Alex Lee Joins Iwc Iwc New York Boutique

New York has always been a gathering place for various famous watches in the world, and this time Alex Lee joins IWC’s boutiques on Madison Avenue and 54th Avenue in New York, making this watch paradise more attractive. force. Let’s explore the mystery of IWC New York stores with Alex Lee.

At the entrance of the store is a row of white sofas for customers to rest and enjoy various watches. Although it is enough to attract people at the entrance, the layout inside still makes people look at it at first glance. The beautiful layout of the entire store is like a utopian IWC, letting all IWC watch fans are obsessed with this. Not only that, this is also the world’s largest IWC watch store, standing on Madison Street, 54th Avenue, with a total of 3,000 square feet on the upper and lower floors, making it an excellent place for watch collectors.
The whole store presents a club-like feel, displaying a variety of leather and wooden sofas and chairs, which complement the artistic photos hanging on the wall. This is a paradise for rest and appreciation of watches, although it opened last year, But this shop has a wide variety of watches on display, which is dizzying.
IWC CEO Georges Kern said at the opening ceremony, ‘The opening of this flagship store has special significance for us. It not only reflects our unique identity, but also provides customers with a different consumption experience and unique decoration. It also marks our return to the cultural heritage of the United States. We sincerely look forward to visiting our customers here and inviting them to experience the spirit and concepts of all nations.
About Alex Lee
Alex Lee was born and raised in New York. He has a passion for watches since he was a child. When he grew up, his love for watches began to turn into a career passion, becoming a professional watch lover and watch retailer.