Bvlgari Self-winding Tourbillon Watch

On January 15, 2010, Mr. Francesco Trapani, then the CEO of the Bulgari Group, was excited to announce a major unprecedented event in the history of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Completion of a strategic alliance: This ten-year hands-on collaboration brings Bvlgari together with two other leading watchmakers, Daniel Roth and Gérald Genta. The joining of these two brands has enabled the Bvlgari Group to achieve a dream combination that can compete with any other watch brand. With the cutting-edge, high-end and high-end developed by the Manufacture du Sentier of the Joux Valley With sophisticated movements, the high-end series of watches produced by Bulgari will also rise to a whole new level.
    Hear the legend of the feast-Bulgari Gérald Genta series Octo Grande Sonnerie Tourbillon watch
    Bulgari Gérald Genta Octo Tourbillon watch with Westminster tones, hour flyback display, power reserve indicator, minute dial function, self-winding movement, 21,600 vibrations per hour , 48-hour kinetic energy reserve. 43mm white gold case, transparent case back, 18K white gold crown set with goose-shaped eagle eye; filigree enamel dial, waterproof to 30 meters. Alligator leather strap, 18K white gold three-fold folding clasp
    Tourbillon watches have always been known for their elegant and gorgeous appearance. To this day, this landmark invention of the clock, which was born centuries ago, is still using its brilliant spins, complex and exquisite craftsmanship, to gain It is people’s favor. However, when our eyes stopped on the Bulgari Octo self-winding tourbillon watch, we found that the tourbillon can only be used as a companion, and it is difficult to find its trace even on the front of the dial. Because this watch already contains too many miracles of watchmaking craftsmanship, even a master watchmaker needs to spend more than one year to assemble the movement used by a watch, which can be described as a human being for hundreds of years. A symbol of watchmaking history.
    The watch uses Calibre GG 31002 movement developed by Gérald Genta. It is equipped with a tourbillon, an hour retrograde display, and a kinetic energy reserve indicator for the movement and the chronograph device. It is an amazing masterpiece. The complexity of the dual barrel movement can be seen from the number of 863 parts, which also contains the special internal device of the music time, thus ensuring that this outstanding work of art can play different types of music: movement The reeds are made of special steel and match the diameter of the piano strings, naturally they can play a gorgeous high range. The four reeds inside the watch are suspended between the movement and the inside of the case, so that they can vibrate freely and then report the time freely. Each reed varies in length and corresponds to a hammer at a specific position to generate a corresponding unique sound, and can even play the tune of the Big Ben of Westminster in London. The rhythm, speed and intensity of the hammer strikes will be essential to the purity and clarity of the clock.
    Anyone who sees this watch for the first time will definitely be impressed by the unique structure of this watch. The overall appearance looks like an instrument panel, and the right side (1-5 o’clock) is dotted with each other. The interlaced black lacquered surface and cloisonne partition, the four small dials are responsible for displaying the time signal / mute, music clock kinetic energy reserve, time display kinetic energy reserve, and time mode selection (big self-sound / small self-sound). A little to the left also houses the minute digital display. On the left side of the dial is the hour retrograde display. On the white gold case of the watch, two watch crowns made of goose egg-shaped hawk-stone are separated from the left and right, the 3 o’clock position is used to adjust the chronograph function, and the 9 o’clock crown is used to activate the timekeeping device .
    As an orthodox self-timer, this excellent precision timer can perform two major timekeeping functions: the big self-sounding and the small self-sounding. In the big self-sounding mode, the time signal device reports the hour, and then repeats the hour before preparing to report the first, second, and third quarter minutes, and it functions like a real clock tower. This ‘clockwise’ timekeeping mode operates automatically and does not require the wearer to manually start.
    The small self-sound mode is relatively simple, but it can also report the hour, first, second and third quarter clockwise. Of course, the wearer can also choose the silent mode. Or, according to the wishes of the wearer, the minute repeater is performed when the minute repeater slider device is activated.