Flight Travel Dream For Women Real Patek Philippe 7234r-001 Watch

Since the launch of the Patek Philippe 5524 Pilot’s Watch in 2015, this watch has been very popular, and the special models later introduced are even more difficult to find. This year, Patek Philippe launched two rose gold pilots. Watches, one of which is Patek Philippe’s first ladies pilot watch 7234R-001, so that women who love pilot style can also enjoy its extraordinary charm.

   The clear and easy-to-read dial reflects Patek Philippe’s tradition in the field of pilot watches. The dial features three-dimensionally sculpted rose-gold blocks with white fluorescent coating and striking rod-shaped fluorescent hands. The pointer-type date display at 6 o’clock, the orange ‘1’ watch is the first day of each month, which has become a prominent feature of this watch.

   The ladies watch has a case diameter of 37.5 mm. Before that, it was a classic size for men’s watches. Patek Philippe has always controlled the size of men’s watches to less than 40 mm. The style, the size of the atmosphere is enough to make the watch more charming.

   The gradual dial also uses the retro brown design, which echoes the color of the strap, which interprets the unique style of travellers.

   Caliber 324S C FUS self-winding movement provides easy adjustment of the second time zone display. Just press the two buttons on the outer edge of the left case. The clock is the local time. The clock will rotate clockwise by one hour (press the 8 o’clock position pin) or counterclockwise (press Press the pin at 10 o’clock) without affecting the accuracy of the watch. The hollowed-out hour hand indicates the original residence time. Dual time zone display with day / night display window at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. If the wearer is in their place of origin, they can overlap the two hour hands. The dual time zone button is also equipped with a patented safety lock to prevent accidental misadjustment of local time.

   The new ref.7234R-001 Calatrava Time Traveler comes with a vintage brown calfskin strap and a rose gold parallel pin buckle. This pin buckle style is derived from the pilot’s belt buckle used to secure the carry-on survival kit.

   As Patek Philippe’s first self-winding flight time travelling ladies ‘watch, the 7234R is undoubtedly a very distinctive ladies’ watch in Patek Philippe this year. It combines functionality with masculine design, highlighting the unique appeal of modern women. The domestic price of the watch is RMB 324600.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Movies And Watches This Pair Of ‘cp’ Really Has Endless Stories!

