Coming To France Is Inescapable To Be Romantic Breguet Classic Gentleman Tour

BREGUET Classic Tour, which debuted in London, England in October 2017, following Seoul, Korea, Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, Brussels, Italy, Milan, Taiwan, Japan Tokyo, Madrid, Spain, Munich, Germany, and now come to New York, USA and the famous place of Breguet: Paris, France. In each country, special films were filmed before the event, showing the beauty and culture of each country, which kicked off the classic event of the local event.

Exterior of the Breguet flagship store and museum in Paris, France

Paris Station visited the famous Place Vendôme, Petit Trianon Palace, and Father Lachaise Cemetery and other places with deep roots in the legend of Breguet. French craftsmanship. This classic gentleman’s exploration journey combines tradition and modernity, which reflects the high insistence of Breguet in the pursuit of extreme precision. Among them, the silicon material is integrated into many watches to enhance accuracy. ‘Beauty Classic Tour’ will be a great experience to explore the aesthetics of life with such a historical and outstanding watch factory.
The departure of Master Breguet from his hometown of Neuchâtel in Neuchâtel to France is the most important turning point in the history of the brand. Thanks to Master Breguet’s excellent technology, Paris became the watchmaking capital of the time. From this county to the next, every place has heard of Breguet’s reputation. For example, Master Breguet was the first watchmaker to open a workshop in Fanden Plaza. To this day, the museum and specialty stores in Vanden Plaza still have a history of historical transactions that has not been interrupted since the end of the 18th century. .

Interior view of the Breguet flagship store and museum in Paris, France (6 Place Vendome)

The Musée des Arts et Métiers National Craft Museum, regarded as a treasure trove of craftsmanship during the French Revolution, houses the achievements of the five generations of the Breguet family, from watchmaking and telegraph rights to the flying industry. The biplane developed by Louis Charles Breguet in 1911 is being displayed here with the Clément Ader aircraft and the ‘Blelio 11’ flying over the English Channel in 1909.
Facing the Louvre, it is located on the left bank of the Seine and became the Collège des Quatre-Nations of the French Academy in 1795. The Four Nations Academy consists of five faculties, with fan-shaped rooms on both sides of the dome of the chapel connected to the exhibition halls on both sides . Master Breguet taught here at a young age and took private lessons that would change his life in the future. Master Breguet also returned to the Academy as a member of the French Academy of Sciences at the end of his career.
39 Quai de l’ Horloge Watches Embankment 39 is where Breguet decided to start a family and open a workshop. It is located in the industrial area of ​​Xidi Island, the gathering place of silver craftsmen, pasta craftsmen, sewing and case factories at the time, which is the center of Paris, occupying the advantages of the ‘new bridge’ in the city. The interior of the house is full of defects in Henry IV architecture, the walkways are very narrow, the stairs are crooked, and the light is not as full as the Geneva Watchmaking Workshop. However, in such a building, a thought and style that would change the art of watchmaking was born. Rue Bréguet, with a different accent than the Breguet name due to a misunderstanding, opened a dramatic history not far from the Bastille square. Master Breguet experienced Bastille Day on July 14, 1789 at a close distance. Although the French Revolution has just begun, Master Breguet put down his work to show his position in support of national development. Not long afterwards, Master Breguet realized that the revolution was intensifying, so he intelligently chose to leave and return to his homeland, Switzerland, until 1795, before returning to Paris where he had lived a long life. You haven’t been to Paris without visiting the Palace of Versailles and Queen Anthony’s Palace. It was restored in two years under the support of Baodi, which reappeared the glory and splendor of that year.
Each of Breguet’s timepieces is precious. Since the brand was founded in Quai de l’ Horloge in Paris in 1775, each watch has been engraved with a unique number. Before the Qixi Valentine’s Festival is coming, through the famous moon phase men’s and women’s watches of Breguet, it will continue the long history and deep cultural heritage, showing classic and elegant romantic feelings.

