Blancpain Monaco Sailing Limited Watch

BLANCPAIN has cooperated with Monaco’s most historic sailing show for many years, betting on its superb watchmaking skills for the marine world, and the grand launch of the limited edition commemorative model of the Monaco Sailing Show is still engraved on the back The centuries-old Port Hercules lighthouse pattern that has been dismantled along with the terminal expansion plan witnesses the immortal commemoration of marine culture. The limited edition watches launched by BLANCPAIN in cooperation with the 2005 Monaco Sailing Show. Each one is decorated with a Monaco national emblem on its ebony-toned dial, which echoes the black velvet glossy dial that BLANCPAIN excels at, combining modern elegance. And sports and leisure style, not only has the unique style of BLANCPAIN Leman’s pioneering series, but also fully expressed the profound connection between BLANCPAIN and marine timepieces.
Performance: stainless steel material / automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / table diameter 38mm / power reserve 100 hours / sapphire crystal / waterproof 100 meters / rubber strap / limited to 150 / /

Xiuwai Huizhong, Probably Said These Beautiful Women

Talking about the four great beauties in ancient China, people only know that they have the reputation of ‘sinking fish and geese, closing the moon and shame’. As everyone knows, behind the ‘sinking fish, falling geese, closing the moon, and shameful flowers’, the four big beauties are not only outstanding in appearance, they also have some little-known stories.

The four great beauties of ancient China painted by the famous book painter Zhao Yunyu

 Since ancient times, the posterity of the portraits of the four beauties has been endless. People want to portray these four beauties, but they are always a little less elegant. The scenery of Xi Shi Huan Sha, Zhao Jun embraced the Aegean when he was out of the house, and said goodbye to the departure of his native land … The artistic conception that is difficult to present in the painting is even harder to be reflected in the watch. This has become a question that many watchmaking brands have racked their brains on. How to present classic art on watches?

Blancpain Masters Studio “Four Beauties” Couture Watches

 In 2018, Blancpain launched the “Four Beauties” haute couture watch series, which combines the beautiful Shih Hsia yarn, the red robe, the magnificent Zhao Jun, the Yang Yuhuan who drinks wine, and the Diao Chan, which only exists in the novel It is reproduced vividly in Blancpain’s dial. In order to commemorate this work of special significance, Blancpain chose to make its world premiere in China, the hometown of the ‘Big Four Beauties’.

Blancpain since 1735

 In 1735, Jehan-Jacques
Mr. Blancpain founded the Blancpain brand, a pioneering watchmaking brand with a history of more than 283 years. He has always insisted on inheriting excellent and ancient watchmaking craftsmanship, and tried to slow down in the industrialized and fast-developing modern economy. Back to the original intention of watchmaking, grinding every detail and constantly breaking through the existing. At the time when mechanical watches were experiencing a dramatic change in the quartz crisis, Blancpain did the opposite: spare no effort to revitalize mechanical watchmaking, re-assert traditional complex functions, make the world know the history of handicraft guilds again, and reflect the highest achievements in watchmaking The core value of important watch models.

 Returning to the watch itself, hoping to let more people see the charm of mechanical watches is the pursuit of Blancpain watchmaking. Fifty cents, the classic series, and ‘Moon Phase Beauty’, every innovation of Blancpain has brought us a surprise. This time, Blancpain brought us the ‘Big Four’.

Blancpain Masters Studio “Four Beauties” Haute Couture Watches (from left to right)
Blancpain drunken concubine of the ‘Big Four’ watch series
Blancpain Masters Studio ‘Four Beauties’ Haute Couture Watches Released
Xi Shi Huan Shao of the ‘Big Four’ Couture Watches of Blancpain Master Studios
Diao Chan Mochizuki of the ‘Four Beauties’ haute couture watch from Blancpain Master Studios

 In fact, Blancpain from Switzerland has a deep relationship with China. It has always been passionate about the study of Chinese classics, and has been inspired by Chinese culture many times. From beautiful beams to wind-butterfly butterflies and other fine-painted enamel watches. , The perfect combination of superb top-level watchmaking technology and oriental aesthetics. This time, Blancpain’s ‘Big Four Beauties’ still showed Blancpain’s rigorous and even demanding requirements.

 The first is the drawing of the image of the ‘four beautiful women’. The four beautiful women have different styles and have been passed down for a long time. If there is a slight deviation, the four beautiful women will not be as charming and charming as they are today. The ‘beautiful concubine drunk’, ‘Diao Chan watching the moon’, ‘Zhao Jun out of the wall’ and ‘Xi Shi Huan Sha’ are portrayed on four unique orphan watches. The square-inch dial and the beautiful picture are stories. It is love.

