Glasutti Original Is Being Updated, Pay Attention To Distinguish Between Old And New When Buying A Watch

Glashütte’s original watches are actually divided into two categories, one is eccentric, and the other is a conventional three-hand watch. Everyone knows that Glashütte Original (GO) watches are usually referred to by the number representing the model of the movement. For example, 39, 100, and 36 refer to the watches in the Senator series (39 also includes the retro series); 65/66 and 90/91 refer to the watches in the eccentric series. In recent years, Glashütte Original does not seem to have launched a ‘major model’, but in fact, GO is conducting a comprehensive update on the MP series. At present, the new 36-calibre has basically completed the old model upgrade. So today I want to tell you more about the current status of the original Glashütte original, in the period of new and old, in order to prevent the wrong purchase.

Glashütte’s original new 36-calendar moon phase MP (top) and Glashütte 66’s eccentricity (bottom).
There are 3 different movements in the Glashütte Collection.
 The three different movements in the MP series are 36, 100 and 39. These three movements have different configurations, and are used on watches at different prices according to different configurations. The configuration of the three movements is as follows:
Glashütte original 36 series movement.

Glashütte original new movement 36.
 Calibre 36 is the latest generation of Glashütte’s original self-winding movement. The size of the 36 movement is 32.3 mm, 27 jewel bearings (junior version), the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power is 100 hours. Caliber 36 is Glashütte’s first original movement using a silicon hairspring, which enhances the antimagnetic capability of the movement. Caliber 36 uses a new type of fine adjustment weight balance (calibre 100 is a lotus balance). Caliber 36 is adjusted in 6 positions, exceeding the 5 position adjustment certified by the Swiss Observatory. The automatic top is wound in both directions, with a power reserve of more than 4 days (100 hours). The decoration of the movement maintains the original and original style of Glashütte, 21K gold gilt automatic tourbillon, double G logo, 3/4 plywood, and gooseneck fine-tuning. Calibre 36 is the latest and most advanced mass-produced movement produced by Glashütte. Mainly used on Glashütte Original MP Excellence watches. Includes the parliamentary member of the parliament of excellence, the big calendar, and the big calendar month (e.g., the word excellence).
Glashütte Original 100 series movement.

Glashütte Original 100 movement.
 Caliber 100 is Glashütte’s original last-generation automatic self-winding movement (100 is the main movement before the launch of 36). The size of the 100 movement is 31.15 mm, the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power is 55 hours. The big calendar version has 51 gem bearings, and the big calendar moon phase version has 55 gem bearings. The decoration of the 100 movement also maintains the original characteristics of Glashütte. 3/4 splint, double G logo, 21K gold Phnom Penh automatic tourbillon, gooseneck fine-tuning. The 100 movement was once Glashütte’s original main movement. It was used on the parliament’s large calendar and large calendar moon phases. It should be noted that the MP-series watches with 100 movements are only called MPs and there is no word for excellence.
Glashütte Original 39 series movement.

Glashütte Original 39 movement.
 Caliber 39 is Glashütte’s original entry-level automatic movement. Mainly used on Glashütte’s original entry models. The movement 39 measures 26 mm in thickness and 4.3 mm in thickness (three-needle version). It has 25 jewel bearings, a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power reserve of 40 hours. Calibre 39 features the characteristics of Glashütte’s original movement, including the double G logo, gooseneck trimming, and 3/4 splint. Movement 39 uses different automatic tops on different watches. In the 1960s of the retro series, the autotop had 21K Phnom Penh. There is no Phnom Penh on the junior pin. The 39 movement is mainly used in the junior junior of the entry model and the retro series.
 From the data of 3 kinds of movements, we can see 3 kinds of movements, 36 configuration is the highest, 100 configuration is the second, 39 configuration is the third. 39 is the original entry model movement of Glashütte. 100 and 36 are the main high-end movements. So after the new 36 movement is launched, 36 will start to become the new main movement.

Glashütte’s original new 36 movement will gradually replace the 100 and 39 movements in the MP series.
The new 36 movement will be the main movement in the Glashütte Original MP series.
 We can see from Glashütte’s original official website that the current MP series includes watches with three movements of 36, 100, and 39. However, the actual situation is that 36 has gradually replaced 100 and 39, becoming the main movement of the original Glashütte original MP series. At present, in the Glashütte original exclusive stores, the MP watches that used the 100 and 39 core movements have gradually retreated to the second line. Give way to an excellent MP watch with the new 36 movement. Please pay more attention when buying a watch. Let me talk about the specific situation.

Glashütte original new 36 large three-pin, pay attention to the use of bar-shaped hour markers, is a new feature.
 Before the launch of the outstanding MP using 36 movements, Glashütte’s original 39 was used on the three-pin version of MP, and 100 was used on the big calendar and big calendar moon phase MP, thus forming a high and low match from the public price.
 After launching the MP 36 watch which uses the movement 36 now, Glashütte’s original 36 is used on the three-hand version, the big calendar, the big calendar moon phase of all MPs, a 36 movement, directly ‘unify the world’. In this way, a 36 is enough.

Glashütte’s original new 36 big calendar, pay attention to the bar hour markers, is the new feature.
 According to the Glashütte Original Store, some members of the previous models of the 100 and 39 movements are no longer displayed, but if you want to buy it, you should still be able to buy it, just not directly in the window. Glashütte Original will reduce the production of 100 and 39 members, mainly 36 outstanding members.
 After replacing the new 36 movement, the original Glashütte watch was upgraded to a member of excellence. The member of the outstanding member series has a steel case price of 69500, a steel case price of 87000, and a steel case date of 99500. The starting price is slightly higher than before (the price of the former three-legged member of 39 movements was 56500). But on the big calendar and big calendar moon phases there is no change in the public price.

Glashütte’s original new 36 large calendar moon phases, the bar-shaped hour markers are the new identifying features.
How to distinguish between old and new models?
 The method of distinguishing the original and new members of Glashütte from the old ones is very simple. You can distinguish them by looking at the dial. Members using the old 39, 100 movements use Roman time stamps; while the outstanding members using the new 36 movement use bar time stamps (three-dimensional or printed), Arabic numeral time scales In short, the new style does not use Roman characters. You can tell at a glance by looking at the disk time scale.

Glashütte’s original 100 calendar moon phases (top), the new 36 calendar moon phases (middle and lower), note that the old models use Roman characters, and the new ones use arrow or bar-shaped time scales.
 Now whether in the primary market or the secondary market, Glashütte Original has both old and new conditions. If you don’t care about the movement, you can buy it at will; if you care about the movement, you should pay attention to distinguishing the old and the new.