On June 16, I watched a movie ‘Flowers at Sea’ at the Shanghai Grand Theater. This is an old movie directed by Hou Xiaoxian and released in 1998. It is about a high-end mansion in the English Concession of Shanghai at the end of the 19th century. The wealthy and wealthy businessmen sprinkled gold and prostitutes, drank and smoked cigarettes. After a desolate end, some want to redeem themselves, and some are so arrogant that they are forced to swallow raw opium all together … But Hou Xiaoxian found a bunch of actors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan on the screen, speaking softly about Wu Nong Shanghai Then, it’s very strange. Hou Xiaoxian’s film ‘Flowers at Sea’ Jaeger-LeCoultre is the driving force behind the dappled film of ‘Flowers at Sea’. The restored film is colorful and exudes film. Rich levels, especially the scarlet inscriptions when changing scenes, are so red. Jacques Rendez-Vous Moon Series Watches for Dating Series 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival Charity Auction Customized Model. Jaeger-LeCoultre creates a limited edition charity auction of watches every year. The money is used to repair old Chinese movies. In addition to auctioning custom-made models, Jaeger-LeCoultre is also releasing a limited edition of 8 at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival Red Dating Series Red limited edition jewelry watches The Shanghai Film Festival is entering its 22nd year this year, and it is also the 9th time for Jaeger-LeCoultre as an official partner. Over the past 9 years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has repaired 14 classic films, including ‘One River Spring Water Flowing East’, ‘Eight Miles Road Clouds and Moon’, ‘Stage Sisters’, ‘Cross Street’ and other old movies of the 1930s and 1940s, Hong Kong classic The films ‘The Nature of Heroes’ and ‘No Love’, as well as ‘Out of the Window’ the previous year, ‘Soul of Painting’ last year, and ‘Sea Flowers’ this year contributed to the rescue of old Chinese movies. Director Tian Zhuangzhuang won this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival ‘Jacques Filmmaker Honor Award’, Awarded the Jaeger-LeCoultreverso Series Watch before 6 On May 15th, Jaeger-LeCoultre held an opening reception and charity dinner at the Shanghai West Coast Art Center, and once again donated a limited number of Rendez-Vous dating series moon phase watches for public welfare auctions, continuing to invest in Chinese classic film restoration projects. The money raised at the auction will be used to repair the next classic film, ‘Blessing’, taken in 1956, in tribute to the famous actor Bai Yang’s 100th birthday. Old actor Bai Yang, does anyone know her? The opening red carpet of the film festival and the charity dinner that followed were star-studded. Jaeger-LeCoultre Brand Ambassador Jing Bairan joined Lei Jiayin, Wang Luodan, Wang Qianyuan, Wang Jingchun, Guan Xiaotong, Zheng Kai, Gao Yixiang, etc., as well as American actress Amanda Seyfried and British actor Nicholas Hoult are all wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. In addition, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Filmmaker’s Honor Award, which was born at the Venice International Film Festival, came to China for the first time last year and presented the award to the famous actor and director Chen Chong. This year’s winner is one of the representatives of the ‘Fifth Generation of Directors’ in China. Tian Zhuangzhuang. Enjoy the appearance of many artists wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre watches at the opening red carpet of the Shanghai Film Festival This star lineup is powerful enough! However, the brands associated with the Shanghai Film Festival are not only Jaeger-LeCoultre, but also Bvlgari, but in the name of ‘Jewelry Sponsor’, this is also the third collaboration this year. Bvlgari’s star effect has always been strong. On the red carpet at the opening of the film festival, brand ambassadors Shu Qi and Tang Wei, Tong Liya, Yao Chen, Lei Jiayin, Tan Zhuo, Guan Xiaotong, Zhong Chuxi, Tang Yixin, Cai Zhuoyan, Yuan Hong, Guo Caijie … Bulgari jewelry shows charm. On June 18, Bvlgari held a series of related activities. The symposium, the lighting ceremony, and the reception were really lively. Enjoy the appearance of many artists wearing Bvlgari jewellery at the opening red carpet of the Shanghai Film Festival In order to have closer cooperation with the Shanghai Film Festival and to promote the exchange of Chinese and Italian film art, Bvlgari also presented ‘Exhibition Unit’, bringing 5 outstanding Italian biographical films, including ‘Big Star’, ‘First King’, ‘Puccini’, ‘Modigliani’, ‘Mother Teresa’, of which ‘ ‘Big Star’ won the 61st Cannes Film Festival Main Competition Jury Award and Technology Award, and I really want to see it. Appreciation of 5 Italian biographical movie posters of the Bulgari ‘Character of the Wind’ exhibition Did you find that more and more watch and jewelry brands are sponsoring the film festival. For example, the three major European film festivals-Venice, Cannes, and Berlin-are sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chopard, and Glashütte Original. Chopin’s new spokesperson Zhang Ziyi Is coming to the Cannes Film Festival sponsored by Chopard on May 20 Several important film