Jacques Dero’s New Elegant White Porcelain Watch Introduction

The night of Christmas is more and more charming with the white snow that is approaching, and in modern watchmaking materials, what better than white ceramics can interpret this pure and white beauty? This extremely modern technology The element of sense was used by JAQUET DORZ in its classic series Grande Seconde, thus creating a new elegant timepiece, showing once again the ability of JAQUET DORZ to continuously surpass itself in the production process, and also in this special festival for The love-loving couple sent a song of pure love.

JAQUET DORZ white porcelain watch (limited to 88 pieces)
Grande Seconde Ceramic watch has a minimalist purity, which completely conveys its dream and yearning. It is unique and self-contained. Behind the white and flawless rustic appearance is the extraordinary craftsmanship and innovative spirit of the brand. First of all, in terms of tradition, it uses the classic “8” shape of JAQUET DORZ, which fully reflects the high-class elegance that modern watch industry considers indispensable.
In addition, in terms of modernity, the case is made of extremely fine ceramic materials, which is irreplaceable. It is also extremely harmonious and challenging: accurately grasping the firing temperature is extremely important for the color of the ceramic, and any manual operation must be smart Able to control weak reactions as small as one-thousandth. Of course, it is also beautiful. The fine powder surface on the dial comes from the white burned enamel technology.
Finally, in terms of bold innovation, we have selected a solid white enamel that is rare and rare in the watch industry. Such an extraordinary watch symbolizes a perfect combination: it inherits the ingenious intricate enamel technology handed down from the 17th century, and has also made the most critical technological innovation for the development of ceramic crafts in the 21st century.
EGrande Seconde Ceramic watch is equipped with a double-winding self-winding mechanical movement, which at the same time embodies JAQUET DORZ’s excellent tradition: the rounded and stretched lines on the design combined with accurate and reliable timekeeping. The 43mm diameter case is engraved with a unique product number, which is a low-key proof to the world that it is a truly extraordinary 88 Numerus Clausus limited edition, a precious carol for this loving and warm festival.