Animals Also Love Carnival Of The Jungle King

A colorful Christmas carnival is coming. Even the cold and haze in winter is difficult to hide the joy and restlessness of the festival, as if all life is waiting for a carnival start instruction, waiting for release and a new beginning. In the wild jungle, there is an animal kingdom, and in the world of high jewelry and fine watches, there is also an animal kingdom. Whether it is a lion, eagle, cheetah with a kingly style, or a beautiful butterfly, whether it is a cute panda, penguin, marine life, or a mysterious spirit snake, weird hedgehog and snail … Many of them are born for the festival Born to commemorate, they didn’t breathe, but they can acutely smell the breath of the festival, and they are also waiting for the Christmas carnival.

  The Christmas party of the gorgeous animal world is about to begin …
Carnival Night The Return of the King
   Whether it is a lion born with mighty power, a tiger that has always been the only one who has the sole honor, or an eagle that is proud of the world, and a mysterious and light mysterious cheetah, they are born kings in the world of fine jewelry and watches. Obviously, there are more than one king on this Christmas carnival night.

Patek Philippe Royal Tiger 950 Platinum Self-Winding Collection
   This Patek Philippe tiger is the absolute king. Diamond hour markers and dials invite masters of wood inlays. Using the traditional wood inlay craftsmanship of classical European high-class furniture, the finest fibers with the best luster are taken from hundreds of precious woods. The craftsmanship is inlaid into a lifelike tiger head pattern, with a grim and majestic look.

   950 platinum case, exquisite inlay wood tiger pattern dial. 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement, 27 gems, white gold hands, diamond hour markers. Model 5077P.

Piaget PIAGET ALTIPLANO metal micro-engraved watch
   This PIAGET ALTIPLANO metal micro-engraved watch is a Piaget Secrets & Lights– A Mythical Journey by Piaget series watch. The sculpted Leone di S. Maico on the platinum dial is the symbolic beast of Venice. In Venice, Italy, the San Marco lion symbolizes the patron saint. At the same time, the San Marco lion has also become a source of inspiration for future generations.
   18K white gold case, 40 mm diameter. Mythical Journey logo is printed on the sapphire crystal transparent caseback. Piaget 830P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of about 60 hours. Black alligator strap with platinum pin buckle, limited to 8 pieces. Engraved with independent number G0A40589.

   This Piaget Watch is inspired by the eagle of the Samarkand Desert, an ancient oriental city. The eagle has always arrogantly despised everything in the world, and it is the king who overrides the world. The earl master of eagle shell carved a majestic ivory fossil as the background, and captured the king’s stance of the eagle with the micro-carving process, and completed this Lights of Samarkand series of high-end watches.
   18K rose gold case, 40mm. Mythical Journey logo is printed on the sapphire crystal transparent caseback. Piaget 830P ultra-thin manual winding movement with a power reserve of about 60 hours. Limited edition of 18. Engraved with independent number G0A40611.

Cartier RÊVES DE PANTHÈRES Cheetah Decorative Watch
    The cheetah created by Cartier is the most vital. For Cartier, it is already a living being. This Cartier RÊVES DE PANTHÈRES cheetah decoration watch is a day and night display watch. On the diamond-paved dial, three cheetahs dressed with lacquered spots are standing, watching the sunrise and the moon change, such as an illusion of time and space. Landscape, magnificent and dreamy. 9916 MC automatic mechanical movement drive.

Left to right:
Cartier Cheetah Necklace, 18K Yellow Gold, Onyx, Black Lacquer, Citrine, Tsavorite Garnet, Diamond.
Cartier cheetah ring, 18K yellow gold, black lacquer, onyx, tsavorite garnet.

Cartier Cheetah Necklace, 18K White Gold, Crystal, Onyx, Diamond.

    Cartier’s cheetah in the world of high-end jewelry, the meaning of the return of the king, more broad space, more freedom and gallop.
    Do these mighty jungle kings also shock you? Christmas is approaching, the King has returned, what are you waiting for!