Performance Basics Of Raymond Weil Masterpiece

Lei Menwei relies on the successful classic master watch series, adding a new open dial style. Between the two sapphire crystals, the Swiss-made automatic winding movement reveals the precise operation of the mechanical structure through the wide dial. Raymond Weil classic master pierced watch, no extra decoration, delicate interpretation of the basics of time.

   A classic masterpiece with a diameter of 39.5 mm, it provides a perfect view of the Swiss-made automatic movement on the hollow dial. The movement balance wheel and the perforated spring barrel can be appreciated on the front of the watch; the polished rotor and some of the gemstones of the movement structure are displayed on the case back. The watch movement is sealed between two sapphire crystals, and the dial is equipped with blue steel hour markers, hours, minutes and seconds hands, as if floating on the mechanical ocean.

   The classic master skeleton watch has a 38-hour power reserve and is 50 meters water resistant. This masterpiece comes with a stainless steel bracelet or a leather strap, both with a double-button safety buckle. Through the classic master openwork automatic watch, Raymond Weil, with its watchmaking advantages, interprets the mastery of superb craftsmanship, and presents Swiss fine watchmaking skills from generation to generation.

Pure And Pure Real Breguet Classic Series 5157 Ultra-thin Watch

Since the 16th century, engraved flower carving has been favored by watchmakers. Abraham Louis Breguet applied this technique to the dial decoration, carving the dial into a real work of art, and engraved flowers became one of the signature features of Breguet timepieces. At Baselword 2018, Breguet launched the classic series 5157 ultra-thin watch, the official model: 5157BR / 11 / 9V6.
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

   The case is made of 18K rose gold, with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of only 5.45 mm, which is extremely thin. The outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns and equipped with welded lugs and secured with screws. With a bottom-through design, it is water-resistant to 30 meters.

   The silver-plated gold dial is decorated with traditional Parisian studs, and is engraved with an independent number and Breguet signature. The graduated ring uses Roman numerals. This slender and elegant pointer was designed in 1783 and became very popular once it was introduced. Since then, the ‘Bao Di pointer’ has become a commonly used term in the watchmaking industry.

   Beside the 12 o’clock position of the dial, a Breguet stealth signature is engraved. He created this signature design when he discovered that his innovative work was copied by others. To this day, invisible signatures are still a sign of authenticity.

   It is equipped with a CAL.502.3 self-winding movement, using a reverse linear lever escapement with a silicon pallet and a silicon hairspring. The frequency is 3 Hz and it can provide 45 hours of power reserve. Through the transparent sapphire glass back cover, you can see the delicate engraved flower decoration on the movement rotor.

   Comes with a brown alligator leather strap with pin buckle.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Carl F. Bucherer Brand Story (2): The Perfect Combination Of Tradition And Innovation

According to nearly 90 years of watchmaking experience, Jorg G. Bucherer, the third-generation successor of Bucherer, decided in 2001 to take the name of the brand founder and officially named the brand Carl F. Bucherer. With professional manufacturing quality assurance and rich retail experience, enter the international arena. The new brand combines the self-confidence and unique charm of the founders of the group, adhering to the classic heritage and humane corporate style, with a declaration of ‘Dedicated to those who do not follow the trend’, reflecting the spirit of sophisticated and innovative Swiss traditional watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship.
 In order to achieve such an ambitious goal, in 2007, Bucherer opened a brand-new watchmaking factory in the town of Lennau near Biel, and set up global high-quality distributors to sell superb branded products. The Taiwan region is also directly headquartered The establishment of a branch shows the importance it attaches to the local market. Since 2005, Bucherer has been working with the Technologys HorlogeresAppliquees SA (THA) movement factory for many years to develop its own movements. The THA movement factory in Sainte-Croix, located in the Jurassic Mountains, has about 20 watchmakers and has always been known for its expertise in complex movements.

Jorg G. Bucherer, third generation of Bucherer

As early as the development of the computer drawing phase of the CFB A1000 automatic movement series, Smart SimPlexity patented technology was used to redesign, improve or simplify the future, current and traditional technologies as much as possible to create more intelligent, especially more Reliable operation method.

 Bucherer’s manufacturing workshop in Ste-Croix ensures complete technical autonomy and strict quality control from the design, production and assembly of the CFB A1000 movement parts.

