Chanel 2017 Basel Watch Fair New Preview

Professional watchmaking is like a dream building. At the 2017 BASEL International Watch Fair in Switzerland, CHANEL will continue to explore new possibilities for the development of watches through the interpretation of its watch series, and will display a number of unique works. For CHANEL, time is not just a unit of time, but also an extension of Ms. Chanel’s spirit, pursuing the perfection of watches.

Since its launch in 2000, J12 is the first watch to boldly transform high-tech precision ceramics into precious materials. From the original dazzling black to the flawless white in 2003, the number 12 has become a symbol of the brand. Since the founding of J12 17 years ago, CHANEL has continued to pay tribute to this classic watch through continuous changes and breakthroughs in matte, limited styles and unique works.

J12 Watch

White high-tech precision ceramic and stainless steel case, unidirectional rotating bezel, hour, minute, second, date display, mechanical movement with automatic winding, 42-hour power reserve, three-layer folding steel buckle, screwed in Crown, water-resistant to 200 meters, diameter 38 mm; 42 mm (automatic movement), and 33 mm (quartz movement).

J12 Watch

Black high-tech precision ceramic and stainless steel case, unidirectional rotating bezel, hour, minute, second, date display, mechanical movement with automatic winding, 42-hour power reserve, three-layer folding steel buckle, screwed in Crown, water-resistant to 200 meters, diameter 38 mm; 42 mm (automatic movement), and 33 mm (quartz movement).
Launched in 1987, it has established an irreplaceable classic status in women’s watches. Première watches continue to interpret the original design with classic elements of the brand over the years. Combining the concept of classic leather chain and jewelry wear, the strap is boldly extended, the strap fits the curve of the wrist, and can be wrapped and layered. The new PREMIÈRE ROCK introduces seasonal colors-red! Red, a multi-color, is also one of CHANEL’s classic colors. It is not only a color, but its sensual, lively and fresh spirit, showing CHANEL’s unique feminine beauty. Ms. Chanel likes to use red makeup to decorate her bags, and she also likes to rub her red lips as her personal style. In CHANEL high fashion collections, it is often seen that red is used to interpret various works. Not only can it perfectly match the fashion trend, but it can also perfectly mix and match women’s bright fingerprints and makeup, and play out their own personal color code. The PREMIÈRE ROCK red watch, in addition to its timepiece function, can also be creatively worn as a headdress and necklace, showing the contemporary avant-garde style of young women.


Stainless steel case, white mother-of-pearl dial, size 15.8 x 23.6 x 6.2 mm, convex stainless steel crown, hour and minute display, high-precision quartz movement, red leather wearing stainless steel three-ring bracelet, waterproof 30 Mi, launched a total of four sizes: XS, S, M and L, limited edition of 1,000 pieces, the suggested price is NTD143,000 yuan.
Première skeleton camellia watch
This year, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Première watch, CHANEL once again demonstrated its unique vision for fine watchmaking and launched the Première skeletonized camellia watch. This unique piece is equipped with CHANEL’s self-made Calibre 2, a light and freehand outline of a geometric camellia shape. This deep black hollowed out device with gem setting is unique in style and represents the classic totem of the brand. The design originates from the CHANEL creative studio in Fontaine Plaza and is conceived, developed, monitored and assembled by the Châtelain watch factory in Switzerland. The essence of the design of the Calibre 2 fully reflects the creative spirit of the CHANEL creative studio.

PREMIÈRE Hollow Camellia Watch

18K white gold case (28.5 × 37mm) set with 92 brilliant-cut diamonds, 18K white gold bezel set with 104 brilliant-cut diamonds, hands set with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds, black silk satin strap and 18K white gold double layer Folding buckle, set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds, total diamond weight: 5.54 carats, hour and minute display, manual winding mechanical movement, 48-hour power reserve, serial number issued.

PREMIÈRE Hollow Camellia Watch

18K white gold case (28.5 × 37mm), set with 47 baguette-cut diamonds, and hollow camellia set with 246 brilliant-cut diamonds, 18K white gold bezel set with 42 baguette-cut diamonds and 52 bright-cut diamonds , 18K white gold crown set with 16 baguette-cut diamonds and 11 brilliant-cut diamonds, 18K white gold bracelet set with 282 baguette-cut diamonds, 18K white gold double-folded buckle set with 30 bright-cut diamonds The total weight of the diamonds is 22.7 carats, the hours and minutes are displayed, the mechanical movement with manual winding, a 48-hour power reserve, and a limited edition of 12 pieces.