Out of respect for tradition, the dial of this Classique 7787 Moon Phase Profit and Loss watch is made with Great Fire enamel technology, which is decorated with Breguet digital hour markers.

Classique 7787 Moon Phase Profit and Loss Watch with central hour, minute and second hands, and two more complex functions: moon phase profit and loss at 12 o’clock and power reserve display at 3 o’clock. The power reserve is displayed with a slender pointer, which is easier to read in addition to simplicity and elegance. The watch is equipped with a 591 DRL self-winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 3.02 mm, which is the most compact movement in its class. The movement is equipped with a dual barrel, which provides a 38-hour power reserve for the watch, as well as a silicon escapement and a balance spring. Silicon is a material with many advantages: its extremely light weight has better shock resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and requires no lubricant.

Classique 7787

18K white gold material / 591DRL self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / moon phase display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 39mm / reference price: 220,000 RMB
Another tribute to the brand is its tradition dating back to 1790: the minute scale of the watch is a tiny star, and the five minute scale is a French iris. The power reserve is decorated with small arrow scales, inspired by the decoration of the dial number 1 92 in 1785. The dials are made of pure gold, and they are hand-engraved or decorated with enamel, depending on the version. All the checkered engraving work is hand-made using the ancient skills passed down by Mr. Bao Di over 200 years ago. Out of respect for tradition, the faceplate of this Classique 7787 Moon Phase Profit and Loss Watch is made with Great Fire Enamel Technology, which is decorated with Breguet digital hour markers.

The Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087 moon phase watch inherits the classic style of the Breguet moon phase watch, a romantic moon phase function specially created for women

The moon phase display is one of the most popular complication for women. Beautiful and romantic, poetic and charming, like a bright moon hanging on the wrist. The Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087 moon phase watch reflects the anthropomorphic moon phase with a faint smile, no matter whether it is cloudy or rainy, there is moonlight.

Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087

18K rose gold material / 537L self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / moon phase display / mother-of-pearl dial / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 30mm / reference price: 180,000 RMB
The famous Breguet-style hand, originated from the invention of Breguet master in 1783. It is characterized by a pinpoint round hollow, the design concept comes from the apple that symbolizes the source of wisdom, and it is fired with blue steel technology, which contrasts with the beautiful moon. . The bezel is decorated with gorgeous round diamonds, which contrasts with the light and shadow and lines of the coin pattern on the side of the case. The round case of the classic Classique series is made of luxurious and low-key 18K rose gold. The straight table is 30 mm, which is suitable for delicate and classic Women, as well as machine-engraved mother-of-pearl with Roman numerals and hour-markers. Not only is the gorgeous and feminine appearance, the movement of the Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9087 moon watch is not simple. It is equipped with a silicon escapement and a balance spring 537L automatic mechanical movement, showing Breguet’s watchmaking technology achievement. The sapphire crystal case back can admire the Geneva watch movement bridge and the K gold automatic disk decorated with machine-engraved wheat ears. Each detail can confirm the meticulous craftsmanship of Breguet.

Gucci Watch Gucci Handmaster Automatic Winding Men’s Watch

Gucci watch jewelry is pleased to add a new series for its high-end watch products, both for men and women. The Handmaster collection embodies a series of exquisite watchmaking techniques at Gucci’s own production base in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Here, Italian style meets Swiss quality; all watches are assembled by hand, and the creation of each timepiece is meticulous.

   The men’s model uses the GP3300 movement with a 46-hour power reserve; the ladies’ model uses the GP2700 movement with a 36-hour power reserve; the movement is supplied by the Sowind watch factory. Each watch has a transparent back cover and vivid internal mechanisms, including an automatic oscillating weight engraved with Gucci’s signature Diamante diamond pattern.

   The Gucci Handmaster men’s model (32.5 x 33 mm) has a polished stainless steel rectangular case with slightly beveled sides to give the watch a three-dimensional feel. The distinctive surface makes the watch look more retro: black sunburst decoration, the well-known Diamante diamond pattern, and classic silver Roman numerals and hands. Core functions include a date display at the center of the hour and two hour scales, a power reserve indicator at 5 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. Black surface with black crocodile leather strap and horse buckle clasp. Inherits Gucci’s original use of equestrian details.