festivals in Greater China-Shanghai Film Festival, Beijing Film Festival , Hong Kong Golden Awards, Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, and also saw the figures of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Bulgari, Piaget, and IWC (but after five years of cooperation from 2013 to 2017, IWC ended its film with Beijing Cooperation). In addition, Rolex has always been a low-key since 2017.In addition to serving as an honorary sponsor of the Academy Awards, it is also a founding partner of the Oscar Film Museum. As the spokesperson for Rolex film, 4 well-known directors Catherine Bigelow, James Cameron, Alessandro Gonzales · Inaritus, Martin Scorsese won 57 Academy Awards In the end, what is the relationship between ‘timepieces’ and ‘movies’? Brands frequently collaborate with movies across borders? Brand and film cooperation can be on several levels. The first is to find spokespersons or friends of the brand, use the high visibility of the movie stars to expose brand products, and make fans who like these stars become potential consumers. The second is implantation. Through the entertainment and communication effects of commercial movies, the fans and watch fans continue to deepen the brand’s impression in the subtle way. The most successful example is the Omega Seamaster watch worn by James Bond, 007 intelligence agent. The third is to become the official sponsor of the film festival. In addition to making the brand’s trademarks frequently exposed in extensive reports, well-known movie stars wearing brand watches and jewelry on the red carpet have made the most direct and effective publicity. In addition, awarding and presenting watches to winners, or setting brand-specific awards, can further enhance the brand height. The Omega Seamaster watch has become the standard for 007 Intelligencer James Bond The above-mentioned cooperation is mainly aimed at increasing brand awareness and expanding influence, but the next cooperation is It is more of a public interest nature, that is, ‘repairing old movies.’ Over time and traditional screening of traditional motion picture film, there will be many problems such as aging, mildew, shrinkage, cracking, adhesion, pollution, decolorization, scratches, flickering and frame loss. These old movies are precious cultural heritages and valuable memories from generation to generation. If they are allowed to go into history, they will no longer have any evidence to test. Contrast before and after restoration of the old movie ‘Crow and Sparrow’ Contrast before and after restoration of the old movie ‘Soul of Painting’ Jaeger-LeCoultre’s old movie restoration project is led by the Bologna Film Restoration Laboratory in Italy, using The latest full-color repair 4K technology. First, the staff needs to repair every frame of the film and every stitching before the next scan. After the scan, digital repair is started, not only to remove scratches, dirt and dust, but also to perform spot treatment. At the same time that the picture is repaired, the sound effect must be repaired, and then the special sound technology is used to digitize the vocal cords. The last and most important step is color correction. Try to preserve the original details and respect the original appearance of the movie. Remove the large grain and rough texture on the film roll, remove the noise and high-definition audio-visual effect, make the old work look like a new life. Film is an art, but repairing old movies is a technology. Although digital technology is used, it is still a manual labor process, just like the master watchmaker in the workshop created or repaired one by one. Masterpiece. How many old classic Chinese movies have you seen? Clocks and clocks, carriers of time, a small universe running between your wrists. History of watches and clocks for 500 years, how many masters have exhausted their life’s painstaking efforts, striving for breakthroughs in improvement in structure, materials and functions, incorporating rational technology and perceptual craftsmanship, creating wonderful masterpieces. Film, the carrier of emotion, the art of sight and hearing. For 120 years in the film industry, how many filmmakers have dreamed of simulating life, letting us laugh and let us laugh, or let us burst into tears, and shoot an unforgettable classic. The time 500 years ago is the same as it is now. The emotions of 120 years ago are the same as now, with reincarnation of anger and sorrow. But clocks and films themselves are worn out and destroyed in the rolling mill of time. Fortunately, with the advancement of digital technology, stopped clocks can continue to tick forward, and dull and dim film can reproduce fantasy light and shadow. So it seems logical that the watch brand sponsors the restoration of old movies. Film and watchmaking are all about the creation of time and the preservation of style. Their fascination comes from the thickness of time and the temperature of the heart. Both require passion, technology, patience and artistic aesthetics. And whether it’s a movie or a watch, you have to take inspiration from past classics and then create works that belong to the future. At this point, the movie and the clock are also considered to be a match between the households. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.

