a soft and careful side under the rough shape, which shows that Bulgari’s level of product design, and the unique soft corner design at the lugs make this watch not too rigid.

  The crown has a unique function. This watch has a one-button chronograph function. It is through this crown to control the timing and adjust the time. This movement has a chronograph ‘Chronosprint’ function, which is used for longer periods of time. Intermittent timing.

  From this perspective, you can see the uneven dial design. In order to highlight the sports style dial design, the track and field track design style is used to add dynamic colors to this watch. The sapphire crystal glass uses anti-glare. Designed to make our reading more convenient and clear.

  This watch uses a sapphire crystal case back, you can see the movement of the movement. The automatic movement is used. This movement has the function of a chronograph ‘Chronosprint’, which is used for continuous time for a long period of time. Chronosprint displays hours and minutes with two coaxial hands. With an outstanding patented process, the clock and minute counting function are off-center from the dial, which makes this function perfect. (Note: this picture is the same series of belt models)

Summary: In the last shot, the 56mm large-diameter watch may not be holdable for most people, so this watch is more suitable for tall men. If you don’t like rubber straps, there are also steel straps and leather straps in the same series. There is always one for you.
For more watch details see: Bvlgari Ergon series BRE56BSVDCHS watch

Raymond Weil Launches The Classic Master Semainier Moon Phase Watch

This new watch has a classic round polished stainless steel case, which is unusual in that it only displays the moon phase, month, weekly calendar, day of the week, date, hour and minute with hands only. , Is an elegant new work unique in this classic master series.

Raymond Weil Semainier Moon Phase Watch

Seven elegant midnight blue steel hands gently swipe across the delicate silver dial, which rotates around the ‘clou de Paris’ Paris stud in the center of the dial. The hours and minutes are displayed in traditional Roman numerals, showing the weekly calendar and The center hand of the month points to the graduated circle on the outer edge of the dial (the month is clearly indicated in uppercase letters), and the small hands showing the calendar and the day of the week are located on the auxiliary dials at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively.
These functions are powered by the RW3600 self-winding mechanical movement. Through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback, the wearer can enjoy the movement of the automatic rotor in the center of the movement, which can bring a 42-hour power reserve to the watch. In addition, this watch adheres to the pure tradition of watchmaking, using a saddle-stitched black crocodile calfskin strap and a traditional polished steel pin buckle design, which perfectly combines precision and elegance. The watch is water resistant to 5 ATM or 50 meters.

In The Name Of Love, In The Letter, Cartier’s Favorite Selection, Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day arrives as scheduled, Cartier fuses the true meaning of love into pieces, transforms the invisible love into affection, witnesses the moment of sweet joy, and praises the eternal love.
To the true love
Who doesn’t want to lock the love that belongs to them tightly? Cartier series bracelet with a shining light, pouring out the responsibility and firmness of love. Imagine attaching a bracelet in the name of love to a lover, and those small screws seem to have become a deep imprint of love, vowing your unwavering determination for love.

figure 1

figure 2
   Finding the right lovers is like selecting the perfect diamond. The elaborate carving of each diamond is like the running-in of the relationship between the two. Whether it is a bright and elegant diamond ring or a delicate and pleasant necklace, the Cartier d’ Amour series is like a blooming flower bud, symbolizing the perfection of love with a round shape, retaining the unforgettable moments of love.

image 3

Figure 4
  On this special festival, a surprise may be exchanged for a lifetime. The four-claw inlay of the Cartier Solitaire engagement diamond ring is like the hands of lovers who cling to love; and the uniquely shaped heart lock necklace seems to be waiting for the key to unlock it.

Figure 5

Figure 6
Watch the eternity in every minute

   Love is to cherish every minute of each other, no matter happiness or sadness, to share with the person you love the most. Cartier Tank Anglaise series watch with iconic vertical lugs and leather strap watch, ‘Never Stop’ to witness the time spent by two people together, creating a period of unity in the diamond’s bright light Long love legend.

