Crystal Diamond Watch 50 Variety Shapes

Christal Dior watch series, with the industry’s first design of hand-cut sapphire crystal and inlaid on the strap, and established the status of a fashion giant. Its more than 50 ever-changing designs (different diamonds, colors, crystal inlays or sizes) have won the title of tailor-made top luxury watches. The rock-fashioned style and the brilliance of crystal diamonds seduce each pair of discerning eyes.

Dior Christal Crystal Diamond Watch Series In 2007, another brand-new pioneering initiative was launched: ‘Christal Rubber Crystal Diamond Rubber Watch Series’. Innovative technology developed by Dior clothing design master John Galliano and professional watch design team. For the first time, a high-tech silicone strap combined with pyramid-cut sapphire crystals allows two different materials to operate under Dior’s consistently different design techniques, creating a new luxurious style: Sporty Chic! Lets shine The sapphire crystal on the high-precision rubber strap presents a different sense of dynamic power. For the first time, a rubber strap has been given a luxurious life, and it can fit on the wrist, presenting a comfortable and lightweight delicate touch.