Introduction To The Fifty Fathom Professional Diving Watch

Today, to commemorate Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain deliberately traces back the past, and launches ‘Honorary Fifty Fathoms’ (Fifty Fathoms) Radiation Limited Edition based on the shape of Fifty Fathoms in the 60s Made 500 limited edition watches. ‘I pay tribute to the fifty years old.’ The radiation-proof re-engraved edition combines the design of the classic fifty years old and Blancpain’s modern innovation technology into one, which can be called a model of nostalgic fashion.

Blancpain’s first 50 ” professional diving watch born in the 1950s

Ld ‘Honorary Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty Thousand Folds’ The Radiation Protection Reproduction Edition inherits Fifty Fifth’s most important signature feature: the oversized hour markers and hands ensure the best readability of the watch at 30 standard air pressure. The black dial and black bezel contrast with the luminous display. The rotating bezel is still a key element of the watch; the surface texture can be easily operated, and the unidirectional rotating system can avoid the problem of inadvertently long diving time. The bezel scratch-resistant sapphire with a special process has a slightly curved convex effect to enhance its impact resistance. The case is equipped with crown protection to enhance the safety of important components. ‘I pay tribute to Fifty Fathoms.’ The radiation-resistant re-engraved version uses a black canvas lining of the Fifty Fathoms. The black canvas strap is strong, sporty, and waterproof. In order to reflect the nostalgic characteristics, a radiation protection logo is pasted on the bezel, which means that the shiny hour hand mark coating does not contain radioactive substances.

Iwate Radiation Proof Dive Watch

The case is equipped with Calibre 1315, the self-winding movement independently developed by Blancpain. Due to its relentless pursuit of simplicity, precision and superior performance, Blancpain has conceived from the beginning to give an absolute movement element to the movement. This watch contains three barrels connected in series, thus achieving a five-day power reserve; even at midnight, fast date conversion in any direction of the calendar display window is possible. In order to avoid magnetic interference, Blancpain’s tribute to Fifty Fathoms’ radiation-protected 1315 movement is enclosed in a carefully protected box on all sides.

& ldquo; Honorary Fifty Fathoms & rdquo; Limited edition of radiation-resistant replica watches, limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide

Blancpain & ldquo; Salute Fifty 噚 & rdquo; The radiation-proof replica has exquisite shapes and outstanding craftsmanship, destined to make watch fans who love the nostalgic style and cutting-edge watchmaking technology.

Wear The Mechanical Legend Cartier Crash Skeleton Watch Debut

The annual watch event, the Geneva International Watch Fair, has opened. Cartier presents new models at the 25th Geneva International Fine Watch Fair. Today, Cartier’s distortion design is no longer limited to the case Instead, it extends to the entire movement, whose structure after ‘impact’ merges with the distorted case.
  Watch details real shot display:

Sword-shaped blue steel hands are so exciting

With its unique design and hollow plywood, most of this movement is exposed

Densely set diamonds, highlighting the noble quality of graphics cards

950 platinum bead crown set with a round sapphire

Gray alligator leather strap for comfortable wearing

18K white gold folding buckle for elegance

Equipped with 9618MC movement, transparent design makes the movement clear at a glance

The exquisite skeletonized movement specially made for the case of the Crash watch once again demonstrates Cartier’s unique status as an art master and creative master.

The splint is carefully carved, and the specially shaped movement is the dial.

  As a master of modeling and sculpture, Cartier strictly adheres to his watchmaking philosophy: limitations are both restrictions and guidelines, and everything is a source of inspiration. The movement as a whole was carefully designed, and once again challenged technical accomplishments and watchmaking achievements. The completely skeletonized dial is occupied by exaggerated twisted Roman numerals, and the transparent design makes the movement clear at a glance. It is these digital time stamps that support the movement.

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of 2015 SIHH brought by watch professionals. Next, we will provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Inheriting The Glory Of The Century, Paying Tribute To The Excellence Of Craftsmanship, Vacheron Constantin Clock & Watch 2009 Touring Exhibition

The world’s oldest watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin, the top Swiss watch brand with 254 years of glorious watchmaking history, this summer grandly presents ‘Inheriting the glory of the century, paying tribute to excellence in craftsmanship-Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Watches Tour 2009’ Bring unparalleled industry-leading watchmaking craftsmanship and brand history and heritage to Chinese watch lovers.

