Gucci Watch Gucci Handmaster Automatic Winding Men’s Watch

Gucci watch jewelry is pleased to add a new series for its high-end watch products, both for men and women. The Handmaster collection embodies a series of exquisite watchmaking techniques at Gucci’s own production base in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Here, Italian style meets Swiss quality; all watches are assembled by hand, and the creation of each timepiece is meticulous.

   The men’s model uses the GP3300 movement with a 46-hour power reserve; the ladies’ model uses the GP2700 movement with a 36-hour power reserve; the movement is supplied by the Sowind watch factory. Each watch has a transparent back cover and vivid internal mechanisms, including an automatic oscillating weight engraved with Gucci’s signature Diamante diamond pattern.

   The Gucci Handmaster men’s model (32.5 x 33 mm) has a polished stainless steel rectangular case with slightly beveled sides to give the watch a three-dimensional feel. The distinctive surface makes the watch look more retro: black sunburst decoration, the well-known Diamante diamond pattern, and classic silver Roman numerals and hands. Core functions include a date display at the center of the hour and two hour scales, a power reserve indicator at 5 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. Black surface with black crocodile leather strap and horse buckle clasp. Inherits Gucci’s original use of equestrian details.

   Gucci’s new Handmaster collection is exquisite and practical. It is an example of elegance, and its adherence to traditional and exquisite handcraft skills is icing on the cake. This series once again confirms the excellence of Gucci watch jewelry in the field of precision watchmaking.