Iwc New Portofino Manual Winding Large Date Watch

The bright new work of IWC Portofino series appeared in Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland flagship store. The flagship store of IWC is transformed into Portofino, a small coastal town in southern Italy. It has a beautiful harbour view, a leisurely Mediterranean atmosphere, a romantic scooter in the ‘Roman Holiday’, a fragrance of Italian coffee and ice cream in the air, and a classic Italian family of shoes Santoni’s artisans demonstrate the art of footwear and leather customization and dyeing live. All this is the romantic background of the protagonist ‘Portofino Manual Winding Large Date Watch’. The birth of this new product has ushered in a new complex function wrist of Portofino’s charming appearance and inner series. table.
IWC’s new Portofino hand-wound large date watch

Portofino Manual Winding Large Date Watch IWC Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland Flagship Store Appreciation Reception

 For 29 years since its birth in 1984, the Portofino series has been a low-key modest gentleman in the IWC watch family. It is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and excellent taste, and also exudes a relaxed Mediterranean life. Although the new Portofino hand-wound large date watch has a simple and low-key appearance, if you look closely at the dial, you will find its ingenious and unique craftsmanship. The large two-digit date display at 12 o’clock is clear and easy to read, which is extremely practical and convenient. This date display is implemented by two coordinated display disks: one display dial represents the ten digits of the date with a number between 0 and 3, and the other display dial represents a number between 0 and 9. Digits. The perfect synchronization of the two display disks This elaborate design is driven by IWC’s 59230 movement, which is further developed on the basis of the 59000 movement series and is technically supplemented. The movement design uses a large-sized back plate and bridge plate, which is very modern, and at the same time extremely durable, accurate and reliable.
 This new Portofino watch not only has a large date display, but also has a strong power reserve: the full chain can ensure a full 192 hours, that is, the precise travel time of eight days; the wearer only needs to pass after eight days The rotating crown winds up new energy. Moreover, don’t worry about when you have wound the chain, when it should be next time you can easily read it from the power reserve display on the dial. The Portofino hand-wound large date display watch in white gold (model IW516101) or red gold (IW516102) is only available at IWC stores. The Portofino hand-wound large date watch in white gold features a rock grey dial, rhodium-plated hands and indexes, and a black leather strap. The red gold model has a silver-plated dial, gold-plated hands and indexes, and a dark brown leather strap.

Supermodel Performs Portofino’s Unique Italian Style

Source of inspiration: poetry and painting in the small Italian town in the 1950s
 ‘I found my love in Portofino’ is a very popular song in the 1950s. At the time, Hollywood superstars such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Humphrey Bogart discovered this picturesque fishing village by the Ligurian coast and here for leisure Casual breath of Mediterranean life. You can find a café casually in Piazzetta Square next to the port, while espresso espresso, while watching the cruise ship dock. Small red and terracotta houses are densely distributed near the scenic natural harbour, which provides a great background for paparazzi shooting. At night, head to the bay for a drink with friends at the famous Splendido Hotel Bar. In the 1960s, celebrities from all walks of life came along as Italian cinema entered its heyday. Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Cardinale, and many well-known directors and artists have come here for the beautiful scenery. Portofino adds charm. To this day, rich people in Italy and around the world still like to gather in Portofino and enjoy the beautiful life in the Mediterranean. The timeless and elegant Portofino watch series precisely reflects this relaxed attitude to life. For more than a quarter of a century, it has been the modest gentleman in the IWC watch series, the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and excellent taste.
Portofino’s classic light and shadow and beautiful time
 A well-known friend of the brand has accepted the invitation of IWC Schaffhausen as early as May 2010, and is pleased to go to Portofino to take part in the filming-this picturesque Italian coast resort is the Portofino watch series The inspiration for the name. The prop costumes in them all perfectly reproduce the style of the 1960s and are full of charm. Peter Lindbergh, an internationally renowned photographer, personally shot for IWC friends in the scenes of Hollywood films in the 1950s and 1960s. Cate Blanchett grabs Kevin Spessy and enjoys delicious Italian ice cream; Ela McPherson and Eric Dean winks on an old scooter; and Lewis Figo and Matthew Fox show their style on a stylish steamboat. The celebrities enjoyed the shooting process very much, and the Portofino series watches were inadvertently presented in their elegant hands.
‘Time goes by. Only at Portofino. When the clouds overwhelm the bay, the town looks so mysterious.’ Peter Lindbergh uses the light of the lens and beautiful text to represent the small town of Portofino and his watch. A beautiful interpretation of the good life: ‘When I was sitting in Portofino, time seemed to stand still. The scenery in front of me was the same as fifty years ago, when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Dede · Richard Burton strolls in the small square: a colorful house and fishing boat gently shaking on the sparkling sea. After half a century, this Italian fishing village has become a gathering of celebrities around the world Resort. The sun is slowly setting, and there are many stylish bars on the square next to the harbour. The atmosphere is casual and pleasant, which is a portrait of the beautiful Mediterranean style life here. On a rainy morning, I stared at the sea and enjoyed the time. A row of bright new yachts. The steering wheel of the yacht reminds me of the Portofino chronograph watch that I love, with exquisite button design. Maybe the designer In the creation of this extraordinary watch, the inspiration really came from the steering wheel of the yacht. When I was still thinking about it, my eyes turned to a menu board painted with the local special gourmet ice cream new land.

Kevin Spascy and Cate Blanchett stroll leisurely

 Then I stepped onto the rooftop of the luxury hotel where we stayed to enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, cliffs and nature. On the road opposite the shore, a Vespa scooter kept making noises, and a pair of dreadful images immediately appeared before my eyes-Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn The plot of a drive in the movie ‘Roman Holiday’.
The night was low, and after finishing the day, we went to the hotel bar to relax and drank the bartender Becalli to prepare one of our most famous Bellini wines. On the wall behind the bartender are black-and-white photos of the VIPs of the old hotel, not only stars such as Rex Harrison and Ingrid Bergmann, but also other celebrities such as Lisa Minelli ( Liza Minelli) and Alain Delon. At this time, people wearing the Portofino manual winding eight-day power watch finally have time to wind the watch. This watch will stop automatically after precise operation for eight consecutive days and will need to be re-wound.
 Time flies, and only Portofino retains it for an instant. Dark clouds over the entire harbour, surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere, and this is the ideal environment for this shooting. However, a place where the sun shines, gradually illuminates the place where people can enjoy a good life. The small square was as packed as ever, so Elizabeth Taylor in shorts and a beach bag was walking around the square.
Precious metal blends with top leather
 In early 2011, IWC Schaffhausen and Santoni announced a cooperation plan to cooperate on various joint projects within five years. Santoni, a well-known Italian shoe brand managed by the second-generation family heir Giuseppe Santoni, has exclusively customized a high-quality leather strap exclusively for IWC. At present, most of the work of the Santoni factory is still carried out by hand. Santoni uses a complicated processing process for leather. It has long been two major characteristics of the brand’s leather. One is manual stitching and the other is the famous patina effect. Coat multiple layers of leather dye to create an antique look. Another feature of Santoni is the orange leather lining on the inside of the strap. The perfect combination of IWC’s exquisite watches and straps, which are called handicrafts, showcases the charm and beauty of Mediterranean life.