Bauper Unveiled Its New Series In Basel

This summer, Blancpain will bring its new Basel products to this year’s Beijing Xinguang Tiandi. It will be held for ten days starting from July 20th, with a theme of ‘Legacy and Heritage, Leading the Future’. The location of this watch exhibition in Beijing’s Xinguang Tiandi will also set a precedent for the industry, presenting for the first time in the country, the world’s oldest watch brand in the whole series of Basel. In 2008, Blancpain was honored to be the first modern watch to be collected since the establishment of the Palace Museum, and will be permanently stored in the Clock Museum of the Palace Museum. At the same time, Blancpain has become the only watch brand settled in the Palace Museum so far. As a manufacturer of top-level timepieces, Blancpain watches have long been favored by many national celebrities, movie stars, sports celebrities and other celebrities. In politics, the most famous is Russian Prime Minister Putin. Putin likes watches, especially Blancpain Blancpain watches made with deep understanding of precision machinery.

Mr. Andre Meier, Global Vice President and Sales Director of Blancpain, Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China & ldquo; Blancpain 2010 Basel New Products Exhibition & rdquo; Unveiled
As a flagship department store that brings together the world’s top brands, department stores and restaurants with national flavors, Xinguang Tiandi, with a construction area of ​​180,000 square meters, has attracted 938 brands from all over the world. BlancPAIN store located on the first floor of Shin Kong Place follows its original European neoclassical style shop layout. The design is inspired by the source of the Jura Valley. The deep wood tones presented by the solid wood walls and the field-style window panels of the table cabinets reflect the tranquil atmosphere of this distant country in Switzerland.
As the first stop of BLANCPAIN in China, it will present its legendary watchmaking legend and a brand-new watch equipped with 11 new movements developed by the master in the past four years. Guests will experience first-hand the perfect pursuit of watch art by the oldest Swiss watch brands.

Models wear Blancpain’s new 2010 watch
BLANCPAIN creates legends among legends
For the most classic and most representative movements in the world’s top mechanical watches, BLANCPAIN has contributed a lot. Since the brand was founded, it respects and follows the 100-year-old Swiss traditional manual craftsmanship.It perfectly integrates tradition and innovation, and has created many perfect works of Blancpain: whether it is its beautiful activities The super-complicated watch 1735, the mysterious and charming one-minute coaxial caroline, or its solid-looking fifty-five series diving watch, or its ultra-thin Villeret series, all tell us about BLANCPAIN Legend.
However, behind these legends there is another little-known “ Legend ”: that is a factory established in 1858 and known for producing high-quality movements. & Mdash; & mdash; Blancpain Movement Factory ( (Formerly known as Frederic Piguet movement factory), bold innovation and unremitting pursuit of complex machinery, has consolidated its position in the pyramid industry in the watch industry. Most of the early customers of the Blancpain movement factory are some of the most familiar top watch brands.Due to the first-class quality, elegant internal structure, perfect engineering and polishing, at the same time, the delicate arrangement and compatibility in the structure make Blancpain treasure The movement provided by Perl is also easily reorganized. After more than 150 years of baptism, it still stands proudly at the top of the world’s movement factories.

Models wear Blancpain’s new 2010 watch
Inheriting the classics, leading the future
2010 marks the 275th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain and his expertise in watchmaking in the small Jura mountain town of Villeret, Switzerland. Blancpain officially unveiled three new masterpieces at this precious commemorative moment: Le Brassus series carrousel minute repeater, equipped with the world’s first carrousel church bell clock movement, pushing innovative and complex crafts to the top; new works by Villeret series Reinterpreting Blancpain’s moon phase watch combining traditional and low-key lines with superb technology; and the new generation of L-evolution series watches with weekly function indication of complex craftsmanship. These new masterpieces will also land in Beijing one by one to meet the watch lovers.

Models wear Blancpain’s new 2010 watch
Le Brassus series car repeater
Le Brassus’s new work uses a one-minute floating Carrousel movement unique to Blancpain two years ago. This technology set a lot of records at the time and was amazing worldwide. Only a few watch factories in the world have the ability to produce 100% self-made minute repeater movements, and Blancpain has been based on the altarpiece for nearly three centuries, becoming the only church bell device that can be developed, and it can also be used with a one-minute floating card. Russell’s perfect blend. Blancpain has infused many innovative technologies into this remarkable movement, including the development of a new system that allows the church bell structure to be fixed in the case to produce a beautiful sound, while rotating when the watch is running Crown, this system can completely protect the movement from damage. In addition, in order to match this complex movement, the rose gold plywood and the bottom part of the watch model are meticulously hand-crafted.
The new Villeret collection

The new Villeret collection draws on the extraordinary aesthetics and sophisticated craftsmanship of Blancpain watches since the 1980s. Through the great efforts of Blancpain in the development of movements in the past few years, watchmaking technology has reached its peak. The Villeret series is the ultimate expression of tradition and classic. Except for the use of Blancpain’s famous double bezel and classic faceplate, all elements are appropriately integrated into the new model, reinterpreting Blancpain style with a delicate and deep design. This new Villeret model will also be equipped with a 30-year-old, representative complex function & mdash; full-calendar moon phases, and modified in many details. The new work will be equipped with a 66R9 automatic movement with an 8-day power reserve. The new Villeret series will also launch manual and automatic watches, using Blancpain’s exclusive hand-made caliber 13R0, equipped with manual winding 8-day power reserve.

L-evolution 8-Day Long Power Weekly Calendar Shows Complex Watch

In 2010, the new L-evolution will be presented with a weekly calendar, equipped with an automatic movement and an 8-day power reserve. The surface is equipped with a day indicator and a large date window.