   Gucci’s new Handmaster collection is exquisite and practical. It is an example of elegance, and its adherence to traditional and exquisite handcraft skills is icing on the cake. This series once again confirms the excellence of Gucci watch jewelry in the field of precision watchmaking.

Jacques Droz’s New Moon Phase Watch Chants Gorgeous Praise

The bright and bright moon in the vast night sky has been chanted by countless people. Li Bai once wrote poems that compared the moon to a jade plate, giving mankind infinite reverie. Jaquet Droz The Eclipse watch series invites the moon again this fall. The round face of the watch is like the most poetic dreamland, and it has the most elegant interpretation of the moon-showing its quality and being shocked.

 As a veritable pioneering work in the horological industry, Jacques Dro Moon Phase Watches, in addition to displaying the date, month, and year, are also equipped with moon phase profit and loss display for all astronomers, explorers and artists. On the dial, a moon inspired by a nineteenth-century engraving print appears behind the disc with a smiley face. Day after day, the moon phase indicator shows the latest moon phase in the early morning hours, guarding this remarkable timepiece in its unique form. With outstanding mechanical properties and pleasing visual enjoyment, the watch shows its extremely pure and extreme beauty. Eight glittering stars embellish it, and its design is inspired by the lucky numbers of the watch factory, but also by Jacques Dro’s precious star logo.
Mother of Pearl Moon Phase Watch (THE ECLIPSE MOTHER-OF-PEARL)
 The Eclipse Mother-of-Pearl watch also presents complex timepiece functions in new dimensions. This iconic watch has been redesigned with a 39mm diameter to meet the expectations of brand followers.

 In addition to the time, date, day of the week, and month display, the golden moon round at six o’clock with the opening and closing of white mother-of-pearl reveals the moon. The moon appears or disappears, and the light and shade overlap until it disappears completely. The entire dial is dotted with a beautiful view of the sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand).
 The light of diamonds inlaid in the white gold case and the exquisite dial pattern of this new moon phase watch complement each other and sparkle, giving the fans of poetic watches a refined elegance.
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K white gold case with 248 diamonds (1.68 carats)
39 mm self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
Central hour and minute hands and date display
Date and month window at 12 o’clock
Moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Grey Hand-Crimmed Woven Satin Strap
39 mm diameter
Ivory Grand Enamel watch THE ECLIPSE IVORY ENAMEL
 The Eclipse Ivory Enamel watch is a tribute to Jacques Droda’s pinnacle of high-end watches and craftsmanship in a pure and acute aesthetic perspective, in the shock of classicist patterns and patterns. The first is the ‘Grand Feu’ dial. The brand’s know-how born in time and night requires the craftsmen’s extreme focus and precise control of the weather, which are essential for casting this dial, which is unique in color and texture. On this beautiful ‘white paper’, 8 stars and a bright moon are engraved in red gold. Design inspiration from the 18th century exemplifies the origin of the brand and its preference for decorative arts since the Enlightenment. The beautiful stars in the night are faintly visible behind a white onyx carved hairspring adjuster, bringing the intricate poetry to every transformation of the moon phase display.

 This visual feast of Seiko’s complex timepieces comes with endless luxury. The day and month display windows are located on the upper part of the dial, while an elegant snake-shaped hand with a crescent on top indicates the date along a circle of red gold case. The slender hour and minute hands also rotate in the same path, and the sharp contours and classic lines highlight the outstanding harmony of this watch.
White ‘Grande Feu’ Grand Fire Enamel Dial
18K Red Gold Case and Inlay
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
Central hour and minute hands and date display
Date and month window at 12 o’clock
Moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Alligator leather strap
39 mm diameter

