Bryce Releases New Limited Edition Br01 Burning Skull Bronze Forward-looking Timepiece Pays Tribute To ‘explore The Limit’ Military Spirit

Beijing-On November 20, 2017, Bell & Ross held an ‘Explore the Limit’ experience tour at the Beijing Flying Home Space Experience Center. To pay tribute to its military spirit, the brand presented a number of 2017 forward-looking timepieces at the event and released the new BR01 Burning Skull Bronze limited edition watch.

   As a world-renowned watch brand, Bell & Ross has been committed to manufacturing professional flight timepieces since its establishment, and has actively explored other professional fields, breaking the limits and never ending. In 2017, the brand launched a new ‘Watch Beyond’ campaign, focusing on the three elements of sea, land and air that are closely related to the brand, leading everyone to invest in Search of Extremes. Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager of Bell & Ross North Asia, attended the event to share the latest brand information and the 2017 watch beyond the limit series with guests, and unveiled the highly anticipated BR01 Burning Skull Bronze exclusive mainland China and Hong Kong exclusive sale watch mystery .

Miss Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager, Bell & Ross North Asia

   At the event, guests not only personally experienced a series of new Bellace timepieces, but also actively participated in the experience activities. Through indoor skydiving, simulated flight driving, and simulated fighter battles, they stimulated potential, challenged themselves, and explored the limit with the brand.

   Ms. Zhu Xuanhua said: ‘We are very happy to be able to present our new Bell & Ross products to our guests today. These watches follow the brand’s philosophy of equal emphasis on function and style, and can not only cope with the extreme conditions encountered in flying, land and deep seas. It also symbolizes our insistence on innovating over the years. At the end of November 2017, Bell & Ross also successively settled in the Beijing International Trade and SKP shopping malls, Shanghai Xintiandi and Guangzhou Taikoo Hui stores of Drivepro. The Mainland can have more points of sale, so that fans of Bell & Ross can enjoy the brand’s latest timepieces for the first time. ‘

Death from Above

   In 2009, Bell & Ross broke through the traditional watchmaking technology and launched the first unforgettable BR01 Skull watch with a skull as the focus. In 2015 and 2016, Bell & Ross introduced the eye-catching BR01 Skull Bronze watch and BR01 Burning Skull. In 2017, the brand presents a new work-BR01 Burning Skull Bronze. The limited edition of 100 pieces is only available in mainland China and Hong Kong. It is amazing again with a new look.

   Each watch of the BR 01 SKULL series pays tribute to the legendary World War II paratroopers in its own unique way. Skeletons and badges with the text ‘Death from Above’ have been used since ancient times, and have become a symbol of warriors’ fear of death and intimidation of enemies.

   Loyal to the spirit of the paratroopers of 1944 and its badge resembling a traditional pirate flag, BR01 Burning Skull Bronze perfectly incorporates the skull and crossbones pattern in the iconic square case of Bell & Ross. The entire case is adorned with finely engraved tattoo-style motifs, including many hearts, roses, death scythes, and hourglasses symbolizing fate and death. The visual depth brought by the double-layer dial design highlights the ‘tattoo’ decorative pattern, and the skull pattern in the center of the dial is vivid and lifelike. The skull pattern is embossed from a piece of metal. The black SuperLuminova luminous material on the dial surface further highlights the skull pattern, showing its fearless eyes.

   In order to create the unique appearance of the BR01 Burning Skull Bronze, Bell & Ross chose to make the case from micro-blasted copper. The alloy made of copper (approximately 91%), aluminum (6.80%) and tin (1.75%) provides excellent abrasion resistance, while presenting a unique color, achieving the perfect watchmaking level and unparalleled retro feel.
Charge the Sky (The Air)
   Over the years, Bell & Ross has been fascinated by military history and the superior performance of military equipment, and has taken design inspiration from the aerospace industry, especially flight instruments, invested in cutting-edge technology, and used exquisite aesthetic details to develop one after another Outstanding quality timepieces.

   Bell & Ross watch production has always been an important reference indicator in the field of professional aviation timepieces. In 2017, the brand further launched the BR03-92 Horolum and BR03-92 Horograph, re-presenting Belles’ iconic ‘circle in a square’ with a modern design, reminiscent of the clock in the cockpit of the aircraft, fulfilling the display with the highest efficiency The mission of time is especially suitable for travel lovers. As the newest member of Bell & Ross’s camouflage watch series-BR03-92 Black Camo combines the core aerospace and military technology design of the brand. Since its launch, it has been sought after by military fans. Original military tri-color coating and dumb The light treatment makes the watch secretive and low-key, clear and easy to read, but perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.
The Land
   Bell & Ross is committed to surpassing the limits of traditional indicators and never stop on the road to exploring the new world. Since 2016, Bell & Ross has entered the field of cutting-edge Formula 1 racing for the first time and has become Renault’s official timing partner.

   In 2017, Bell & Ross once again proved its determination to challenge the limits, and exerted its passion for high-speed racing to the extreme. The new Bellytanker series uses a round case of a vintage model, while maintaining an absolutely modern style. It was designed to inspire people to remember the legendary era of the United States in the 1950s, which was full of record-breaking events. One of the members of the third-generation retro series, BRV1-92 Military, is inspired by the military code. The arched sapphire dial makes the look more retro and brings a more comfortable wearing experience.
Dive into the sea
   The ocean is a mysterious and fascinating world. Bell & Ross strives to combine exquisite aesthetic design and superb watchmaking technology to expand the mechanical watchmaking process to new fields.

   Bell & Ross has a wealth of experience in the field of diving watches. The brand launched Hydromax in 1997 and still maintains an excellent record in the history of diving watches. In 2017, the brand launched the first square diving watch BR03-92 Diver, writing a new chapter in the ocean story. Since its inception, Bell & Ross has regarded soldiers as heroes. To pay tribute to professional marine lifeguards, the brand has launched the Garde Cotes series, which inherits the design of its Vintage series round case. A sporty, modern look.