Luxury And Feminine Piaget Diamond Watch Appreciation

Piaget watch is not only famous for its thinnest watch in the world, but its women’s watch design is also one of the highlights of its brand. The appearance of gorgeous women’s watches is everywhere. With a woman’s tenderness and grace. Appropriate diamond setting embellishes the watch’s modifiability. Piaget watch is really a benchmark for women’s aesthetics.
 Piaget Limelight Dancing Light Collection G0A38172

 The biggest feature of the Piaget G0A38172 watch is that a movable ring is installed on the dial, and at the same time the rib is decorated with a rib-shaped chest pattern. Only a slight movement of the wrist is required, and the ring will rotate. The overall design creativity, just like its product name, the dial gently moves with the wrist, elegant and delicate. The watch is 39 mm in diameter and has an 18k rose gold case with a total of 176 round diamonds on the case and dial. The total weight is about 2 carats. At the same time, the rose gold buckle is also set with 15 round diamonds. Sparkling diamonds combined with a feminine rose gold case and a free spirit dance face make the Piaget women’s watch perfect.

 The Piaget G0A38172 ladies watch is fascinating with its rotatable dial, precious materials and unique design. The high price is also due to its material and elegant properties. It is equipped with a quartz movement inside. Relatively speaking, its watch attributes are far less than its decorative significance.
 Summary: Compared with other women’s watches in the world, Piaget ladies’ watches pay more attention to women’s physical and mental experience, creating women’s exuding and intangible innate beauty and elegance. In fact, the biggest highlight of Piaget’s watch is that it always adheres to the principle of creativity first, and only breaks the conventional creativity to attract more attention.
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