Bauper Unveiled Its New Series In Basel

This summer, Blancpain will bring its new Basel products to this year’s Beijing Xinguang Tiandi. It will be held for ten days starting from July 20th, with a theme of ‘Legacy and Heritage, Leading the Future’. The location of this watch exhibition in Beijing’s Xinguang Tiandi will also set a precedent for the industry, presenting for the first time in the country, the world’s oldest watch brand in the whole series of Basel. In 2008, Blancpain was honored to be the first modern watch to be collected since the establishment of the Palace Museum, and will be permanently stored in the Clock Museum of the Palace Museum. At the same time, Blancpain has become the only watch brand settled in the Palace Museum so far. As a manufacturer of top-level timepieces, Blancpain watches have long been favored by many national celebrities, movie stars, sports celebrities and other celebrities. In politics, the most famous is Russian Prime Minister Putin. Putin likes watches, especially Blancpain Blancpain watches made with deep understanding of precision machinery.

Mr. Andre Meier, Global Vice President and Sales Director of Blancpain, Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China & ldquo; Blancpain 2010 Basel New Products Exhibition & rdquo; Unveiled
As a flagship department store that brings together the world’s top brands, department stores and restaurants with national flavors, Xinguang Tiandi, with a construction area of ​​180,000 square meters, has attracted 938 brands from all over the world. BlancPAIN store located on the first floor of Shin Kong Place follows its original European neoclassical style shop layout. The design is inspired by the source of the Jura Valley. The deep wood tones presented by the solid wood walls and the field-style window panels of the table cabinets reflect the tranquil atmosphere of this distant country in Switzerland.
As the first stop of BLANCPAIN in China, it will present its legendary watchmaking legend and a brand-new watch equipped with 11 new movements developed by the master in the past four years. Guests will experience first-hand the perfect pursuit of watch art by the oldest Swiss watch brands.

Models wear Blancpain’s new 2010 watch
BLANCPAIN creates legends among legends
For the most classic and most representative movements in the world’s top mechanical watches, BLANCPAIN has contributed a lot. Since the brand was founded, it respects and follows the 100-year-old Swiss traditional manual craftsmanship.It perfectly integrates tradition and innovation, and has created many perfect works of Blancpain: whether it is its beautiful activities The super-complicated watch 1735, the mysterious and charming one-minute coaxial caroline, or its solid-looking fifty-five series diving watch, or its ultra-thin Villeret series, all tell us about BLANCPAIN Legend.
However, behind these legends there is another little-known “ Legend ”: that is a factory established in 1858 and known for producing high-quality movements. & Mdash; & mdash; Blancpain Movement Factory ( (Formerly known as Frederic Piguet movement factory), bold innovation and unremitting pursuit of complex machinery, has consolidated its position in the pyramid industry in the watch industry. Most of the early customers of the Blancpain movement factory are some of the most familiar top watch brands.Due to the first-class quality, elegant internal structure, perfect engineering and polishing, at the same time, the delicate arrangement and compatibility in the structure make Blancpain treasure The movement provided by Perl is also easily reorganized. After more than 150 years of baptism, it still stands proudly at the top of the world’s movement factories.

Models wear Blancpain’s new 2010 watch
Inheriting the classics, leading the future
2010 marks the 275th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Jehan-Jacques Blancpain and his expertise in watchmaking in the small Jura mountain town of Villeret, Switzerland. Blancpain officially unveiled three new masterpieces at this precious commemorative moment: Le Brassus series carrousel minute repeater, equipped with the world’s first carrousel church bell clock movement, pushing innovative and complex crafts to the top; new works by Villeret series Reinterpreting Blancpain’s moon phase watch combining traditional and low-key lines with superb technology; and the new generation of L-evolution series watches with weekly function indication of complex craftsmanship. These new masterpieces will also land in Beijing one by one to meet the watch lovers.

