Extreme Sports Fan Bulgari Bre56bsvdchs Men’s Watch Brief Comment

If you are a person at the pinnacle of fashion, if you are a person who is ahead of the trend, then you must know about this watch I bring to you today, this This watch comes from Bulgari, a well-known Italian fashion brand. It has the bold and fashionable design style of Bulgari, and has the precision, durability and good quality of Swiss watches. Its specific model is: Bvlgari BRE56BSVDCHS for men Watches, everyone please follow me to understand this watch.

  This is a men’s watch positioned for leisure sports. It adopts a large diameter of 56 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. The black dial has a simple time scale. It has a large calendar display and a single-button timing function. It is fully automatic. The winding movement can provide a 45-hour power reserve, and the sports style is more prominent with a black rubber strap. The dial design uses a bumpy athletic field pattern.

  Let’s take a look at the front of this watch, which is fixed by six exposed stainless steel screws to form a perfect line. The most dazzling on the dial is the large calendar display function. The 56 mm large diameter rough design style will always cause The attention of others, the stainless steel case guarantees the wear resistance of this watch.

  There is also a soft and careful side under the rough shape, which shows that Bulgari’s level of product design, and the unique soft corner design at the lugs make this watch not too rigid.

  The crown has a unique function. This watch has a one-button chronograph function. It is through this crown to control the timing and adjust the time. This movement has a chronograph ‘Chronosprint’ function, which is used for longer periods of time. Intermittent timing.

  From this perspective, you can see the uneven dial design. In order to highlight the sports style dial design, the track and field track design style is used to add dynamic colors to this watch. The sapphire crystal glass uses anti-glare. Designed to make our reading more convenient and clear.

  This watch uses a sapphire crystal case back, you can see the movement of the movement. The automatic movement is used. This movement has the function of a chronograph ‘Chronosprint’, which is used for continuous time for a long period of time. Chronosprint displays hours and minutes with two coaxial hands. With an outstanding patented process, the clock and minute counting function are off-center from the dial, which makes this function perfect. (Note: this picture is the same series of belt models)

Summary: In the last shot, the 56mm large-diameter watch may not be holdable for most people, so this watch is more suitable for tall men. If you don’t like rubber straps, there are also steel straps and leather straps in the same series. There is always one for you.
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