About 200,000 Two Breguet Classic Watches Beijing Quotes

Breguet watch, I always think it is a pedigree watch brand, the name Breguet exists for the royal family, Breguet’s works pursue dignity, refinement, low-key and simple, just It is this that has attracted the royal families of France and Britain. Since the creation of Breguet, each timepiece produced has an independent number, which can be used by collectors to determine its authenticity and origin. In addition, Breguet’s pit pattern frame ‘breguet pointer’, Breguet digital scale, manual Many features, such as the engraved dial and hidden signature, show the Breguet timepiece’s subtle detail modification process and make it stand out from other brands. Today I will bring you the Beijing market of 2 Breguet classic watches.

Breguet Heritage Series 7027BR / G9 / 9V6

In-store public price: 205,000 (collection time November 2014)
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Watch Series: Traditional
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 37 mm
Watch details: Series 7027, this is a watch to pay tribute to the classic. Functionally, in addition to the time and minute display, the watch also has a double-sided kinetic energy display device. The basic structure of the antique watch is retained in the design. The wheel structure is all placed on the dial. The middle barrel is arranged next to the barrel. The three, four and four wheels are neatly arranged below the barrel. The large balance wheel becomes A major feature of the series. Parachute suspension design is also known as hard suspension. The launch of this watch has special significance for Breguet, and it can also be said to be the most important symbol of Breguet’s resurrection, so Breguet decided to make Tradition into a rich product series, and later there were 70X7 and so on. Watch.

Breguet Heritage 5177BB / 29 / 9v6

In-store public price: 186,800 (collection time November 2014)
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Watch Series: Heritage Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch details: 5177 This way, Breguet’s classicism and traditional style can be completely conveyed in such a simple and elegant design. This classic three-handed watch almost completely preserves all the cutting-edge elements of the Breguet Classique series, with a pitted case with a transparent case back and welded lugs; a silver-plated dial with gold plate and hand-engraved guilloché And the enamel treatment is fired with big fire; the blue steel Breguet pointer has the characteristic ‘eccentric moon curve’ decoration, and so on.

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Availability: Yes
Dealer Name: Beijing Baodi Store
Dealer address: Sete Shopping Center, 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-65158018

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