Asia Limited Edition Of Portofino Watches

This year’s Swiss IWC Portofino series watch released a special edition of Asia in 2010, limited to 500 pieces, only available in Asia. In the early 1980s, the atmosphere of the entire world was full of leisure and elegance. The first Portofino watch was inspired by the simple and classic pocket watch design. It was introduced in 1984 and conceptually reflects the situation of the time. And such a casual style has continued from that time to the present, creating a rare and unique style under IWC, and rarely changed conceptually. So Portofino does not have a very magnificent story like the other series of IWC, or the starting point has a strong functional orientation.

IWC Portofino watches limited edition in Asia
 This uniquely designed watch also contains the biggest feature of the Portofino series: the back is engraved with a special portofino port pattern. Portofino is a pleasant fishing village on the Ligurian coast of Italy. The town built by the seaport has always been hailed as one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports, and ‘Portofino’ today has become synonymous with sweet life and luxurious holidays.

Kunlun’s New Ti-bridge Titanium Bridge Watch, Reproduce The Bridge Watch Legend

In 2009, CORUM officially launched the new watch Ti-Bridge, symbolizing the extraordinary performance of the brand in top watchmaking technology and the fusion of classic elegance and contemporary spiritualism; and equipped with With the brand’s second self-made bridge movement-CO 007, the latest technology reinterprets CORUM’s legendary bridge watch series. Whether it’s a movement or a case, the titanium bridge watch makes the most of titanium. As everyone knows, titanium is a lightweight but not easy to create metal element, and the watch’s movement bridge and plywood are made of titanium to make it even more unique. The Kunlun titanium bridge watch perfectly breaks through the technical difficulties. From the outer case to the inner movement, it is made of future metal from this era. The light weight can reduce the burden on the wrist and the rigidity can cope with the possible scraping in daily life. Abrasive and anti-acid corrosion can prevent the erosion of sweat, which is a very ideal material from inside to outside. The bridge of the movement is engraved with ‘CORUM’ brand identification and decorated with satin finish. The surface of the barrel is snail-shaped. The vibration frequency of this CO 007 movement is 4 hertz (Hz) and the power reserve is up to 72 hours .

 The arched rectangular case of the titanium bridge watch (41.5mm x 42.5mm) is made of the only grade 5 titanium metal that can be polished, and the surface is covered with an arc-shaped sapphire crystal. The movement of the movement, the upper case and lugs are treated with a bright surface to increase its sense of luxury, while the inside of the case back uses satin polishing technology, and the matte and bright surfaces are polished alternately, bringing a strong sense of layer to the watch itself. , And presents a unique texture that is different from the ordinary titanium case, and also highlights the structure of the internal movement. In addition, the titanium bridge watch has a water resistance of 50 meters.

 The titanium bridge table refers to the building structure, from the design of the structure to the choice of materials for its real innovation. The CO 007 movement grasps the movement from above and below through four V-shaped cantilevers, just like the design of the suspension bridge. Not only can the movement be fixed in the case, it can also effectively disperse the impact of external impact and protect the movement. The operation is not affected and damaged. The lacquered hollow hands also ensure clear reading in the dark. Titanium bridge watch with hand-stitched crocodile leather strap, titanium tri-fold clasp, scheduled to produce 750 in 2009. There is also a black PVD black titanium bridge watch with a global limited edition of 250 to choose from.

Seagull Watch Specialty Store Landed In Oriental Xintiandi

As a pioneer brand of ‘Chinese watches’, Beijing’s first seagull watch store has opened in Xintiandi of the East. The specialty store complies with the core design concept of ‘Time Culture’. The store’s main color is noble and elegant beige, which exudes elegance. The clever design of the gray mirror on the wall and the unique lighting arrangement make the space bright and transparent. And it presents an extended visual effect, revealing in the details the cherishment of time and respect for watch culture.
Seagull Watch has always been ‘building the Chinese’s own world-class mechanical watch brand’ as its mission, and has been relentlessly pursuing core technology. Since the first watch in China was manufactured on March 24, 1955, it has continuously set a new record in the history of Chinese watchmaking. Multiple & ldquo; first & rdquo ;, opening up one after another glorious milestone in the history of Chinese national watchmaking: China’s first aviation chronograph, China’s first independently designed & manufactured & ldquo; Dongfeng watch & rdquo ;, China’s first Only exporting watches & ldquo; Seagull watches & rdquo; etc .; Seagull watches are more independent and innovative, not only make its tourbillon watches increasingly perfect, but also master the perpetual calendar, minute repeater independent manufacturing technology, so that the world’s ultra-complex structure mechanical watches into the Chinese blood While consolidating the leading position of domestic watchmaking, it presents the strength of Chinese watchmaking to the world.
Seagull’s products range from ordinary mechanical watches of several thousand yuan to limited precious metal tourbillon watches worth hundreds of thousands of yuan; from classic automatic calendar basic function watches suitable for conferences and business occasions, to chronographs for leisure and sports wear Watches and decorative hollow carving craftsmanship models fully meet the enthusiasm of different customers for mechanical watches, adding another good place for people to choose watches!