International brand re-wins crown of homemade movement
 The appeal of home-made movement watches lies in innovative technology, practical additional performance, outstanding design and selected materials, which are the goals of all top watch brands in recent years. After several years of research and development, Bucherer further merged with THA, merged into the group’s renamed Carl F. Bucherer Technologies (CFBT), and released the brand’s first fully self-made movement in 2008, the CFB A1000 automatic movement. . After that, Bucherer successively released Patravi and Patravi EvoTec series models equipped with this series of self-made movements, and gloriously entered the ranks of home-made movement watch factories.

From the left are CFB A1001, A1000 and A1002 movements.

A Renewed Vientiane Update, Fall In Love With The Tissot Rock Series Standard Pointer Watch

If you have to talk about a new yuan every new year, you can have the updated weather or expectations of Vientiane, then at the beginning of the new year 2017, reward yourself with a sincere gift is also a good choice. In mechanical entry models, there is nothing more appropriate than the standard pointer watch to explore the precise performance of watchmaking. The standard pointer watch, commonly known as the three-pin and one-line, is different from the common three-pin or small-three-face dial configuration. Instead, the three hands displayed by the hour, minute, and second operate independently. Like three galaxies, each of them operates but Pull each other. Take the Tissot-Rollock series standard pointer watch as an example. Only at 12 or 6 o’clock in the day can we see the three hands arranged in a line, hence the name of the three hands and one line.

Leglock Series Men’s Watch Swiss Automatic ETA2825-2 automatic movement, stainless steel case with gold PVD bezel and see-through case back, wear-resistant sapphire crystal watch, water-resistant to 30 meters, some gold PVD 316L solid stainless steel bracelet With butterfly clasp and button, table diameter is 39.3mm.
   If we talk about the good name of another correction watch, the meaning is not far from the ‘standard’. The time and space go back to the 18th and 19th century watchmaking workshops. At that time, the watchmaker made pocket watches to judge or adjust the accuracy of the time. The basis is to rely on the canonical pointer clock. At that time, attention was paid to the accuracy of the movement. The error is in minutes. Therefore, the minute hand is often enlarged and set on the central axis. This design is quite interesting in modern times.
The Year of Ding Ling Turkey
   Welcome to the New Year Festival. Once talking about the tradition of saying lucky words or visiting gifts in the New Year, Tissot Rock’s standard pointer watch is also the best choice for expressing your heart. Pay tribute to the tradition, explore the watchmaking process or reflect the mechanical watch. The charm, taken from the name of the Le Locle series in the small town of Le Locle, home of the Tissot watch in Switzerland, is naturally the best example of emotional perfection. New Year is approaching, Ding Yan is changing a lot. For those who pursue good times and everything, they need this Tissot-Rock series standard pointer watch, so that people can judge at the moment when every second counts, and get the best cut-in timing and display. Effect.

Leglock Series Men’s Watch with Swiss-made ETA2825-2 automatic movement, stainless steel case and see-through case back, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, stainless steel strap with butterfly clasp and button, diameter 39.3mm.
   Tissot-Lorocco standard hand watch, designed with 39.3mm stainless steel, rose gold PVD coating or two-tone case, with ETA 2825.2 self-winding movement, with hour and minute standard hand display and date display function, the overall configuration can be described as quite The large device and the elegant background can no doubt be favored by watch fans and gentry.

Leroc Series Men’s Watch with Swiss-made ETA2825-2 automatic movement, rose gold PVD stainless steel case and see-through case back, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof 30 meters, leather strap with butterfly clasp and buttons, Table diameter is 39.3mm.