Master watchmaker in the Blancpain Masters of Art studio

The second is the craftsmanship. In the watchmaking workshop of Blancpain in Switzerland, every watchmaker has passed strict certification and test. A watchmaker who is capable of making beauty must be a Swiss national treasure master. He incorporates the ancient handicrafts that are about to be lost and rarely seen in the watchmaking industry into watch works, including Blancpain’s unique ones including Blancpain’s unique Damascus gold setting, red copper, binchotan, and representing the industry’s top standards Extraordinary crafts such as gold carvings, enamels, and moving dolls.

Blancpain Masters Studio ‘Four Beauties’ Haute Couture Watches Released

 Look at this Zhao Jun in a red robe, holding the Aegean to say goodbye to his native land. The picture is close to the vivid grassland yellow flowers. (His history, Zhao Jun came from the Xiongnu, who lived in the temperate forests of Siberia in Eurasia. The border of the steppe), and this kind of steppe yellow flower grows in Xiaose’s steppe. Elegant flowers, soldiers and war horses quietly waiting in the distance, are all carved by gold, the boulevard inlaid with mother-of-pearl, and the soft and beautiful micro-painted enamel complement each other. The scenery outside the continent is infinite, the beauty is beautiful and the mood is far away. Even such details are strictly based on history and can be so sophisticated, I can only secretly sigh on watchmaking, Blancpain is serious.

Blancpain drunken concubine of the ‘Big Four’ watch series

 Look at Yang Yuhuan, who is drinking on flowers, and she is beautiful when she is drunk. While drinking, it seemed to be waiting for someone. Maybe she is waiting for the arrival of her lover, Emperor Ming, or she is thinking whether the pet at this time can become forever. The birds next to them are vivid and lovely, and under the beautiful flowers, the affectionate manner of the concubine drunk is also just right.

Blancpain Masters Studio ‘Four Beauties’ Advanced Custom Watches

 There are many watchmaking brands trying to interpret the image of ancient Chinese allusions in their way, but they are ‘almost so meaning’. The reason may be that these characters left in the history of the literature leave us Chinese with endless Imagination, but others can not understand and understand the mystery of it. Just like the ‘Big Four’, behind each image is her personality traits. If you only know the fur, it is difficult to complete one. Brands have no choice but to work hard.

Blancpain Classic 6106-2987-55A

 I have read this passage: ‘Instead of using‘good-looking’to describe appearance, I think it’s more appropriate than‘fine’.” This sentence is most appropriate for Blancpain. In history, Blancpain has also launched many watch series specially designed for women, and in addition to the originality in appearance, the brand will also design and develop special movements for these women’s watches, truly making women ‘fine ‘The idea runs through.

Blancpain self-winding movement 913QL

 The Blancpain self-winding movement 913QL in the picture above uses a red gold rudder and anti-magnetic silicon spring, and the movement is finely polished, and finally installed in the Blancpain classic series 6106-2987 -55A watch. This ladies watch with a diameter of only 29 mm and a movement diameter of only 23 mm has a power reserve of 40 hours. But Blancpain is obviously not satisfied.

Blancpain Women’s Watch Series 3653-2954-58B and Back Movement

 The introduction of the Blancpain women’s watch series 3653-2954-58B is Blancpain’s perfect interpretation of the ‘not only outstanding’ ladies’ watch. ‘She’ has all the elements that women cannot refuse: diamonds, mother-of-pearl, precious metals The 12-point moon phase disk will remove the overall design from boring and tedious. The most amazing thing is that it is equipped with an automatic winding movement 2650RL, a beautiful rose gold-shaped oscillating weight blooming in it, this movement’s power reserve function has reached 65 hours.

 The beauty pursues beauty, and the requirements for beauty are equally strict. Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and other famous beauties have worn Blancpain watches in history, and our well-known actors, Junjun Mei and Miao Miao, have also worn Blancpain women’s clothing series 3553-2954-58B. The watch, interpreting the different charm of different beauty wearing 3653.