     From July 9th to July 12th, this exhibition was held in Harbin Xinyu Sambo Watch Store. The entire exhibition hall design was inspired by the concept of the space of the ancient solar system planet movement, the first pocket watch born in the center of the brand in 1755 As the center, the derivative of the Vacheron Constantin brand is two-and-a-half centuries-old wrist-art works. The exhibition site is dominated by the brand’s iconic traditional copper-gold tones, and the specially selected materials and lights embellish the real exhibition site, which highlights the spirit of Vacheron Constantin’s adherence to tradition and innovation. Through the combination of products, pictures and videos, the entire exhibition fully showed Vacheron Constantin’s precious wealth for more than 250 years to watch enthusiasts, and conveyed the positiveness of Vacheron Constantin’s advancing with the times to every visitor. Attitude, and the brand tradition of ‘go all out, keep improving’. The watch showcase at the exhibition site broke through the traditional design boundaries, ingeniously focused on semi-circles, and used product series to distinguish various types of watches. The four distinctive showcases in the center of the exhibition hall are undoubtedly the focus of this exhibition. They each represent Vacheron Constantin’s core treasures: three sets of showcases embodying the brand’s outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship, including enamel, fine carving, and jewelry inlay. Waiting for craftsmanship fine watches, and vividly demonstrate each handmade process through the miniature screen in the center of the showcase. The center independent showcase showcases the brand’s first pocket watch in a 360-degree rotation. It is a treasure that everyone who comes to visit must not miss.

     The tour has been held in Dalian, Anshan, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai in northern China in June and July this year. It is expected to be held in eight other cities in south central China next spring. This event. These time-honored masterpieces of watches and clocks will undoubtedly provide a unique visual feast and unparalleled appreciation for watch lovers with unique tastes.

Sprinter Masterpiece Masterpiece Tasting Richard Mille Rm 67-02 Automatic Winding Watch

In addition to cooperating with brands in the professional field, RICHARD MILLE Richard Mill, a Swiss independent watchmaker, also pays attention to outstanding athletes in the sports arena. Whether it is sprinting, equestrian or tennis, there are related outstanding professional timepieces corresponding to it. In 2017, when the World Track and Field Championships will be held at the London Olympic Stadium, the brand created the green RM 67-02 Sprint (dash) watch and the purple The RM 67-02 High Jump watch, both sporting versions of RM 67-01, shows their strength as new record holders in their sports field. Let’s take a look at Richard Mill’s RM67-02 Sprint self-winding watch as an example:

Renewed timepieces

Wayde van Niekerk wears Richard Mill RM 67-02 Sprint self-winding watch
   This watch confirms its uniqueness with a brand-new design, a more smooth line design, a perfect fit to the body, and the athlete’s own development inspiration to achieve a ‘symbiotic’ state with the athlete. Gives the original RM 67-01 a sporty feel, which meets the requirements of sports watches in terms of lightweight, slimness and ergonomics. On this basis, Richard Mill’s team has reshaped its lines to highlight its athletic qualities. In addition to the iconic features of the RICHARD MILLE sports watch, this product also combines 4 extensions to strengthen the case structure, making the watch’s performance and appearance more superior.

Richard Mille RM 67-02 Sprint Automatic

  The yellow and green colors used in the RM67-02 Sprint case represent Wayde’s country, South Africa. The watch ring made of TPT® carbon fiber uses the same process, but the material used is carbon fiber. The case is made of the brand’s exclusive TPT® carbon fiber and TPT® quartz composite material, which has excellent impact resistance. The slim assembly of the 7.8 mm bezel / ring / bottom cover is light, strong, and reliable, and it does not affect the ability to handle various situations that may be encountered during high-level exercise. One side of the watch is the crown of the same material, and the middle is lined with green rubber, which is comfortable and easy to debug.

