Omega And Brand Ambassador Liu Shishi Released A New Constellation Series ‘blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Ladies Watch In Beijing

On November 29, 2017, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand OMEGA held a tribute to the Constellation Women’s Watch at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Welcome Liu Shishi to join the Omega Celebrity Ambassadors Congress Family, and unveiled the new Omega Constellation series ‘Blue Starry Sky’ limited edition ladies watch.

   The dark blue night sky is dotted with stars. This is the ‘blue starry sky’ belonging to Omega. The Omega Constellation series has been born for 65 years, and now, the constellation family has added new members.

   There were 36 different constellation watches on display at the dinner, including the latest ‘Blue Starry Sky’ limited edition ladies watch and the chronometer small seconds watch. The sophisticated and timeless design of the Constellation series watch attracted guests to stop and share the charming charm of the watch.

   At the beginning of the dinner, Raynald Aeschlimann, the global president and CEO of Omega, extended a warm welcome to the guests. Subsequently, Omega ambassador Liu Shishi made a beautiful appearance in the attention of the guests and became a bright starlight at the dinner scene.

An Shiwen and Liu Shishi took a group photo at the Omega Tribute Constellation Ladies Watch Dinner

   An Shiwen warmly welcomes Liu Shishi to join the Omega celebrity ambassador family and praises Liu Shishi’s beautiful and gentle temperament and sincere personality, which are in line with Omega’s brand image and values.

   Relying on the role of Liu Shishi, who played the role of Ruo Xi in the TV series ‘Scared Heart’, she constantly broke through herself in her acting career, and won many industry awards and public recognition for her outstanding film and television works.

   Speaking of feelings of becoming an Omega Celebrity Ambassador, Liu Shishi said: ‘I am very honored to be a celebrity ambassador for this world-renowned professional watchmaking brand. Omega has a 169-year-old long-standing historical heritage and runs through innovative watchmaking processes. Unremitting focus and enthusiasm. From space exploration to ocean love, from the world-famous Agent 007 to the official timing of the Olympic Games, I am fascinated by the story of Omega. Guided by the pioneering spirit, Omega always adheres to the brand’s watchmaking excellence. Persevering in pursuit and leading the movement innovation. Omega is also actively involved in social responsibility projects. It and Orbis International work together to provide high-level ophthalmic care in remote areas of the world, and also serve as a driving force for sunlight. The main partners of the program are helping pilots to fly around the world with solar-powered ‘Sunshine Power 2’ aircraft. I look forward to more cooperation with Omega in the future. ‘

   Since the birth of the Omega Constellation in 1952, it has been a representative of innovative craftsmanship and precise timing. The newly launched Omega Constellation Series ‘Blue Starry Sky’ Limited Edition Women’s Watch is inspired by the deep and pure starry sky. The dial is made of eye-catching dark blue aventurine glass, which shows the astrological beauty of the constellation series. The inside is equipped with Omega coaxial movement to provide accurate and stable time.

   The new constellation series ‘Blue Starry Sky’ limited edition ladies watch is available in four styles, two of which are made of red 18K gold and stainless steel, and the other two are made of stainless steel with diamonds. Bezel or Roman numeral bezel. The dark blue aventurine glass dial shines like a starry sky, demonstrating the smart beauty of the Constellation series. The diamond hour markers are embedded in red or white 18K gold brackets, and the Omega brand logo and constellation star badge are made of the same material, shining on the dial. The red or white 18K gold hands are polished and polished for even more three-dimensional elegance. The watch comes with a frosted steel bracelet or a frosted steel bracelet with red 18K gold polished trim.

   All four watches are equipped with the Omega 8521 coaxial movement, the rotor and the balance plate are made of red 18K gold, showing the noble style. Each watch is limited to 388 pieces and is now available in Omega China flagship stores.