Artistic Transformation Of Extraordinary Watch Aesthetics Jacques Rodriguez 2017 Basel New Products Touring Exhibition Beijing Station Kicks Off

Beijing on August 11, 2017, because of the light rain, the temperature is much cooler than usual. In the morning, I was invited to SKP, a luxury shopping mall in Beijing, because there are some surprises waiting for me. At the beginning of the Basel Watch Fair, I didn’t have time to rush to the Jacques Dro exhibition room to see this year’s new works because of the rush of time. It is a pity that I will bring the new products to China this time. If you have loved watches for many years, then you will not be unfamiliar with Jacques Dro. It is a true art master in the watch industry. It is very good at enamel crafts, gold carvings, gold foil carvings, rare material inlays and mechanical activity puppets. Call it ‘the youth of literature and art.’ This time the new product tour exhibition, Jacques Dro brings some very interesting works, of course, also shows some of the ‘killers’ that truly show Jacques Dro watchmaking. Next, please follow my footsteps and experience Jacques Dro ‘Literary and artistic’ literacy.

In fact, there are several birdcage-shaped ornaments in the store. The design is derived from the famous birdcage clock in Jacques Dro’s history.
   The Jacques de Roux brand was born in 1738 and is one of the earliest horological brands we currently know. At that time, pocket watches and clocks still dominated the world. Jacques de Lo founder, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, produced with great ingenuity. Wang Tinggui praised the endless mechanical clocks and became famous in Europe’s high society. Jacques Droe is also the earliest watch brand to establish a relationship with the Chinese court. At present, the clocks and watches made by Jacques Droe are still stored in the Forbidden City, and the mechanical activity puppet musicians, painters and calligraphers that Jacques Dro has made are listed as machinery Art treasures have been exhibited in many cities including Paris, Geneva and Beijing, representing the highest achievements of Jacques Dro.

   In the 18th century, Jacques Drogh produced a very artistic pocket watch. The hours, minutes, and seconds on the dial are displayed in an ‘8’ shape. Today, Jacques Drogh represents a successful and balanced ‘8’. A large number of new design elements have been incorporated into the font panel, giving this classic panel a new look. In 2017, Jacques Droe added the date display and moon phase functions to the large seconds watch. In addition to maintaining the elegant balance of the ‘8’, it also added practical features and a newly upgraded astronomical astrology Artistic beauty.

Jacques de Rouge large enamel moon phase seconds hand watch
   This watch is the star work of Jacques Dro’s new product this year, because it is in line with the extraordinary characteristics of Jacques Dro’s master of art. The watch uses a warm and luxurious 18K rose gold case with a Jacques Dro hand-rolled alligator leather strap, which is obviously a very high-end watch. The surface of the plate is fired by Jacques de Ivory white glazing fire enamel technology, which can maintain a long-lasting color. The enamel technology is also an art decoration technique commonly used in early court products. It has been circulated so far only a few masters can fire perfect enamel products. Top enamel products are highly sought after by collectors, and Jacques Droe has produced many enamel craft watches as early as the 18th century. Different from previous years, Jacques Droux’s new large second hand watch in 2017 has added a set of precise moon phase display system. The moon phase disc uses copper as the base material, and blue enamel is used for the night sky pattern. The moon and stars embedded in red gold are exquisite. At the same time, by increasing the number of moon phase disk teeth and the deceleration structure, the precision moon phase can achieve an accuracy of only one day in 122 years. The reason why this is a watch that is very in line with the characteristics of Jacques Droux’s art masters is because Jacques Droe’s iconic element is the seven-pointed star, starry sky, and stars. These are the imagery of time that Jacques Dro appreciates.

Jacques de Rouge grey satin sun-print date large seconds watch
   In addition, Jacques de Loire also brought a basic date large seconds hand watch with a diameter of 43 mm and an extremely wide field of view. The watch has a stainless steel case with a grey forged sunray dial, and a date indicator is added to the seconds dial. Obviously, this is a watch suitable for daily wear. The discriminating ‘8’ dial echoes Jacques Droe’s ‘lucky number’.