Figure 7

Figure 8

Finished love is indispensable for every successful love. As if a godsend, the Cartier Blue Balloon Series combines classics and innovation with round shapes. The sapphire inlaid in the crown is like a rising star, full of longing for a happy future, and interpreting a unique relationship.

Figure 9

Figure 10
Caring for the slightest
Don’t let ordinary life dilute love, as long as you can be with someone you love, every day can be Valentine’s Day! Why not put your mind in the compact Cartier coin purse, let it stay with her partner at all times, and add a touch of vitality to her? Why not use a Cartier BAISER VOLÉ perfume to let the light scent of lilies linger slowly in the air?

Figure 11

Figure 12
   To say the words ‘I love you’ is simple but difficult. Expressing ideas does not have to be vigorous, the euphemistic way of showing love is just as exciting. A silk scarf with a far-reaching mood on one side can reveal the romantic tenderness; and a pair of unique wrist ornaments can be more involved in raising hands.

Figure 13

Figure 14

Cartier Beloved Selection Valentine’s Day Picture Index
Figure 1, Cartier bracelet
18K Rose Gold Bangle
Picture 2, Cartier ring
18K Rose Gold, White 18K Gold, Diamonds
Figure 3, Cartier d’ Amour engagement ring
Platinum, paved with round brilliant-cut diamonds, set with round brilliant-cut center diamond
Figure 4, Cartier d’ Amour necklace
18K white gold paved with round brilliant-cut diamonds, set with round brilliant-cut center diamond
Figure 5, Cartier Solitaire 1985 engagement diamond ring
Platinum with round brilliant-cut diamonds
Figure 6, Cartier CœurTorsadé necklace
18K Rose Gold, Diamonds
Figure 7. Cartier Tank Anglaise
Large model, 18K white gold, leather strap
18K rhodium-plated white gold case
Nine-sided crown set with a sapphire
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Semi-matte black alligator strap with 18K rhodium-plated white gold folding clasp
Silver-plated carved lacquered dial, sword-shaped blue-steel hands
1904MC Workshop Refined Automatic Mechanical Movement
Figure 8. Cartier Tank Anglaise
Small model, 18K white gold, leather strap, diamond-set case
18K white gold rhodium-plated case set with brilliant-cut diamonds
Nine-sided crown set with a diamond
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Shiny light lotus red alligator strap with 18K rhodium-plated white gold folding clasp
Silver-plated carved lacquered dial
Sword-shaped blue steel hands
Cartier 057 quartz movement
Figure 9, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch
Large gold model, 42mm
18K yellow gold case with chronograph, minute, second and date functions
18K yellow gold crown set with a sapphire
Silver-plated carved lacquered dial, black Roman numerals
Date displayed at 3 o’clock
Sword-shaped blue steel hands, blue crystal
18K Yellow Gold Strap, 18K Yellow Gold Security Buckle
Cartier Caliber 049 mechanical movement
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Figure 10: Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch
18K rose gold model, 33mm model
18K rose gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds
18K rose gold crown set with a sapphire
Silver-plated carved lacquered dial, black Roman numerals
Sword-shaped blue steel hands
18K Rose Gold Bracelet
Cartier 076 mechanical movement
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Figure 11, Cartier Les Must series red round coin purse
Figure 12, Cartier Baiser Vole perfume
Figure 13, Cartier L’ Odyssée de Cartier scarf
Figure 14, Cartier line decorative silver cufflinks

Coming To France Is Inescapable To Be Romantic Breguet Classic Gentleman Tour

BREGUET Classic Tour, which debuted in London, England in October 2017, following Seoul, Korea, Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, Brussels, Italy, Milan, Taiwan, Japan Tokyo, Madrid, Spain, Munich, Germany, and now come to New York, USA and the famous place of Breguet: Paris, France. In each country, special films were filmed before the event, showing the beauty and culture of each country, which kicked off the classic event of the local event.