Famous actor Junjun Mei wears Blancpain women’s watch series 3653-2954-58B

Actor Miao Miao wears Blancpain women’s watch series 3653-2954-58B

Summary: It is not difficult to do one thing well, but it is not easy to persist for 283 years. Blancpain is dedicated to traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, and has moved the four beauties from the dusty history to the dial. Later generations have no choice but to express their feelings. This is art and Blancpain’s sincere dedication to China on art. ceremony. This set of four “Beauty” haute couture watches is the only one in the world. I do n’t know who is lucky enough to take them home. Blancpain will be in Chengdu Ocean Pacific Guangdong from November 21st to 28th. The Blancpain Women’s Watches Exhibition will be held in the hall. Many Blancpain women’s watches will be displayed at that time. Interested friends can come to the scene to see the true beauty of Blancpain .

Extreme Charm Bulgari Launches New Serpenti Watch

Interpretation of classics is the strength of Bulgari watchmaking. The women’s favorite Bvlgari Serpenti watch has always been based in the fine watchmaking industry with its iconic design and extreme charm. This year, the Bulgari Serpenti series has added another general-ceramic winding spiral watch.

 The core of the design of the Serpenti series lies in the precious snake head. This classic shape has resulted in a variety of interpretations. This is exactly the variety and variety of the series.

 Case real shot, rose gold bezel set with diamonds

Two-hand dial, hands and hour markers in 18K rose gold

 Single spiral watch with brown ceramic case, 18K rose gold bezel and dark brown lacquered dial, brown ceramic bracelet with 18K rose gold decoration.

 The modern style is ingeniously blended with the ancient tradition. The design of the straw pattern is full of modernity, embodying the Romanesque symbolic meaning, and conceivable of endless symbols: the modern and timeless symbol evolved into a bracelet. As if a fascinating snake entangled on the wrist, the bold and fashionable materials are amazing.

 But there is no need to worry about whether such a design will reduce the skin-friendly feeling and the wearing experience. This material has been tested numerous times and will not feel restrained when worn on the wrist.

‘Snaketail’ detail design of the bracelet

Watch real shot

 Bvlgari’s design craftsmen must know women’s hearts, they know what kind of design is the most unique, the most classic and the most timeless. The serpentine totem represents the Bulgari brand in a certain sense in many people’s hearts, and no one interprets it better than them. Wearing a mysterious ‘snake’ on your wrist and confidently showing your personality and style is the original intention and significance of this watch.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so please pay attention.

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Yuefeng Ride Jacques Dro Sport Chronograph Sw Chrono

Exercise brings a healthy body and charming figure. As summer approaches, men who love sports are willing to sweat to build strong and sexy muscles. The body-building shape has attracted countless envious eyes. At this time, the timepiece on the wrist that reflects the dazzling light through the sweat drops makes the man even more masculine.

 The combination with fashion gives the sport a deeper meaning and makes competitive sports faintly embody the gentleman-like temperament. Jaquet Droz draws inspiration from the brand’s iconic Grande Seconde SW, and has conceived and designed a superb sports chronograph (SW Chrono) for enthusiasts seeking precise timekeeping. It also underscores the value of Jacques Dro more than two centuries: pioneering and innovative and challenging consciousness. It is full of fashion and sports temperament. The value that allows to flow to the wrist is not only to witness speed and passion, but also to accurately record the most precious time.

 The sports chronograph SW Chrono uses stainless steel as the main material, which is very masculine and full of rich three-dimensional sense. The well-polished design, grooved bezel and hollow lugs underline the spirit of courage to face challenges and pursue perfection. The watch is designed with a 45mm diameter and a thick and powerful wheel-shaped bezel. The details are particularly worthy of careful review: the chronograph buttons on both sides of the crown, the small seconds at 3 and 9 o’clock, and the 12 o’clock. The large calendar panes are perfectly integrated into the overall sports temperament, showing the beauty of mechanical complexity. The dial, crown and buttons are coated with rubber, showing the close integration of watchmaking tradition with the most cutting-edge modern aesthetic standards. The hour-markers and hands are decorated with orange Super-LumiNova luminous coating, like a firefly at night, with Gives hope the warmth and firmness.
The watch combines amazing technology with a bold aesthetic design. Perfect legibility, precision movement and timing device make it one of the most iconic models of the brand’s sports watches. Ingenious design blends grandness, precision, passion and sports. Jacques Dro Sport Chrono SW Chrono will become the best partner to accompany you to ride the wind and show Lingyun’s aspirations, and this will also be an inspiration The source of inspiration for the Jacques D’Oro brand continues to surpass itself in the field of watchmaking.