Collection Art Watch The Combination Of Painted Art And Precision Movement

Enamel watches and jewellery watches can perfectly realize the dream of painting. They both have superb painting standards, dials with strong visual impact and elegantly designed watch shapes. Like art created by nature. Vacheron Constantin ‘Tchaikovsky Swan Lake’ Enamel Watch
    To commemorate the collaboration with the National Opera in Paris, Vacheron Constantin has launched 15 extraordinary and unique Métiers d’ Art watches. This series of watch dials is inspired by the timeless decorative frescoes on the dome of the Garnier Opera House by Marc Chagall.
     The watch was unveiled at the 5th Journées des Métiers d’ Art event held at the French National Institute of Crafts and Arts (INMA) on April 1, 2011. The Chagall frescoes on the theme of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ are displayed, and every detail of this grand masterpiece is vividly depicted. The watch is made of high-temperature open flame micro-painted enamel, a Geneva craftsmanship that has been passed down for hundreds of years and is only mastered by a few craftsmen.
Christian Dior LA D DE DIOR OPAL
     The color used on the dial has a strong visual impact, and the ring of diamonds sparkles with joy, embracing this mysterious, always turbulent color. In this warm, hasty but logical hue, there is a vibrant transparency. However, the transparency and lightness surprised me very much. In order to understand it, I stared at these color blocks for a long time with very soft eyes, and found that it glowed with tranquility, a kind of dynamic tranquility and peace that could not be expressed with words. Deep harmony rippling in this atmosphere.
Dewey Golden Afternoon Series
    The Twilight Golden Afternoon Collection uses exquisite mother-of-pearl to make the dial. It’s like a garden full of flowers of all colors, with a breeze blowing from time to time. Flowers of various sizes and shades fly outward from the center, scattered around the dial, poetic. Against the background of the mother-of-pearl sky, the looming clouds and the twelve diamond water lilies intersect to form an illusion-like oil painting full of purity and innocence. The bezel is set with 84 brilliant-cut diamonds, the two straps are set with 48 diamonds, and the dial is set with 14 diamonds. Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Japanese lacquer watch
     The Japanese master of lacquer ware, Mr. Hase, was invited by Van Cleef & Arpels to create the dial with his exquisite craftsmanship. A series of precious watches can be combined with the subtle beauty of the Midnight case and the precision of the lacquer craftsmanship. The traditional themes of landscape painting are inspired by the master of painter craftsmanship, bringing coolness in summer, and achieving a precious collection of 8 pieces.
HMS Caesar enamel painted gold watch
     Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss luxury watch brand with a close relationship to navigation, launched the ‘HMS Caesar’ gilt enamel painted watch; ‘HMS Caesar’ is a battleship named after Caesar the Great, active in the 19th century At first, in order to praise the glorious deeds of the battleship in the past, the Athens watch was specially crafted with enamel painting. The delicate color changes and transparency all test the painter who made the dial. In addition, the gold wire with more than 500 mm The contour of the thin metal wire is made to prevent the enamel powder from flowing to other color blocks. The entire process takes 50 hours and 26 steps to complete a dial.

Step By Step, See Time Passing

In this year, as long as you live in the city, you will also feel all kinds of impetuousness, to do an experiment, whether you live in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, during the rush hour When you take the subway to change the line, try to stand still for five seconds, to ensure that you do n’t have to take a step, and the crowd behind you will naturally push you forward; you said you were driving, okay, there was a traffic jam on the elevated road. The car is moving, and you are still parked, deliberately vacating the distance of a parking space, the car next to it will naturally be sucked in by a lot of that space, which is like a black hole that leads to the four-dimensional space in ‘Interstellar Crossing’, and follows Your vehicle must also honk and scold you. You said that if I pursue slow work, I can only slow the distance of a car. Yes, but people will say that you run slowly to the countryside to die slowly, please don’t hinder me? Yes, it seems that the beast of the city is so engulfed that even the choice of life is swallowed up. Every day a high-intensity stimulant is injected. Everyone beats the blood and walks away. Even if you feel the moment of time flowing, it seems Will not work.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic

