Dream Like A Dream Tasting Treasure Qilai Mali Dragon Outer Storage Loose Green Watch

The rich use of color is one of the popular trends in the design of modern mechanical watches. They often combine the brand’s outstanding watchmaking skills to give watch enthusiasts an unexpected double surprise in appearance and use functions. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2017, Swiss high-end watch brand Bucherer once again “waved” a magic wand to perform color magic, giving the new Marion Long Edge watch with a ring of color. This makes the new timepieces attractive and full of night blue or pine green, classic and exquisite, giving watch enthusiasts a unique feast of viewing. The Watch House is going to introduce to you today, one of which is the Marion Dragon Green Loose Watch. (Watch model: 00.10912.08.93.01)

Magic of color

Night blue and pine green
   Putting gradient colors on the dial is like engraving a bright light in the timepiece. From the richness of the edges to the light tones of the center, it is completed by the brand using complex processes, showing its outstanding color technology, making the watch full of infinite charm, like being enchanted by a watch designer. All lament its beauty.
Gorgeous pine green

Marion Long Edge Loose Green Watch

Watch case display
   The Marion Dragon Rim Watch is an upgraded version of the classic silver and black dial models of the Marion Dragon Rim Watch, which incorporates gorgeous pine green into the watch, bringing a sense of pearlyness to the brand’s timepieces. It is one of the few colorful watches with bright colors. It is unique and charming, which makes people shine. The polished stainless steel bezel has a completely different visual effect from the satin-polished case, giving the watch a great viewing experience.

Watch lug display
    The finely polished lugs exude a delicate luster. On the lugs, the Bucherer logo is engraved, showing the brand’s style.

Watch dial display
   The contrasting beauty of the gradient pine-green dial is more vivid and beautiful against the bright-toned bezel. The dial divides the time indication area reasonably and asymmetrically, making the reading intuitive and clear. The 3 hour mark position is a power reserve display. It is in clear balance with the small seconds at 6 hour mark, the week display at 9 hour mark and the large calendar at 11 hour mark. Perfect and harmonious.

Watch movement display
   Through the sapphire glass back cover, the unique plywood design can be seen at a glance, showing the aesthetics of modern machinery everywhere. The movement is a CFB A1011 movement. It is a CFB A1000 movement designed and developed by the brand in 2008. It is also Bucherer’s first self-made mechanical movement. The movement is characterized by a bi-directional rotating outer winding rotor, which can provide the movement with a power reserve of approximately 55 hours (more than two days) under full strings.

Watch strap display
   Equipped with a green calfskin strap and a stainless steel folding clasp, it echoes the pine green of the dial, showing the overall beauty of the watch. The calf leather strap is very comfortable, and it can put the watch on the wrist well, it does not slip off easily, and it is full of reliability.

Watch overall display
Summary: The Marion Dragon’s loose green watch on the tablecloth looks like an elegant dancer, showing gorgeous beauty in the seconds. The new timepiece that integrates appearance and innerness is also one of the better watches this year. It is limited to 188 pieces worldwide. If you like it, watch it.