Sports Chronograph SW Chrono J029530409
Rubberized black dial
Stainless steel case
Ruthenium-plated self-winding column wheel chronograph movement
40-hour power reserve
Hour counter at 9 o’clock
Minute counter at 3 o’clock
Large calendar window at 12 o’clock
45 mm diameter
Suggested retail price: 144,000 RMB

Manufacture Royale And Wiesmann Become Partners

An unexpected meeting and brief discussion between two mavericks-Friedhelm Wiesmann, one of the co-founders of the car manufacturing company, and Arnaud Faivre, the founder of Emperor Manufacture Royale-realized their specialties And a close connection with anti-traditional methods.

Arnaud Faivre and Friedhelm Wiesmann at the 2013 Geneva International Auto Show

Arnaud Faivre said: ‘This is not only creating a unique watch, but also sharing the same tendency to first-class features through long-term cooperation; for us, this is a very exciting project for watch and car enthusiasts. It’s also good news! ‘
Engineers and experts at Wiesmann’s headquarters and watchmakers at Manufacture Royale ensure the highest daily manufacturing quality through the integrated implementation of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.
And Friedhelm Wiesmann said: ‘The love of machinery, unconventional design and true luxury make Wiesmann cars and Manufacture Royale clocks unique.
This limited edition watch is dedicated to Wiesmann customers and friends. The first prototype watch will be presented to Wiesmann fans at the Geneva International Motor Show and will be displayed at the 2013 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show Officially launched.
Source: ManufactureRoyale

Breitling Launches Ref.806 1959 Replica Watch

Breitling has just announced the launch of the first generation of replica watches in the aviation chronograph series. Aviation chronograph series chronographs are professional pilot chronographs, equipped with flying sliders, which can be regarded as the emblem of Breitling. The new aviation chronograph Ref.8061959 replica watch (model: AB0910371B1X1) faithfully reproduces the appearance and style of the original 1959 model, and is limited to release.

   The new watch has a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40.9 mm and a thickness of 13.43 mm. It is equipped with the same thin bezel and faceted lugs as the original model. In addition, 94 ‘beads’ are also pendant on the edge of the bezel. The overall aesthetic characteristics remain the same, while providing a practical water resistance of 30 meters.

Replica watch (left) and original watch (right)

1959 Original Aviation Chronograph Ref.806

   The dial is black and shiny, decorated with ivory Super-Luminova hands and Arabic numerals. The flying wing emblem below the 12 o’clock position is actually the logo of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), but the internal ‘AOPA’ word is discarded.

   Above the dial is a curved plexiglass mirror, the same as the original model. It is worth mentioning that modern models generally use sapphire crystal mirrors.

   The replica watch has a major upgrade: the built-in Breitling CaliberB09 manual winding movement. This is a modern chronograph movement, which is an improvement from Breitling’s self-made Caliber01 automatic winding movement. It is equipped with a column wheel and a vertical clutch device. It can provide 70 hours of power reserve and is certified by the COSC Observatory. In contrast, the original 1959 Ref.806 chronograph with Venus 178 movement. In the future, CaliberB09 movement ‘will provide power for more historical manual winding watches.’

   It is reported that the Breitling Aviation Chronograph Ref.8061959 replica watch is limited to 1,959 pieces and will be available for sale in June 2019. The pre-tax price is USD 8,600, equivalent to approximately RMB 58,000. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Omega Speedmaster Series 60th Anniversary 2017 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show Speedmaster Series New Product Preview

Omega Speedmaster Series Racing Chronometer Observatory
The glory return of an iconic ‘racing’ dial

In keeping with Omega’s extraordinary tradition, each new Speedmaster watch carries the inner essence and superior design of earlier models. The newly launched Omega Speedmaster series racing chronograph chronometer watch, its dial design perfectly illustrates this design spirit.

The new timepiece features a stainless steel case with a distinctive minute lap. The design first appeared on the Omega Speedmaster in 1968. Today, this classic design returns with glory, following the tradition of this series of ‘racing sports’, exuding a new charm on the matte black dial. The hour markers in 18K white gold are presented in an ‘arrow-shaped’ design, covered with a Super-LumiNova luminous coating, and one end is decorated with an orange mark, giving this new model an infinite new idea.

The newly upgraded watch is equipped with a wider, smaller dial that makes it easier and more intuitive to read the chronograph time. The diameter of the case is 44.25 mm, and the sapphire crystal is crafted with fine craftsmanship, making the entire watch thinner and lighter than previous models, highlighting Omega’s outstanding watchmaking technology.

The polished ceramic bezel with matte Liquidmetal® tachymeter scale, the striking orange text on the dial complements the orange lacquer on the tip of the hour, minute and second hands, highlighting Omega’s unique design.