Models wear Blancpain’s new 2010 watch
Le Brassus series car repeater
Le Brassus’s new work uses a one-minute floating Carrousel movement unique to Blancpain two years ago. This technology set a lot of records at the time and was amazing worldwide. Only a few watch factories in the world have the ability to produce 100% self-made minute repeater movements, and Blancpain has been based on the altarpiece for nearly three centuries, becoming the only church bell device that can be developed, and it can also be used with a one-minute floating card. Russell’s perfect blend. Blancpain has infused many innovative technologies into this remarkable movement, including the development of a new system that allows the church bell structure to be fixed in the case to produce a beautiful sound, while rotating when the watch is running Crown, this system can completely protect the movement from damage. In addition, in order to match this complex movement, the rose gold plywood and the bottom part of the watch model are meticulously hand-crafted.
The new Villeret collection

The new Villeret collection draws on the extraordinary aesthetics and sophisticated craftsmanship of Blancpain watches since the 1980s. Through the great efforts of Blancpain in the development of movements in the past few years, watchmaking technology has reached its peak. The Villeret series is the ultimate expression of tradition and classic. Except for the use of Blancpain’s famous double bezel and classic faceplate, all elements are appropriately integrated into the new model, reinterpreting Blancpain style with a delicate and deep design. This new Villeret model will also be equipped with a 30-year-old, representative complex function & mdash; full-calendar moon phases, and modified in many details. The new work will be equipped with a 66R9 automatic movement with an 8-day power reserve. The new Villeret series will also launch manual and automatic watches, using Blancpain’s exclusive hand-made caliber 13R0, equipped with manual winding 8-day power reserve.

L-evolution 8-Day Long Power Weekly Calendar Shows Complex Watch

In 2010, the new L-evolution will be presented with a weekly calendar, equipped with an automatic movement and an 8-day power reserve. The surface is equipped with a day indicator and a large date window.

Glasutti Original Is Being Updated, Pay Attention To Distinguish Between Old And New When Buying A Watch

Glashütte’s original watches are actually divided into two categories, one is eccentric, and the other is a conventional three-hand watch. Everyone knows that Glashütte Original (GO) watches are usually referred to by the number representing the model of the movement. For example, 39, 100, and 36 refer to the watches in the Senator series (39 also includes the retro series); 65/66 and 90/91 refer to the watches in the eccentric series. In recent years, Glashütte Original does not seem to have launched a ‘major model’, but in fact, GO is conducting a comprehensive update on the MP series. At present, the new 36-calibre has basically completed the old model upgrade. So today I want to tell you more about the current status of the original Glashütte original, in the period of new and old, in order to prevent the wrong purchase.

Glashütte’s original new 36-calendar moon phase MP (top) and Glashütte 66’s eccentricity (bottom).
There are 3 different movements in the Glashütte Collection.
 The three different movements in the MP series are 36, 100 and 39. These three movements have different configurations, and are used on watches at different prices according to different configurations. The configuration of the three movements is as follows:
Glashütte original 36 series movement.

Glashütte original new movement 36.
 Calibre 36 is the latest generation of Glashütte’s original self-winding movement. The size of the 36 movement is 32.3 mm, 27 jewel bearings (junior version), the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power is 100 hours. Caliber 36 is Glashütte’s first original movement using a silicon hairspring, which enhances the antimagnetic capability of the movement. Caliber 36 uses a new type of fine adjustment weight balance (calibre 100 is a lotus balance). Caliber 36 is adjusted in 6 positions, exceeding the 5 position adjustment certified by the Swiss Observatory. The automatic top is wound in both directions, with a power reserve of more than 4 days (100 hours). The decoration of the movement maintains the original and original style of Glashütte, 21K gold gilt automatic tourbillon, double G logo, 3/4 plywood, and gooseneck fine-tuning. Calibre 36 is the latest and most advanced mass-produced movement produced by Glashütte. Mainly used on Glashütte Original MP Excellence watches. Includes the parliamentary member of the parliament of excellence, the big calendar, and the big calendar month (e.g., the word excellence).
Glashütte Original 100 series movement.