   Is it really not working? I think there are ways. Time is linear and continuous, but in fact, after human beings quantify it into units, it has also evolved the space from one unit to another. It’s about jumping seconds. Of course, in the beginning, the jump seconds are not used to make you slow, but you have to grow into this look. The early table clocks did not have a balance wheel. They used a pendulum and an anchor escapement. Because the escapement fork of the anchor escapement is named like an anchor, the biggest problem of this early structure is that the escapement wheel is unstable. The second escapement has a little jitter, which is also directly displayed on the second hand. In order to solve this problem, deadbeat escapement appeared, which corresponds to the original second hand hyperactivity, so that it is now safe and secure every time it is dead. Of course, this deadbeat structure is very different from today’s skip seconds structure, and the motivations are also very different. Today, there are many reasons for jumping seconds, mainly because it looks good, and some say that our mechanical watches can also make a bounce and a jump in quartz, which is a metaphysical and symbolic victory. It is convenient for doctors to measure the pulse. In one second, the heartbeat can be digitized. There is also a meaning I just added. In the chase of minutes and seconds, you can see the moment between a second and a second. Let the sense of continuous persecution rest.
   Admittedly, jumping the stopwatch also has a Zen flavor.
   The first system is to add an additional pinion, which is connected to the mainspring and is driven by a hairspring. The advantage of this independent jumping seconds system is that it does not affect the operation of the main drive train, so it does not affect the accuracy of the travel time, and can be started and stopped at any time.
   The second system is to derive a second wheel next to the escape wheel. This second wheel is restrained by a hairspring and has a total of 60 teeth. Since this second wheel is directly connected to the escape wheel, this system has a great impact on the travel time accuracy. .
   The third system is the so-called ‘single-frequency escapement’. The escapement system intentionally ‘waits’ the balance wheel to run for two cycles and then advances in order to advance every second.
More skip-second structure, see

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic

   This year, there are three jumping stopwatches that I personally care about, especially this one of Jaeger-LeCoultre. At least more people can afford it. The steel case is about 60,000. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 770 automatic winding movement is used. There are two focal points. One is the use of an anchor-shaped balance wheel, which reduces weight and resistance, reduces the power loss rate, and makes the output of the swing frequency more stable. Of course, it is mainly mounted between the passing wheel and the second wheel. The function of the low gear is to store the power in the balance spring as usual, and release it just after one second. Let the lower gear drive the second wheel to turn it, making the effect of jumping seconds. Of course, showing the jumping seconds on the Geophysic case is a bonus. Even if the ratio is different from last year’s three hands, this simple flavor, combined with jumping seconds, allows you to really enjoy the mechanical movement. Zen.

Jacques de Rouge Grande Seconde Deadbeat
   The eccentric hours and minutes of the white big fire enamel and the calendar below, the calendar is made into a 360-degree retrograde, which is quite pleasant at first, plus the central seconds jump large second hand, Grande Seconde Deadbeat is to make you feel the taste of going back to the past. The mechanical layout is shown in the figure. A set of skip seconds gear trains is mounted above the escape wheel. The gears on the left and the bottom of the figure have fewer teeth. The swing frequency of this movement is 3Hz, that is, the escapement wheel has an average of six revolutions per second. The gears on it are moved after these six revolutions, and then the central X-shaped pawl is used to move the central seconds. Linking the wheel with the jumping seconds gear is not really complicated, but it is poetic on the creamy dial.

Arnold & Son DSTB

   It was also launched during the beginning of the year in Basel. At that time, it was a steel shell style. The blue-faced platinum version was just added in October. The seconds jump mechanism was not received under the movement like JD and JLC. Anuo put them directly on the faceplate. The eccentric jumping seconds is composed of two sets of gears. The anchor at the nine o’clock position is connected to a second wheel. There is a gusset on the same axis. The ruby ​​at the end is engaged with the real small seconds dial, but you can see it on closer inspection. A spring pulls the ruby ​​on the gusset, even if the two seconds wheels are linked, at the same time, due to the reaction force of the spring, the gear jumps and hops, making the jump seconds effect, without looking at the pointer, you can also see nine At that time, the anchor also moved every second, but it didn’t turn, so it bounced up and down like this, the design is ingenious and interesting, and it should be able to release the pressure after watching it. (Picture / text Special Author of Watch House Huang Jiaping, Executive Editor of Mainland Edition of Ming Watch Magazine)

G-shock × Maison Martin Margiela 30th Anniversary Joint Limited Edition

Never stop the pace of innovation, G-SHOCK in pursuit of tough brand spirit ushered in the 30th anniversary of its birth. G-SHOCK celebrates its 30th anniversary and invites the famous fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela to jointly launch a limited edition worldwide. Maison Martin Margiela is world-famous for his technique of deconstructing and reorganizing clothes. Unfinished deconstruction has redefined fashion and become a new benchmark for fashion history. The birth of G-SHOCK completely broke the concept that watches are ‘high-grade fragile products’ in people’s consciousness, injecting the new TOUGHNESS concept into watches, creating brand-new value possibilities for the watch industry. When brands meet each other, they will present a world-renowned work that will make them captivating.

