Inheriting The Glory Of The Century, Paying Tribute To The Excellence Of Craftsmanship, Vacheron Constantin Clock & Watch 2009 Touring Exhibition

The world’s oldest watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin, the top Swiss watch brand with 254 years of glorious watchmaking history, this summer grandly presents ‘Inheriting the glory of the century, paying tribute to excellence in craftsmanship-Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Watches Tour 2009’ Bring unparalleled industry-leading watchmaking craftsmanship and brand history and heritage to Chinese watch lovers.

     From July 9th to July 12th, this exhibition was held in Harbin Xinyu Sambo Watch Store. The entire exhibition hall design was inspired by the concept of the space of the ancient solar system planet movement, the first pocket watch born in the center of the brand in 1755 As the center, the derivative of the Vacheron Constantin brand is two-and-a-half centuries-old wrist-art works. The exhibition site is dominated by the brand’s iconic traditional copper-gold tones, and the specially selected materials and lights embellish the real exhibition site, which highlights the spirit of Vacheron Constantin’s adherence to tradition and innovation. Through the combination of products, pictures and videos, the entire exhibition fully showed Vacheron Constantin’s precious wealth for more than 250 years to watch enthusiasts, and conveyed the positiveness of Vacheron Constantin’s advancing with the times to every visitor. Attitude, and the brand tradition of ‘go all out, keep improving’. The watch showcase at the exhibition site broke through the traditional design boundaries, ingeniously focused on semi-circles, and used product series to distinguish various types of watches. The four distinctive showcases in the center of the exhibition hall are undoubtedly the focus of this exhibition. They each represent Vacheron Constantin’s core treasures: three sets of showcases embodying the brand’s outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship, including enamel, fine carving, and jewelry inlay. Waiting for craftsmanship fine watches, and vividly demonstrate each handmade process through the miniature screen in the center of the showcase. The center independent showcase showcases the brand’s first pocket watch in a 360-degree rotation. It is a treasure that everyone who comes to visit must not miss.

     The tour has been held in Dalian, Anshan, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai in northern China in June and July this year. It is expected to be held in eight other cities in south central China next spring. This event. These time-honored masterpieces of watches and clocks will undoubtedly provide a unique visual feast and unparalleled appreciation for watch lovers with unique tastes.