Citizen Turnover At Northeast Asia Investment And Trade Expo Hits 5 Million Yuan

On September 6, Jilin Ruilong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. brought the famous Japanese watch brand Citizen to the Northeast Asia Expo and held a brand press conference on the same day. It is reported that this is the eighth time that Citizen has settled in the East Expo, and in 2013 Citizen’s main promotion of the light kinetic energy series watch has become a major highlight at the East Expo. During the exhibition, the transaction volume went straight to 5 million yuan.
Green environmental protection is the mainstream consumer concept at the present time. At the East China Expo, the ‘Photodynamic Series Watch’ displayed by Citizen is a watch that converts light energy into electricity to rotate. Because there is no need to replace the battery, the limited resources of the planet can be saved without any pollution. As the core technology of Citizen, the magic of light kinetic energy is that even the low light of a lighter can be converted into kinetic energy to drive the watch to continue to run.
In addition to the unique energy-saving and environmental protection functions, the light-wave energy radio timepiece exhibited this time can also be based on atomic clocks and receive radio waves through the built-in antenna of the watch, and automatically adjust the time according to the standard time radio wave signals sent by China’s radio towers. With the date, it has an amazing performance with only 1 second error of 100,000 years. The minute repeater function is also the perfect place for Citizen watches. It uses the sound to tell the time. In the dark, the user does not need to look at the watch, as long as he listens to the type and number of times the watch sounds, he can know the time. At the East Expo, This feature has also dumped countless consumers.
Traditional watches often wear and fade after being worn for a period of time. To solve this problem, Citizen has adopted a new technology called Duratect, which specializes in processing stainless steel and titanium materials to make them The surface is harder, and it retains the original luster of the watch even when worn for a long time. ‘The biggest gain from visiting the East China Expo is that I bought my favorite Citizen watch.’ During the interview, Ms. Yu, who bought two watches, was particularly satisfied. She said that Citizen watches are high-tech and very suitable for young people to wear These two watches are ready to be given to children as gifts.