The strap design of this watch is also unique. The black leather strap is ingeniously filled with orange rubber. The milling tool is used to make the strap show neat and equidistant micro holes, and a touch of orange is looming, which not only creates a perfect sports style, but also brings a more comfortable and breathable wearing experience.

This brand new Omega timepiece has been glorified and upgraded to a chronometer, representing the extraordinary quality of a new generation of Speedmaster watches. The watch is equipped with a 9900 chronometer chronometer movement. The entire watch and the movement have passed the high certification standards of the watchmaking industry, which is strictly approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Level of excellence.

Omega Speedmaster 38mm
When simple look 邂逅 classic design

As one of the most recognizable chronograph watches, the Omega Speedmaster series has long been known worldwide. This year, OMEGA will launch the new Speedmaster 38mm watch, continuing the legend of the brand’s chronograph. The new timepiece retains the inherent essence and iconic appearance of this series, and incorporates many simple and novel aesthetic design elements based on the timeless and charming design.

The new Speedmaster 38mm watch series offers a wide range of models to meet the different needs of men and women. Among them, this nicknamed ‘Cappuccino’ is particularly eye-catching because of its new color scheme. The watch case is made of stainless steel and 18K Sedna® gold, with a beige leather strap for a sophisticated modern look.

The diamond-set bezel dazzles the watch, and the tachymeter scale is displayed on the brown aluminum bezel on the inside. The ingenious dual bezel design perfectly combines the sparkling luster of diamonds with the sporty spirit of the Speedmaster prototype.

The new model is equipped with a two-tone dial, and the oval brown small dial design is even more unique. Upon closer inspection, the subdial design is similar to the Omega brand identity. The dial has an oval calendar window at 6 o’clock, and the bar-shaped hands and hour markers are made of 18K Sedna® gold to add texture to the dial.

The back of the watch is embossed with the brand’s iconic Speedmaster series of hippocampal emblems, and inside it is equipped with an Omega 3330 coaxial movement and a silicon balance spring. The new Speedmaster 38mm watch is exceptionally accurate and reliable, and Omega provides up to 4 years of after-sales service.

Over time, 60 years have passed since the introduction of the first Omega Speedmaster, and chronographs are still a great source of inspiration for watch design. The new Omega Speedmaster 38mm watch inherits the core concepts of the Speedmaster series, while also bringing many innovations in simple design, watch size and color matching.

Faculty And Time Minutes Aesthetic Meaning Of Watch

Among all the complicated functions of mechanical watches, the Minute Repeater function has always been regarded as the most advanced and complicated function. Moreover, the minute repeater has become more complicated than the watchmaking itself, because people’s expectations for the minute repeater include a lot of aesthetic significance.

The accomplishments of the Athenian watch in the field of the minute repeater are obvious to all
The birth of the minute repeater
‘When a educated person makes time for his questionnaire, this is actually representing the history of the world.’ About 200 years ago, as a physicist and writer, Li Hittenberg, a brother in Lower Saxony, Germany When the university town of Tingen came up with this maxim, Abraham Louis Breguet was working tirelessly to improve the questionnaire in Paris.
怎样 What kind of time information can be sent out, and whether the sound of the time report is pleasant, it is related to the brand image. The questionnaire has evolved from a two-question, ‘half-minute question’ mechanism (that is, a 7.5-minute questionnaire mechanism) to a five-minute ‘five-minute question’ that is accurate until it can be reported at the time and moment, Ask the minute after the minute. Mindful Question was invented by British Thomas Moggi in 1750, five years before the establishment of the Vacheron Constantin brand.
The three questions invented by Momoji have achieved very high accuracy of the questionnaire. Since then, the development of questionnaires has mainly focused on institutional improvements and miniaturization.

The world’s first minute repeater was made by Audemars Piguet
代价 The price of ingenuity
The previous form of the questionnaire was to install a small bell in the watch. However, Mr. Baodi made the questionnaire mechanism much smaller than before by bending the steel spring into a sound spring and winding it around the movement. This is the basic structure of the three-minute meter now seen.
In 1892, Audemars Piguet created the first minute repeater watch, which was made for Omega’s founder Louis-Brandt. The mass production of the minute repeater was in 1910, but its popularity prevented it from being expensive. At that time, although electric lights were already available, the function of timekeeping was not necessary for daily life, which is probably one of the reasons why the minute repeater could not be popularized. If the finished product is made in advance, it may take a long time to sell, and the case often needs to be changed. Therefore, the minute repeater is limited to customization, and only a few manufacturers can produce it, including Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Haas Neveux and C.H. Meylan.

