Luxury Watch Series With Luxurious Precision And Elegant Elements

The combination of jewelry and watches, noble and elegant sharing. Jewelry watches have gorgeous and dazzling characteristics, as well as luxury, precision, and elegant elements, which make jewelry watches gradually become the favorite and essential accessories for fashion ladies. Jewelry best reflects the exquisiteness of life, and jewellery watches created by masters can make women feel more excited.

   Ebokana ‘Fortune’ is enthusiastic, limited to 20 pieces worldwide. The 18K gold-plated case is like ripples of water waves. The number of red topaz and white topaz rings on the case is up to 413, and they are precisely cut and polished by the top technology. A brilliant jeweller spends a lot of time and energy hand-paving, pure and clear, shining. The watch body is cleverly concealed with a Swiss ultra-small and ultra-thin quartz movement, and the wrist-on design makes it very comfortable to wear.
   Cartier Lon Hatot sent out a seductive invitation to let time stop at this moment. Freeze this psychedelic moment and look for the elves who are disguised as butterflies. Butterflies flying in the day or night, in a short flutter, the unique temperament of the wings flaps and shakes down gems. Diamonds, together with blue, pink, and purple sapphires, leave us a little clue. The Trapeze Butterfly diamond watch carefully guarded this secret, and Lon Hatot, the jeweller poet, once again created the most hidden poetic lyrical work.
   Alacria Royal limited edition jewellery watch in red. This magnificent Alacria Royal jewellery watch follows the unique curved lines of the Alacria series, elegant and elegant, like a woman’s exquisite body. Each watch is individually set with 606 top diamonds and gemstones, and the dial’s gem setting pattern subtly echoes the curved case lines. The three Alacria Royal jewellery watches embody Bao Qilai Cham’s watchmaking technology and traditional jewellery craftsmanship. Each of them is limited to 25 pieces.
   Orange is the warmest color among the seven colors. Its soft color is easily reminiscent of warm sunlight and abundant fruits, making people feel warm and rich. Because of its brisk and lively color characteristics, orange can easily capture the hearts of independent and lively people.

   In their eyes, the warm orange is like themselves, with a rich and leisurely life, with a sense of happiness beyond others, and always bringing a relaxed and joyful feeling to the surrounding companions. Orange gems are rare in the world.

   Quartz movement / 18K white gold case / jewel-set dial / platinum-set gemstone strap / case size 38 × 26.5 mm / water-resistant 30 meters / limited to 25

   In Bucherer’s limited edition Alacria Royal jewellery watch collection, there is a piece embellished with orange gemstones. The shape of the watch follows the unique curved lines of the Alacria series, which fits well with the curves of women. At the same time, the watch dial is also inlaid with gorgeous diamonds distributed in a curved shape. While echoing the special shape of the watch, it also sets off the unique light and temperament of the orange gem.

Red is the most eye-catching color among the seven colors. It is also the color of the sun and fire. Because the sun and fire bring light and warmth to the world, it not only represents enthusiasm, unrestrainedness, passion and majesty, but also has festive and auspicious Symbolic meaning. The comet has a very long comet tail, which is often referred to as ‘the banner of the sky’ in Western poetry. But the comet with red light seems very mysterious and shocks the heart of the world.

   Self-winding mechanical movement / 18K white gold case / black inlaid diamond dial / high-tech precision ceramic strap / case diameter 41mm / limited to 100 pieces.

   After successfully deducing the essence of black and white, Chanel applied the passionate color of red to the representative watch of J12. The white gold bezel is set with 36 bright long stepped rubies. At the same time, the crown is inlaid with an arch-cut ruby. Coupled with a black high-tech precision ceramic strap, a passionate and distinctive J12 was born

   Self-winding movement / 68 hours power reserve / 18K white gold case / lapis lazuli dial / crocodile leather strap / case diameter 39mm / limited to 8 pieces.

   For blue, nature has given us the best interpretation. The sky and the sea are all blue, they are vast and vast, and they exist in the world from beginning to end. Therefore, blue is also a symbol of eternity. Pure blue has a more beautiful and rational temperament, and blue has a little melancholy feeling.

   People with a blue character are usually happy people. They like to benefit others. In their philosophy of life, the words ‘out of self, out of selfishness’ are more important than anything. In order to bring the sensual blue to the watch, Jacques Dross ingeniously chose a blue mineral gem such as lapis lazuli to create the watch dial.

   Lapis lazuli is a precious stone admired by the great painters of the Renaissance. It dates back to ancient Egypt and has become a symbol of the night sky. The azure azure azure has always fascinated artists of many of the greatest ancient civilizations. Natural gemstones and artificial post-cutting create the artwork in this watch.