Exterior of the Breguet flagship store and museum in Paris, France

Paris Station visited the famous Place Vendôme, Petit Trianon Palace, and Father Lachaise Cemetery and other places with deep roots in the legend of Breguet. French craftsmanship. This classic gentleman’s exploration journey combines tradition and modernity, which reflects the high insistence of Breguet in the pursuit of extreme precision. Among them, the silicon material is integrated into many watches to enhance accuracy. ‘Beauty Classic Tour’ will be a great experience to explore the aesthetics of life with such a historical and outstanding watch factory.
The departure of Master Breguet from his hometown of Neuchâtel in Neuchâtel to France is the most important turning point in the history of the brand. Thanks to Master Breguet’s excellent technology, Paris became the watchmaking capital of the time. From this county to the next, every place has heard of Breguet’s reputation. For example, Master Breguet was the first watchmaker to open a workshop in Fanden Plaza. To this day, the museum and specialty stores in Vanden Plaza still have a history of historical transactions that has not been interrupted since the end of the 18th century. .

Interior view of the Breguet flagship store and museum in Paris, France (6 Place Vendome)

The Musée des Arts et Métiers National Craft Museum, regarded as a treasure trove of craftsmanship during the French Revolution, houses the achievements of the five generations of the Breguet family, from watchmaking and telegraph rights to the flying industry. The biplane developed by Louis Charles Breguet in 1911 is being displayed here with the Clément Ader aircraft and the ‘Blelio 11’ flying over the English Channel in 1909.
Facing the Louvre, it is located on the left bank of the Seine and became the Collège des Quatre-Nations of the French Academy in 1795. The Four Nations Academy consists of five faculties, with fan-shaped rooms on both sides of the dome of the chapel connected to the exhibition halls on both sides . Master Breguet taught here at a young age and took private lessons that would change his life in the future. Master Breguet also returned to the Academy as a member of the French Academy of Sciences at the end of his career.
39 Quai de l’ Horloge Watches Embankment 39 is where Breguet decided to start a family and open a workshop. It is located in the industrial area of ​​Xidi Island, the gathering place of silver craftsmen, pasta craftsmen, sewing and case factories at the time, which is the center of Paris, occupying the advantages of the ‘new bridge’ in the city. The interior of the house is full of defects in Henry IV architecture, the walkways are very narrow, the stairs are crooked, and the light is not as full as the Geneva Watchmaking Workshop. However, in such a building, a thought and style that would change the art of watchmaking was born. Rue Bréguet, with a different accent than the Breguet name due to a misunderstanding, opened a dramatic history not far from the Bastille square. Master Breguet experienced Bastille Day on July 14, 1789 at a close distance. Although the French Revolution has just begun, Master Breguet put down his work to show his position in support of national development. Not long afterwards, Master Breguet realized that the revolution was intensifying, so he intelligently chose to leave and return to his homeland, Switzerland, until 1795, before returning to Paris where he had lived a long life. You haven’t been to Paris without visiting the Palace of Versailles and Queen Anthony’s Palace. It was restored in two years under the support of Baodi, which reappeared the glory and splendor of that year.
Each of Breguet’s timepieces is precious. Since the brand was founded in Quai de l’ Horloge in Paris in 1775, each watch has been engraved with a unique number. Before the Qixi Valentine’s Festival is coming, through the famous moon phase men’s and women’s watches of Breguet, it will continue the long history and deep cultural heritage, showing classic and elegant romantic feelings.

Out of respect for tradition, the dial of this Classique 7787 Moon Phase Profit and Loss watch is made with Great Fire enamel technology, which is decorated with Breguet digital hour markers.

Classique 7787 Moon Phase Profit and Loss Watch with central hour, minute and second hands, and two more complex functions: moon phase profit and loss at 12 o’clock and power reserve display at 3 o’clock. The power reserve is displayed with a slender pointer, which is easier to read in addition to simplicity and elegance. The watch is equipped with a 591 DRL self-winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 3.02 mm, which is the most compact movement in its class. The movement is equipped with a dual barrel, which provides a 38-hour power reserve for the watch, as well as a silicon escapement and a balance spring. Silicon is a material with many advantages: its extremely light weight has better shock resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and requires no lubricant.