The sound of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s minute repeater is very crisp
Treasure reasons
Time-consuming and time-consuming questionnaires are generally produced by masters, such as James Obel, Louis Piguet, Vitolan Piguet, or the Swiss founder Anthony Lacotte of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The two-question or five-point question, which is much simpler than the three-question table structure, has achieved mass production due to the development of technology. In fact, as early as the 1930s, the minute watch became popular due to a two-question form, but in fact, watch collectors watched the pinnacle of the minute, just referring to the three minute watch.
以来 Since 1986, the renewed pursuit of mechanical structure and complex functions after the ‘Quartz Storm’ inspired Frederic Piguet and Blancpain to develop a new ultra-thin question mechanism. Subsequently, manufacturers such as Audemars Piguet, Limania, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin also began to produce this elegant but extremely complex three questions. Although the function of the minute repeater has been pushed to the peak by the British and French during the pocket watch period, only the aforementioned Swiss manufacturers sublimated the minute repeater mechanism onto the watch movement.
Although computer-assisted and other processing methods have been introduced to manufacture machinery and its parts, the three questions are still an exception. The three-question mechanism requires more than 300 parts to be manufactured and assembled, and the effect must meet the expectations of modern watch enthusiasts. Each part must be polished and assembled by hand with great patience. In order to obtain a beautiful and sounding timepiece sound, repeated modulation and trial production by watchmakers and even musicians can be completed.

The ‘fighter’ Of The Watch Industry Is Recommended About 60,000 Yuan Aviation Models

As the saying goes, ‘A clever woman is hard to cook without rice.’ No matter how highly skilled a pilot is, he also needs precise equipment to assist him in completing difficult flight missions. Among them, the flying watch is an indispensable equipment. It must be able to withstand special changes such as strong vibrations, huge positive and negative accelerations, and dramatic fluctuations in pressure and temperature. Each design must be based on specific technology. The execution of the indicator can be called the ‘fighter’ in the watch industry. Today, the watch house recommends three different brands of aviation series watches for everyone.

IWC pilot series IW377706

Product model: IW377706
Domestic public price: 47000
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch details: 693
Details of the model: ’20 aircraft’ watch, after 1938, the various complex special indicators required for flight watches were named ‘Type 20’. To this day, only a few manufacturers have obtained this certification. 03.2430.693 /21.C723 watch with a diameter of up to 48 mm. The case is engraved with the ‘HB’ aviation registration code and serial number. The round black matte dial is lined with super luminous materials. The light is designed with a classic onion head. It is convenient for pilots to wear gloves to check the time. The back of the watch is engraved with the Zenith flight instrument logo. It uses the Elite 693 type movement with a power reserve of 50 hours. This watch is designed to pay tribute to the Red Baron, limited to 500 pieces.

Summary: The above three watches integrate precision, functionality and reliability, fully highlighting the superior performance of pilot watches. Unlike ordinary watches, professional flight watches require more precise operating values, and more Clear hour, minute, and second readings. We may not use these complicated designs in our daily life, but they look beautiful and functional, and you can also watch them as collectibles. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it!

Cartier Délices Watch Introduction

A little twist and complete the Huamei transformation. Cartier’s new D & eacute; lices watch series is like mouthwatering packaging with exquisite aroma and attractive candy. Elegant and elegant oblique oval dial with white or rose gold, light gray or rice flour silk strap, showing a completely different moving style. The charming curve combines glamour and sweetness, and the brilliant diamonds are more like icing and frosting for this beautiful dessert. The unbelievable beauty of harmony blooms among the delicate time-marked numbers cleverly arranged on the irregular dial. D & eacute; lices watch is such a unique eye-catching time elf, exquisite and elegant, but full of changing mystery.
Women’s agile and pleasant temperament is in this subtle change. If the time is flowing, the minutes and seconds are different, and the exquisiteness jumps out. The combination of white K gold and unique light gray silk can best embody the aristocratic temperament. If rose K gold and rice flour silk come together, the exquisite and beautiful feminine charm is revealed. The D & eacute; lices watch series in rose gold around the body is the perfect embodiment of low-key luxury, while the oversized models highlight the extraordinary wisdom and ability of women.

Cartier D & eacute; lices watch, small model, rhodium-plated white gold diamonds; and D & eacute; lices watch, small model, rose gold setting