 The limited edition co-branded watch is based on the GA-300, which has a popular large dial and vintage mechanical details. It is inspired by silver light and shadow. The LCD and pointers combined with mechanical details are designed in silver metal, which is full of technology. The watch is equipped with a detachable strap, which brings a strong visual effect to this watch. The whole metal texture exudes a strong postmodernist industrial atmosphere. As a special commemorative model to celebrate the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK, GA-300MMM is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. Each model is printed with the MMM0-23 digital code. The unique originality and technology shape are of great collection value.

 GA-300MMM-8A 2990 yuan

G-SHOCK × Maison Martin Margiela will be released globally on March 30, 2013.
For more information, please pay attention to the official G-SHOCK website: and Sina official Weibo: @ G-SHOCK

Hermes Launches Arceau Pocket Voilier Enamel Pocket Watch

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. Bring the report of the exhibition to everyone at the front.

 When Hermès watches used sports as the theme in 2013, the scene that emerged was the elegant spinnaker, dotted with the vast ocean. On the Arceau Pocket Voilier enamel pocket watch, the Pentium color of the cover transmits light. This is due to the ancient enamel craftsmanship similar to the stained glass window, called hollow enamel painted plique-à-jour enamelling).

 The goldsmith took the lead in cutting the platinum disk and carved a delicate spinnaker pattern. The curved arcs were divided by fine gold wires to form a hollow and frame. Prior to repeated firing, these hollowed out parts are filled with enamel. The temperature of each firing is 800 degrees Celsius, and the colors on the sails are brought out one by one, blooming and shining. Finally, remove the tray.

 In order to obtain the perfect composition, the white gold plate under the spinnaker is engraved by hand with the hull and its surroundings. The cover pattern is brilliant, just like pocket stained glass. The light passes through the enamel color, which makes the sails bloom like velvet, and perfectly captures the shining daylight. This pocket watch does not hide the case back, but hides the dial under a delicate protective cover. This design first appeared on a Hermès pocket watch. The dial of the pocket watch is also covered with enamel, and the elegant blue-gray dial is decorated with champlevé time scales, which naturally echoes the italic time scale unique to Arceau timepieces.

Summary: Arceau Pocket Voilier enamel pocket watch is equipped with H1837 self-winding movement. The sapphire crystal back cover shows the exquisite sanding process, including pearl and spiral sanding substrates and plywood bridges. It is automatically carved with Hermès special H letter decoration . From Hermès master leather craft storm blue crocodile leather case, the perfect finishing touch for pocket watches.

The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

A Chic Work Tasting Iwc Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Display Watch

IWC was founded in 1868, its core research and development of watch technology, design and technology have been leading in the industry, creating timeless classic works. There is a deep root between IWC and flying. Today’s Watch House brings you a universal Spitfire fighter perpetual calendar digital display watch, the official model: IW379108.

   Since 2003, IWC launched the Pilot’s Watch series known as the Spitfire, which stands out with its elegant design and superior technology. The watch not only displays the perpetual calendar, but also has a chronograph function and has a leap year display.

IWC Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Display Watch IW379108

   The shape of this watch is more chic, but compared with previous models, it is almost unchanged, and it continues to be equipped with rock gray dial and stainless steel case. Numerous displays and complications highlight the watch’s superior watchmaking quality. The watch comes with a brown leather strap.

Fine-tuned crown and chronograph buttons

   The side of the watch is equipped with a crown and two chronograph buttons. The crown is a more conventional round crown with pits on the side for easy grasping. The top is engraved with the IWC logo. It is cylindrical for easy pressing. The crown and chronograph buttons are carefully polished to the finest detail.

Soft and tough calfskin strap for comfortable wearing

   This watch comes with a dark brown calfskin strap. The dark brown tone is elegant and calm, which is quite gentlemanlike; the leather material is soft and tough, making it more comfortable to wear. The fine white stitching on the strap also highlights IWC’s subtle details.

Finely polished and polished case lines

   The watch’s stainless steel case has beautiful lines, the surface is brushed and polished, and the texture is beautiful; while the edges and convex bezels of the case are polished, which is bright and clean. The case that has been treated in two ways is equipped with sharp-edged shapes, showing a strong and firm metal texture. The case has an anti-magnetic soft iron inner case to protect the precision movement from magnetic fields, while the glass mirror is firmly assembled to withstand the sudden drop in air pressure without loosening.