Classique 7787

18K white gold material / 591DRL self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / moon phase display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 39mm / reference price: 220,000 RMB
Another tribute to the brand is its tradition dating back to 1790: the minute scale of the watch is a tiny star, and the five minute scale is a French iris. The power reserve is decorated with small arrow scales, inspired by the decoration of the dial number 1 92 in 1785. The dials are made of pure gold, and they are hand-engraved or decorated with enamel, depending on the version. All the checkered engraving work is hand-made using the ancient skills passed down by Mr. Bao Di over 200 years ago. Out of respect for tradition, the faceplate of this Classique 7787 Moon Phase Profit and Loss Watch is made with Great Fire Enamel Technology, which is decorated with Breguet digital hour markers.

The Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087 moon phase watch inherits the classic style of the Breguet moon phase watch, a romantic moon phase function specially created for women

The moon phase display is one of the most popular complication for women. Beautiful and romantic, poetic and charming, like a bright moon hanging on the wrist. The Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087 moon phase watch reflects the anthropomorphic moon phase with a faint smile, no matter whether it is cloudy or rainy, there is moonlight.

Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087

18K rose gold material / 537L self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / moon phase display / mother-of-pearl dial / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 30mm / reference price: 180,000 RMB
The famous Breguet-style hand, originated from the invention of Breguet master in 1783. It is characterized by a pinpoint round hollow, the design concept comes from the apple that symbolizes the source of wisdom, and it is fired with blue steel technology, which contrasts with the beautiful moon. . The bezel is decorated with gorgeous round diamonds, which contrasts with the light and shadow and lines of the coin pattern on the side of the case. The round case of the classic Classique series is made of luxurious and low-key 18K rose gold. The straight table is 30 mm, which is suitable for delicate and classic Women, as well as machine-engraved mother-of-pearl with Roman numerals and hour-markers. Not only is the gorgeous and feminine appearance, the movement of the Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087 moon watch is not simple. It is equipped with a silicon escapement and a balance spring 537L automatic mechanical movement, showing Breguet’s watchmaking technology achievement. The sapphire crystal case back can admire the Geneva watch movement bridge and the K gold automatic disk decorated with machine-engraved wheat ears. Each detail can confirm the meticulous craftsmanship of Breguet.

Gucci Watch Gucci Handmaster Automatic Winding Men’s Watch

Gucci watch jewelry is pleased to add a new series for its high-end watch products, both for men and women. The Handmaster collection embodies a series of exquisite watchmaking techniques at Gucci’s own production base in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Here, Italian style meets Swiss quality; all watches are assembled by hand, and the creation of each timepiece is meticulous.

   The men’s model uses the GP3300 movement with a 46-hour power reserve; the ladies’ model uses the GP2700 movement with a 36-hour power reserve; the movement is supplied by the Sowind watch factory. Each watch has a transparent back cover and vivid internal mechanisms, including an automatic oscillating weight engraved with Gucci’s signature Diamante diamond pattern.

   The Gucci Handmaster men’s model (32.5 x 33 mm) has a polished stainless steel rectangular case with slightly beveled sides to give the watch a three-dimensional feel. The distinctive surface makes the watch look more retro: black sunburst decoration, the well-known Diamante diamond pattern, and classic silver Roman numerals and hands. Core functions include a date display at the center of the hour and two hour scales, a power reserve indicator at 5 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. Black surface with black crocodile leather strap and horse buckle clasp. Inherits Gucci’s original use of equestrian details.

   Gucci’s new Handmaster collection is exquisite and practical. It is an example of elegance, and its adherence to traditional and exquisite handcraft skills is icing on the cake. This series once again confirms the excellence of Gucci watch jewelry in the field of precision watchmaking.