Mido Baroncelli 80-hour Observatory Certified Silicon Material

The use of silicon materials with excellent material properties such as magnetic resistance and wear resistance in the watch industry has gradually moved from the original concept to practical use, and the level of application has gradually shifted from a few high-end watches to mid-prices. The popularity proves that this material revolution has reached the stage of flowering and fruiting. For example, this time, MIDO launched the Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Si using a silicon hairspring, allowing consumers to purchase high-quality watches equipped with a Swiss Observatory-certified movement with a silicon hairspring for more than 30,000 Taiwan dollars, which means the use of silicon material It has reached a fairly mature stage.

   The introduction of silicon materials into the Swiss watchmaking industry has become a significant phenomenon in recent years. Silicon hairsprings have continued to spread in the field of high-end watchmaking. MIDO is the first to launch Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Si silicon watches with silicon hairsprings, becoming Swatch. The first silicon spring movement watch of the group’s mid-price brand to come out, with a Swiss Observatory-certified movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours and a silicon hairspring, liberating silicon from luxury watch technology and revolutionizing the mid-price movement. Standard. The series of men’s and women’s watches not only have excellent precision performance, but also combine the iconic design style of MIDO, taking the classic architecture—Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan as the design inspiration and simplicity. The striking faceplate aesthetics fully reflect the brand spirit of ‘inspired by architecture’.

Eternal Series 80-Hour Observatory Certified Silicone Men’s Watch_M027.408.11.011.00
   Founded in 1918, MIDO watches are inspired by architecture and focus on providing accurate timepieces. They launched a new topic movement on the eve of the new century. Not only has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, it also passed the Swiss official observatory certification. The key part ‘hairspring’ is made of ‘silicon’ material, showing the brand’s new exploration of hairspring materials. For mechanical watches, running, fitness, skiing, and ball games, these everyday activities, challenge the shock resistance of watches. Electronic appliances, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, refrigerators, and televisions, which are flooded in modern daily life, challenge the antimagnetic function of watches. Silicon has very stable physical characteristics, such as magnetic resistance, shock resistance, temperature difference resistance, and corrosion resistance. It becomes an excellent material for making hairsprings. The ‘Si’ logo decorated with 9K white gold on the balance plate indicates the highest precision performance of the eternal series 80-hour observatory-certified silicon watch, and this new watch has undoubtedly become the standard of the movement in the brand’s existing models. The highest series of watches is also the most worthwhile watch in the same price range.

Eternal series 80-hour observatory certified silicon gossamer men’s watch_M027.408.16.058.00
MIDO Baroncelli Eternal Series Elegant ‘Core’ Power Key Parts Silicon Hairspring
   The movement is regarded as the heart of the watch. The movement speed of the mechanical watch is controlled by the balance spring and balance wheel, while the key part ‘silicon balance spring’ is located at the heart and coiled around the balance wheel. It is a very thin spring, only 3.5mm Silicon hairsprings need to be manufactured through extremely complex and high-tech processes. The elasticity, durability, low density and low coefficient of friction of silicon contribute to excellent mechanical properties. The non-metallic silicon (Si14) ‘s anti-magnetic and shock-resistant physical properties allow The accuracy of the movement has been comprehensively improved.

Mido Caliber 80 (based on ETA C07.821) Silicone self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC). 11½ ”, 25.60 mm diameter, 5.22 mm thickness, 25 gems, 21,600 vibrations per hour, ELINFLEX mainspring. The balance plate is engraved with the ‘Si’ logo in 9K white gold, a delicately decorated movement with blue steel processing screws, and an automatic plate decorated with the Geneva wave and the beautiful watch logo. Adjusted in 5 different positions for high accuracy. Up to 80 hours of power reserve.
   As large as MRT, high-voltage electric devices, as small as hair dryers, electric shavers, microwave ovens, artificial electromagnetic fields are omnipresent, and they will also affect the accuracy of watches. According to experimental tests, general movements and silicon Under the influence of the same magnetic force, the daily movement of the hairspring movement can reach plus or minus 30 seconds (MIDO meter test simulation test data), while the movement using a silicon hairspring is within plus or minus 3 seconds per day * ; Under the same acceleration or impact, such as impact on a table, a sport swing or the takeoff of an airplane, the daily error of a typical movement can reach plus or minus 10 seconds *, while for a movement using a silicon balance spring, the daily difference is within plus or minus Within 3 seconds *, the use of a silicon gossamer 80-hour observatory-certified silicon watch, showing absolute precision in time.

The balance plate of the Caliber 80 movement is decorated with the ‘Si’ logo in 9K white gold. It is also worth noting that a newly designed shock absorber is used in the balance bearing part.
Classic watchmaking tradition meets advanced technology
   Among the MIDO Mido series models, the Baroncelli timeless series is known for its elegance. The new Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Si is an 80-hour observatory-certified silicon watch. In addition to the fully upgraded movement, the watch’s double-layer metal bezel echoes The perfect arc of the arched glass curtain of the neoclassical Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan integrates the artistic sense of traditional Italian architecture into the watch, making the watch appear natural and smooth. The sense of lines, while maintaining the simplicity and refinement of the design, is the same as the timeless elegance. The men’s watch with a 40mm pure white, black polished lacquered dial or ivory white dial with a simple three-pin, stainless steel or 18K rose gold bezel, reflects the design aesthetics shared by architecture and mechanical watches. At 6 o’clock on the dial, ‘CHRONOMETER’ describes the watch’s reliable quality certified by the COSC Swiss Observatory, and ‘CALIBER 80’ interprets the watch’s ultra-long power reserve advantage of up to 80 hours. The screw-in sapphire crystal transparent bottom Cover, 80-hour power reserve silicon gossamer self-winding movement that can see through the finely polished, the ‘Si’ logo decorated with 9K white gold on the balance plate is the highlight of the movement; waterproof to 30 meters, showing the eternal 80-hour observatory Certified silicon watch with high accuracy and stability without fear of the impact of daily life; the model uses double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, the date pane is at 3 o’clock, and the detailed hour and minute hands are sprayed. The sand and diamond cut surfaces show the attention paid to detail by MIDO. The watch offers a choice of black calfskin crocodile leather strap and stainless steel bracelet. The black leather strap reflects the texture of the polished lacquered dial. The metal bracelet has all The chain is polished to release the delicate color of the metal, and then show the superior design power of MIDO.

Eternal series 80-hour observatory certified silicon gossamer men’s watch_M027.408.46.268.00
   Women’s watches in the series show a feminine style with a 34mm diameter. The dials are available in white lacquer or mother-of-pearl dials, and there are meticulous changes on the time scales. Or with simple polished time scales, it shows simplicity and eye-catching Face plate configuration; or 8 Wesselton diamonds with Roman numerals on the wrist to add femininity.

Eternal series 80 hours observatory certified silicon spring watch_M027.

Eternal series 80 hours observatory certified silicon spring watch_M027.