  The mercerized sanded surface, slanted hands and sharp lines make the time indication clear and intuitive. Through the hollow-out process, you can see the brand’s CRMA7 movement, full of mechanical sense, showing strong power. The lines of the dial echo the movement and are machined from titanium alloy plates with a thickness of just 0.4 mm. Black DLC coating, and then painted by hand with the colors of the national flag of the athlete.

   The ultra-thin CRMA7 movement, bridge, and internal DLC-coated grade 5 titanium alloy clearly highlight the sporty quality of this watch. The gear involute can provide a pressure of 20 ° to make the gear system reach the optimal state. In addition, the variable inertia balance wheel ensures excellent power transmission to the barrel and guarantees 50 hours of long-lasting performance.

   The strap adopts an overall seamless, non-slip design, which is extremely flexible and can conform to the ergonomics and perfectly fit the curve of the wrist. This is the lightest strap of the RICHARD MILLE brand ever, reducing the weight of RM 67-02 to only 32 grams, making the entire watch lightweight, slim and extremely sporty.

Richard Mille RM67-02 Sprint Automatic

To sum up: Create endless possibilities for clocks in your own unique way of making watches. Richard Mille’s products in recent years have always been eye-catching. We continue to develop in-depth cooperation with professionals and continue to develop on the watch to create more sophisticated charm on the wrist. This Richard Mills RM67-02 Sprint self-winding watch is one of them. The outstanding watch performance, coupled with the slender, lightweight, durable and wearable watch quality, can also be said to be a valuable sport Luxury watch. The bottom of the watch is engraved with the 00x watch and Wayde van Niekerk, which once again gives the wearer a unique and distinguished identity and the significance of the watch.

Lange’s Watch Relies On The Rocks And Minerals Of Saxony

The Lange’s modern watch series and the magical combination of the rocks and minerals of the Ore Mountains link this medieval wealth and cultural birthplace to the 21st century modern Saxony precision watchmaking technology. Putting Lange’s watches on the rocks and minerals from Saxony, let us trace the wealth and culture of this German county.
Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar on Topaz known as ‘Saxony’s Diamond’

   In the depths of the Oers Mountains, Langer’s hometown, there are countless treasures waiting to be discovered. Geologists are exploring what may be one of the largest tin mines in the world! As early as the Middle Ages, Germany discovered a large number of silver mines for the first time, thus triggering the so-called ‘silver mining fever’. This treasure from the earth has brought about unprecedented cultural and scientific developments, and has also given the great wealth of the Saxony electorate. Many important breakthroughs, such as Meissen’s European ceramics and the Dresden Palace’s Green Dome Treasure Hall, have first-class craftsmanship, which can be traced back to this period. Even the 18th century precision watchmaking technology of Saxony can be traced back to this.

   Among Saxony’s renowned watchmakers, Ferdinando Adolf Lange, who brought watchmaking to the Elz Mountains in 1845, was a forward-looking leader. At that time, the silver mines in the eastern part of the Oers Mountains had already been completely exhausted, and people lived in distress and were full. Relying on Lange’s outstanding insights, introducing new business to the local area and making it flourish again.

   The rock comes from the geological collection of the mining university Freiberg University of Technology, and the collection of the Terra Mineralia Museum in the Freudenstein Castle Museum. The collection of more than 3,500 minerals, precious rocks and meteorite has been among the largest and most beautiful in the world since 2008 Among the mineral collections. Over the centuries, countless works of art in the Saxony Palace have been crafted by craftsmen and above, using the rocks and minerals of the Elz Mountains.

Lange on the Rock-Part 1: New 2012
Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, on serpentine

   Launched in January 2012, the Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar combines the classic complications of a tourbillon and perpetual calendar with the unique style of Lange 1.

