How Will The Watch Pioneer And The Shoe Family Make Watches Together? Hublot Gives You The Answer

On May 10th, Beijing time, the watch industry once again ushered in a ‘brainstorm’. Perhaps many people would not have thought that a Paris ‘shoemaker’ and a Swiss ‘watchmaker’ ‘Making a watch together, these two seem to have little in common, or at least in areas where most people’s ideas are in conflict, will play a romantic fashion together, but this time-space-time skill fusion , Real demonstration in Berluti Beijing International Trade flagship store. Of course, as Hublot Hublot, a Swiss luxury watch brand that has always been a brand spirit of subversive innovation, this is really a reasonable thing. Blending tradition and modern skills, Hublot joins hands with Berluti, a centuries-old footwear family in Paris, to perform a cross-border interpretation of the ‘art of fusion’, release classic fusion Berluti limited edition watches, exquisite traditional watchmaking technology, and ingenious shoemaking art The gentleman’s character blends with the elegant style, writing the extraordinary style of Hublot’s classic fusion watch, it really is ‘no fashion without Hublot’.

Hublot and Berluti unveil glorious classic fusion limited edition watch
Left: Mr. Yves Coppin, Managing Director, Berluti Asia and China
Right: Mr. Louis Beaver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China

    Innovation is an eternal proposition. In such an era where tradition is too traditional and fashion is too fashionable, innovation becomes particularly urgent and not simple. Hublot has always taken innovation as an important part of its watchmaking concept. Cross-border cooperation has brought out unlimited brand vitality. Music, painting, sports, science, fashion … It seems that Hublot has the most popular areas. It’s like time is everywhere. Hublot has the courage to challenge. From the first high-end watch made of rubber materials to ceramics, titanium, king gold, carbon fiber, etc., the material revolution has never stopped at Hublot. This time, Hublot joined hands with Paris footwear family Berluti to The Venezia material for men’s high-end shoes is used in the art of watchmaking to creatively create leather straps and dials. Exquisite color, elegant texture, exquisite craftsmanship, unique materials, combined into Hublot classic fusion Berluti watch. This is a collision of souls, it is also the interweaving of brand culture, and it is also a bold attempt of watchmaking art.

Berluti leather shoes

    Berluti is a high-end leather manufacturer that originated in Paris in 1895. In addition to its private order, it also has finished shoes and ready-to-wear series. It is operated by four generations of family members. Craftsmanship and classic aesthetics have a rich history and passion. Berluti defines leather shoes as a living body that can breathe. It is rigorously selected from raw materials, researches the characteristics of leather in craftsmanship, features customization, and pays attention to details. Because of its unique coloring art on the leather surface, It does not change or damage the original characteristics of the cortex, so as to achieve the purpose of fading and then changing the color. In terms of watchmaking, Hublot also coincides with many concepts of Berluti, such as being good at capturing elements of fashion, focusing on the quality of craftsmanship, exquisite detail, and the spiritual concept passed on to others.

Berluti handmade shoe display

Hublot Watchmaker and the new Hublot Classic Fusion Watch

Berluti leather shoes before and after dyeing

    At the event site, Berluti showed the brand’s handmade shoes and a series of procedures for how to color and maintain them after the shoes were made. The craftsmen from the Berluti workshop sewed leather shoes through traditional needlework, and passed the humane feelings by hand. Is the soul of high-end shoes. At the same time, Hublot also brought a high-level watch show. The watchmaker on site explained the characteristics of Hublot’s watchmaking technology and the unique charm of traditional mechanical watchmaking to the guests, and explained the role of each part of the watch’s mechanical structure. And uniqueness.

Mr. Louis Beaver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China

    At the same time, Hublot Greater China General Manager Louis Beaver and Berluti Asia and China Managing Director Yves Coppin introduced the history and achievements of the cooperation between the two parties. A Swiss and a Frenchman played at the scene. After learning the game of Mandarin Chinese, introducing their respective brands and the reasons for cooperation in Chinese, the atmosphere reached a small climax. Mr. Louis Beaver said, ‘We are looking forward to and are honored to cooperate with Berluti, a century-old footwear family. Hublot is not only fashionable, but Hublot is constantly looking for innovative applications of dial and strap materials. Our goal. Leather is a common material for making straps, but we want to go beyond traditional leather, so cooperation with the world’s most iconic Berluti leather has become an inevitable choice. ‘

Mr Yves Coppin, Managing Director Berluti Asia and China

   Mr. Yves Coppin, Managing Director of Berluti Asia and China, also said, “It is a great honor to cooperate with Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand. This time, we are working with Hublot to create a perfect gentleman watch to enrich Berluti Brand image. This collaboration is facilitated by our equally rigorous professionalism and our relentless pursuit of excellence. ‘

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Watch

    At the same time, Hublot has released two distinctive classic fusion Berluti watches-black ceramic Berluti Venezia strap watch and Berluti Scritto watch. The watch with a black ceramic case is limited to 500 pieces. The strap of this watch is an all-black Benezia handmade strap, inspired by ‘Scratch Art’ and engraved with Berluti ‘Gaspard’. This art is an iconic element of Berluti’s classic leather shoes, and is applied to many details and decoration aspects of Berluti leather shoes, such as the scratch texture of the upper.

Hublot Classic Fusion Venezia Scritto Watch

    The Berluti Scritto watch is limited to 250 pieces. It uses Venezia Scritto calfskin to make straps and dials. It is characterized by the use of carved art. This technique is a profound cultural connotation and heritage of the Berluti brand. Calligraphy art, this is the calligraphy art that artist Berluti loves in ten minutes. Similarly, this craft is inspired by Berluti’s corresponding shoes and applied to watches.

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Watch and Case

    Although these leathers are used to make the straps and dials of watches, the manufacturing process is exactly the same as that of Berluti shoes: from plate making, shaping, cutting, leather combination to strap installation and glazing, each wrist The straps of the watches are unique. In order for the leather to last as long as the watch, the brand needs to do a lot of protection on the leather surface to prevent deformation, moisture, aging and other conditions. Every watch is equipped with a collection case. This Berluti travel case not only has a classic design and high style, but also comes with leather care tools. It can not only be used to maintain the watch’s leather strap, but also Can be used to maintain your leather shoes.