Jacques Dross stainless steel large seconds sports watch
   Of course, Jacques de Ronaldo does not just make art watches, it also has its own sports watch-the large seconds sports series. We know that the Jacques Dro large second hand sports watch in the past will frequently use the Geneva bar decoration to enhance its rhythm. This year’s new sports watch, with a more restrained satin vertical texture decorative dial, is more subtle. Similarly, the case of the watch is still bold and masculine. The bezel has two pawl designs to highlight the sense of movement. Both the bezel and the case are polished with satin instead of polishing. The dial still has an ‘8’ shape. Metal frame, and symmetrical left and right fixed metal pieces. In addition, the previous Jacques Rodriguez sports watch has three types of straps, namely a strap, a metal bracelet and a rubber strap. This year, a new fabric strap with internal padding was added.

Left: Jacques Dross large leaf engraved enamel seconds watch
Right: Jacques Dross small gold dial engraved enamel dial
   Of course, as the Qixi Festival is approaching, there are also a couple of watches in the exhibits this time, the gold foil carved enamel watches from Jacques Dro Art Workshop. The gold leaf enamel carving technique is currently the most representative art decoration method of Jacques Droe. It is characterized by embedding gold leaf in the traditional enamel firing process, which brings a luxurious artistic beauty. The gold foil carving itself needs rigorous manufacturing technology to show the ideal shape and three-dimensional impression on the extremely thin precious metal. The two unique and long-established handicrafts are fused with each other in the Jacques Dro Art Workshop to create a more powerful visual experience.

Jacques Dross eccentric large seconds hand watch
   In addition to men’s watches, Jacques Dro’s women’s watches also have a very deep knowledge. An aventurine eccentric large second hand watch meets the discerning eyes of contemporary women. The watch is 39 mm in diameter and the dial is made of aventurine. With the special texture of this material, it can create a quiet night sky effect, and can ‘flash’ in the light, like a vast star. The bezel is set with 176 diamonds and weighs 1.19 carats. The ‘8’ dial has been redesigned to form a diagonally symmetrical layout, thus maintaining the balance of individuality.

Gold carved koi hour and minute dial watch in the jacques de ros art workshop
   In 2015, Jacques de Lo launched a watch with a distinctive oriental element-the hour-diving small dial gold engraved koi watch. There are two models-18K white gold and 18K red gold. In this tour, Jacques de Lo also showed this old work again. Koi carp means rich and auspicious and longevity in Chinese culture. The carp leaping through the dragon gate means flying yellow, and Jacques de Lo will be a natural koi swim Under the water between the reed lotus, the natural scene is fixed in the dial by means of blue translucent enamel, handmade gold carving, and mother-of-pearl inlay. The three koi are aligned with each other in a very mysterious way, with the meaning of eternal, endless and reciprocating.

Jacques de Ronaldo Elegant Flower 8
   Another unique watch, also launched in 2015, Jaquidro’s elegant 8 series flower rhyme watch, this watch shows that Jaquidro not only cleverly captures the unique vision of beauty and delicate objects, but also The artistic creation is transformed into the aesthetics of the wrist, integrated into the Jakodro mechanical action puppet installation, showing the extraordinary achievements of Jakodro’s art watchmaking. The two rings overlap to form Jacques Dro’s iconic number 8, and the lower ring displays a butterfly with wings spread. The butterfly is decorated with translucent red enamel hand-painted carved wings and a guilloché dial. A lotus flower is displayed in the ring above. Lotus flower in the eastern culture means Ning He and Qing Ya, and it is also regarded as a holy flower. The petals are carefully sculpted to show the natural outline of the lotus, and the inside is covered with enamel, bringing the pure texture of the lotus from pink to white. When you press the start button at 2 o’clock, the lotus flower slowly blooms, revealing the diamond flower heart. The interesting thing is that the diamond flower heart will slowly rotate as the lotus flower opens and closes. This innovative structure, thanks to Jakodro’s elaborate mechanical action puppet device, when the button at 2 o’clock is pressed, the small internal winder is wound. When the button is released, the lotus starts to bloom and the diamond heart rotates For a total of about 8 seconds. This device is not connected to the movement time system of the movement, so it does not consume the movement time energy of the movement, and does not affect the accuracy of the movement time.

   If art is the source of your inspiration, and if time means a lot to you, then Jacques de Ronaldo deserves your good taste. The watches brought by this new exhibition will continue until the 20th of this month. Interested friends can go to Jacques Dro Beijing SKP store to see, these new products will be transferred from Beijing.