   The serpentine texture from the Zöblitz in the Oers Mountains is serpentine, with a mix of red, green and even black. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, craftsmen used the garnet serpentine with black grain to produce a large number of artworks for the Saxony electors.
Lange 1 Time Zone on agate

   The Lange 1 Time Zone not only displays the home time and the second time zone time, but also has a rotating circle engraved with the name of the city. It is the best companion for people who often come and go and citizens of the world.

   Agate has been considered a semi-precious stone since ancient times. At the beginning of the 18th century, it was discovered that the underground a few kilometers away from the Lange watch factory was a rich agate deposit. Because the stone was crushed during the movement of the earth’s crust, it is called ruin agate.
Datograph Up / Down on Topaz

   The Datograph Up / Down is equipped with a platinum case with a diameter enlarged to 41 mm. The power reserve is extended for 60 hours, and the Up / Down power reserve is displayed at 6 o’clock.

   The topaz in the Oers Mountains is polished after the polishing and has the reputation of ‘Saxony diamond’. In the 1960s, Altenburg, near Glashütte, discovered the world’s largest topaz at the time. However, because there are too many cracks in the jade, it is not suitable for making jewelry.

Color Changing Mandala Flower: Tissot Lady Heart Watch

The design inspiration of the Tissot LadyHeart happy series watch has always been ‘woman’. Hereby, the symbolic-cosmic mandala flower shape is placed at 12 o’clock on the dial. The hollow window design allows people to see the rhythmic operation of the watch’s core escapement balance wheel, like a confident woman, who will never miss its existence at first glance. In 2018, the Tissot watch launched a new design of the Happy Series on the eve of Christmas. The hollow mandala flowers were gently painted with rainbow colors. Seven unique color palettes changed with the 24-hour cycle of the day. The attitude symbolized by each color is defined by the ‘women’ who wear this watch, because every woman is the best interpreter of the LadyHeart Happy Series watch.

 Tissot watch global ambassador Liu Yifei is also deeply fascinated by this series, specially taking a watch image in June this year. Contrast between appearance and personality Fairy sister Liu Yifei once said: ‘My personality is very polar. I can spend a whole day without saying a word when I am quiet, and I am crazy when I want to play.

LadyHeart Happy Series stainless steel case, diameter 35 mm, mother-of-pearl dial, hours, minutes, seconds, Powermatic 80-hour automatic movement, 80-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters.
 And my personality is actually more explosive and shocking than ordinary girls, although it looks like my appearance is very gentle. Liu Yifei, who has a different look, explained that the LadyHeart happy series is even closer. Each eye change during the shooting process has a totally different attitude like a rainbow color palette, which is full of female self-confidence and charm.

LadyHeart Happy Series watch in rose gold PVD stainless steel case, 35 mm diameter, mother-of-pearl dial, hours, minutes, seconds, Powermatic 80-hour automatic movement, 80-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters.
 The LadyHeart Happy Series watch with a blooming stance can be seen on the surface with a unique pattern of mother-of-pearl, showing the soft face of women, while the Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9 timepiece design exudes another independent and independent atmosphere. Equipped with Powermatic80 automatic winding movement, its power reserve can reach 80 hours.
 The entire series is launched in 3 styles, including rose gold PVD and stainless steel, with a pure white leather strap or chain strap. The floral totem embossed design on the leather strap echoes the daily changing color of the rainbow thara flower, from the inside to the inside. All of them exude femininity. In Christmas, full of warm atmosphere, Tissot presented the LadyHeart Happy Series to women who ‘represent the world’. This is a sweet moment for us.

Chronograph Art 2014 Glashütte Platinum Manual Dial New Appreciation

German form Lasutti took another important step on the chronograph this year. At the Basel Watch Fair on March 28, Glashütte released two brand new senator chronographs, one of which is made of platinum and has a handmade silver dial. Let’s enjoy this new platinum chronograph together, the model number is: REF. 1-37-01-02-03-30.