Elegant rock grey dial with multiple complications

   The dial of the watch is rock grey with beautiful sun-radiated patterns. Various complex functions are displayed on the dial, including chronograph, perpetual calendar and leap year display. The dial has many functions, but the arrangement is orderly. The dial uses gray and white and red, and the color difference is obvious and easy to read.

Chronograph dial and date and month display

   At the twelve o’clock position of the dial is the chronograph dial. The 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph minutes are arranged inside and outside. Both are displayed with white numbers and scales, and are indicated by a small hand. The small dial is also decorated with delicate and beautiful Swirly lines. On both sides of the chronograph dial are the date (DATE) and the month (MONTH) display. The date and month are displayed in white Arabic numerals, which are easy to read.

Beautiful small seconds and technically complicated leap year display

   The small dial at six o’clock is the small seconds dial. Displayed with a red pointer and white scale, and decorated with swirling patterns, it is delicate and delicate. There is a window on the small dial. This is the leap year display function. Arabic numbers are displayed in flat years, and red ‘L’ is displayed in leap years.

The delicate and cute lugs have been carefully polished, and the curvature is natural

   The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece, and the brushing and polishing consistent with the case make the overall texture more natural; and the curvature of the lugs can make the watch fit more closely with the wrist.

Elegant buckle engraved with the IWC logo

   The watch strap is equipped with a folding pin buckle, which not only can adjust the length of the strap when worn, but also more elegant in shape. The buckle is treated with two grinding processes, brushed and polished, and the IWC logo is engraved on it.

Summary: This Spitfire Pilot’s Chronograph watch is dynamic and very suitable for daily wear. The watch’s icy grey dial with its shiny metallic luster is the icing on the cake, just like the gray body of the same name Spitfire. The watch has a chic design, exquisite workmanship and excellent performance, which is a watch that is very suitable for men.

Pasha De Cartier Floating Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

Cartie Pasha de Cartier floating tourbillon skeleton watch
TieCartie Pasha de CARTIER floating tourbillon skeleton watch
White gold case, 42 mm diameter, white gold grooved crown set with a convex round sapphire, equipped with Cartier 9 457 M C hand-wound movement, with Geneva stamp, skeleton dial, diamond blue steel hands, limited to 100
Keywords: colored gems, complex creativity, enamel, ultra-thin comfort, skill-based jewelry watch, appearance first, GMT, entry-level version 2.0
Musical effect: Divine Comedy ‘忐忑’
Product style: rich in style, wide in variety, extremely luxurious, extremely complicated
Main series: BallonBleu ultra-thin watch, Calibre de Cartier, fine watchmaking series, Delices watch, ArtKraft jewelry watch
New products: more than 50 models
Editor’s Choice: BallonBleu Slim Watch
Comment: The reason why the Divine Comedy ‘忐忑’ is used to describe Cartier’s press conference is that Cartier’s products launched this year are too exciting. It is difficult to imagine so many complicated functions, so many artistic elements, and so many style types. Concentrated in the works of the same brand in the same year.
In terms of categories, Cartier’s self-produced movement series & mdash; & mdash; Calibre de Cartier’s third-hand automatic watch has been collectively replaced with a metal strap this year. Although it may not be to cater to the Chinese market, it will certainly be welcomed by the Chinese. The BallonBleu (blue balloon) series, which has been renowned for many years, has been successfully slimmed down. The edge of the case is even thinner than the coin, and the sense of honor, recognition and comfort is excellent. Delices women’s watches with candy as the inspiration for design, and to show the graphics of Diya’s masterful style in the field of art design, Delices will become another popular style of women’s watches. The four works in the HighWatchmaking series not only reflect the complicated technology and craftsmanship, but also attract the attention of all visitors with their creative ideas.
The 6 high-end jewelry watches of the ArtKraft series have unprecedentedly replaced the luxury materials with manual techniques to become the main body of the product. This may become a trend. Only by getting rid of the restrictions of raw materials, the design of jewelry watches can be more free and the output Only in this way can they be fully released and the new round of consumer demand be met to the greatest extent.