CALIBRE 2. Camellia skeleton flying tourbillon manual winding mechanical movement

48 hours power reserve, 107 parts, 21 rubies, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), ‘single fixed barrel, spring torque 420, 3D camellia hollowing device, parts are chamfered And rotary-grained finishing, ADLC (Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon) diamond-like carbon coating, rhodium-plated polishing, balance wheel shockproof system, variable inertia balance gear.
Mademoiselle privé
Since its debut in 2012, it has creatively interpreted the classic elements of the brand with various materials and craftsmanship. The new work continues the focus on the face plate technology, using pavé brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds to display a few totem inlays, bringing unique works.


18K white gold case (37.5mm) case, paved with 552 brilliant-cut diamonds (3.03 carats), hour and minute display, mechanical self-winding movement, 18K white gold crown set with 1 diamond (0.19 carats), dial Set with brilliant-cut diamonds, trapezoid-cut diamonds and special cuts (2.68 carats), black rhodium-plated with white gold thread, black silk satin strap and 18K white gold double-folding buckle, set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds ( 0.48 carats), limited edition of 5 pieces.
Boy Friend
CHANEL launched the first women’s watch PREMIÈRE with a rigid and flexible watch designed for women, BOY.FRIEND, leading the brand into the masculine field. It adheres to the spirit of Chanel’s transformation of her favorite elements in men’s clothing; mysterious The name undoubtedly shakes the traditional female watch design specifications. The neutral silhouette matches the boyish style, all thanks to its charm, balance, proportion and details. Back in the 1920s, Ms. Chanel broke through the norms, choosing comfort fabrics as the premise, and brought the best performance fabrics and tweeds of traditional men’s clothing into women’s clothing, leading the new look of fashion. It inspires her personality with a male model: strong, decisive, visionary and independent, liberating women and interpreting the eternal value represented by simplicity and luxury, perfectly embodying a firm and confident style and modern elements. Her strong personal characteristics have given women a new charm.

BOY. FRIEND Black Tweed Watch Large

Stainless steel case, large model (28.60x 37.00x 7.75 mm), hours, minutes, seconds, 42-hour power reserve, black guilloché dial and small seconds dial, stainless steel crown set with convex black spinel , Water-resistant to 30 meters, black-plated stainless steel tweed totem strap, double-folding buckle.
Continuing last year, using the tweed as inspiration, BOY.FRIEND watches made of stainless steel are introduced. This year, deep black is injected to highlight the details of the totem. The bracelet is interwoven with fine steel wires to emboss the brand’s classic tweed totem, showing wonderful skills: In order to present the richness of the fabric, it must be deeply and accurately embossed in twill. Layered weave, but at the same time to maintain ample thickness to ensure comfortable wearing, which takes several months to achieve. The finest part of this technique is the appearance of a chanel jacket pocket and cuffs, highlighting the tweed strap line.
CHANEL launched the new MONSIEURde CHANEL watch for men last year. It all starts with a desire, vision and sketch! MONSIEUR de CHANEL watch, equipped with the brand’s first self-made advanced complex movement CALIBRE 1, has the function of instantaneous jumping and retrograde minutes, achieving a balance between excellent performance and simple design. Combining the dual complex function mechanism with digital time-marking display, it displays the ultimate simplicity. This year, the case and dial are interpreted in platinum and dark black, showing the brand’s unique aesthetics for men’s watches.


Platinum case, 40 mm diameter, black large fire enamel dial and retrograde minute dial, hour-display window and small seconds dial, hours, minutes, small seconds dial, Calibre1 mechanical movement with hand-winding mechanism, instantaneous hour jump and 240 ° Retrograde minutes, power reserve 3 days, waterproof 30 meters, black alligator leather strap, limited edition of 100 pieces.

Calibre1 bracelet mechanical movement

Calibre1 with instant jump time and reverse minute function ─ is the brand’s first manual winding mechanical movement with dual complicated function mechanism: instant jump time and 240 ° reverse jump minute, the movement diameter is 32 mm or 14’3 / 4 method Min., Thickness 5.5 mm, 170 components, 30 rubies, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), dual fixed barrel, spring torque 700, balance wheel shockproof system.