         Glashütte Senator Chronograph Panorama Date Platinum Watch

  Glashütte Original with this Senator Chronograph Panorama Date
The platinum watch showcases fascinating top-notch craftsmanship, and its chronograph movement is entirely designed and hand-made by Glashütte’s original watchmaker. Equipped with a new 37-01 column-wheel chronograph movement. It also has a platinum case and a handmade silver dial.


 The new Senator Chronograph Panorama Date watch in platinum features black laser engraving, orbital minute ring and ornate silver dial with Roman numerals. Before the gold dial is polished for silver plating, it is engraved with black. This process is called ‘friction silver plating’ and requires manual application of silver powder to create a beautiful, durable and unique dial.

 This luxurious silver dial watch has a polished matte platinum case with a crown set with sapphire.

 The new 37-01 movement is the first movement originally conceived and manufactured by Glashütte for a chronograph. The 37-01 Model 4 Hertz column wheel automatic movement is designed to be as compact and compact as possible. The 31.6 mm diameter and simple basic design improve the stability of this movement and enhance its interference resistance, making the watch’s performance even better over time.

 Glashütte’s original new chronograph perfectly showcases the world-renowned features and finishes of this Saxon watchmaker. The double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial, while the sapphire crystal back on the back of the case allows people to view the automatic movement at close range. Extraordinary features are also visible at a glance: the automatic top and timer splint mounted on Glashütte’s original three-quarter splint, the brand’s signature threads on the automatic splint, blue steel screws, 21K gold skeleton rotor. At the same time, there is a new vibration system adjusted by four gold screws. The beautiful panorama is presented to the connoisseurs through the sapphire crystal on the back of the case.

 The above content is related to the 2014 Basel Watch Fair Glasutti carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports. Please pay attention. (Photo / text watch home queen)
The 2014 Basel Watch Fair special webpage: http: //basel.xbiao.com

Genius Surfer Kai Lenny Visits Tag Heuer Paris Flagship Store

On April 21, 2015, Kai Lenny passed through Paris to visit the Tag Heuer flagship store at 104 Champs Elysees, which was warmly welcomed by all the staff in the store. Kai Lenny picked a 300M chronograph with rubber strap in the store, and asked with interest to explore the technical characteristics of different watch series.
   Who is Kai Lenny? Kai Lenny is from the United States and is a talented surfer. Although he is only 22 years old, he has withstood the test of huge waves. He is now the six world standing paddle surfing champion. At the same time, he is the only one who has completed towing surfing, standing paddle surfing, windsurfing and kite in one day. Surfing athlete.
   Prior to this, stand-up paddle surfing was synonymous with beginners who wanted to become famous, not professional choices for real surfers; at the same time, no young athlete can win the world championship at the age of 20: it takes at least ten to conquer the giant wave Repetitive training over the years. Kai Lenny was born shortly afterwards, only 22 years old, but has won six world standing paddle surfing championships. He soared freely above the gigantic waves, showing the world the talents and talents that did not belong to this planet.
   Born in Maui in 1992, Kai Lenny grew up with the waves at Jaws and Hookipa Beach. His name means the sea in Hawaiian, and he was born for the sea. You can stand on the surfboard when you are 4 years old, you can learn windsurfing when you are 6 years old, and you will learn to stand up paddle surfing and kite surfing when you are 7 years old and 9 years old. He learns from Hawaii’s best surfers, listens to the awe of the ocean and draws energy from it.
   What makes him so special? Not bold and fearless, but the inner desire to voluntarily face and solve any challenge. As in the race between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, Kai Lenny stood on the $ 1,500 surfboard to challenge the America’s Cup winner, the $ 15 million Oracle USA sailing boat, and he also Almost won.
   Coming into surfing, Kai Lenny won six standing paddle surfing championships and successfully won widespread recognition worldwide. ‘My philosophy is to treat every day as the end of life, to devote myself to the best, never give up.’ Kai Lenny is a pioneer, just like Tag Heuer. He is not afraid of challenges, not restrained by stereotypes and customs, and navigates the waves bravely in his own way.