Glashütte Original 100 movement.
 Caliber 100 is Glashütte’s original last-generation automatic self-winding movement (100 is the main movement before the launch of 36). The size of the 100 movement is 31.15 mm, the swing frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power is 55 hours. The big calendar version has 51 gem bearings, and the big calendar moon phase version has 55 gem bearings. The decoration of the 100 movement also maintains the original characteristics of Glashütte. 3/4 splint, double G logo, 21K gold Phnom Penh automatic tourbillon, gooseneck fine-tuning. The 100 movement was once Glashütte’s original main movement. It was used on the parliament’s large calendar and large calendar moon phases. It should be noted that the MP-series watches with 100 movements are only called MPs and there is no word for excellence.
Glashütte Original 39 series movement.

Glashütte Original 39 movement.
 Caliber 39 is Glashütte’s original entry-level automatic movement. Mainly used on Glashütte’s original entry models. The movement 39 measures 26 mm in thickness and 4.3 mm in thickness (three-needle version). It has 25 jewel bearings, a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power reserve of 40 hours. Calibre 39 features the characteristics of Glashütte’s original movement, including the double G logo, gooseneck trimming, and 3/4 splint. Movement 39 uses different automatic tops on different watches. In the 1960s of the retro series, the autotop had 21K Phnom Penh. There is no Phnom Penh on the junior pin. The 39 movement is mainly used in the junior junior of the entry model and the retro series.
 From the data of 3 kinds of movements, we can see 3 kinds of movements, 36 configuration is the highest, 100 configuration is the second, 39 configuration is the third. 39 is the original entry model movement of Glashütte. 100 and 36 are the main high-end movements. So after the new 36 movement is launched, 36 will start to become the new main movement.

Glashütte’s original new 36 movement will gradually replace the 100 and 39 movements in the MP series.
The new 36 movement will be the main movement in the Glashütte Original MP series.
 We can see from Glashütte’s original official website that the current MP series includes watches with three movements of 36, 100, and 39. However, the actual situation is that 36 has gradually replaced 100 and 39, becoming the main movement of the original Glashütte original MP series. At present, in the Glashütte original exclusive stores, the MP watches that used the 100 and 39 core movements have gradually retreated to the second line. Give way to an excellent MP watch with the new 36 movement. Please pay more attention when buying a watch. Let me talk about the specific situation.

Glashütte original new 36 large three-pin, pay attention to the use of bar-shaped hour markers, is a new feature.
 Before the launch of the outstanding MP using 36 movements, Glashütte’s original 39 was used on the three-pin version of MP, and 100 was used on the big calendar and big calendar moon phase MP, thus forming a high and low match from the public price.
 After launching the MP 36 watch which uses the movement 36 now, Glashütte’s original 36 is used on the three-hand version, the big calendar, the big calendar moon phase of all MPs, a 36 movement, directly ‘unify the world’. In this way, a 36 is enough.

Glashütte’s original new 36 big calendar, pay attention to the bar hour markers, is the new feature.
 According to the Glashütte Original Store, some members of the previous models of the 100 and 39 movements are no longer displayed, but if you want to buy it, you should still be able to buy it, just not directly in the window. Glashütte Original will reduce the production of 100 and 39 members, mainly 36 outstanding members.
 After replacing the new 36 movement, the original Glashütte watch was upgraded to a member of excellence. The member of the outstanding member series has a steel case price of 69500, a steel case price of 87000, and a steel case date of 99500. The starting price is slightly higher than before (the price of the former three-legged member of 39 movements was 56500). But on the big calendar and big calendar moon phases there is no change in the public price.

Glashütte’s original new 36 large calendar moon phases, the bar-shaped hour markers are the new identifying features.
How to distinguish between old and new models?
 The method of distinguishing the original and new members of Glashütte from the old ones is very simple. You can distinguish them by looking at the dial. Members using the old 39, 100 movements use Roman time stamps; while the outstanding members using the new 36 movement use bar time stamps (three-dimensional or printed), Arabic numeral time scales In short, the new style does not use Roman characters. You can tell at a glance by looking at the disk time scale.

Glashütte’s original 100 calendar moon phases (top), the new 36 calendar moon phases (middle and lower), note that the old models use Roman characters, and the new ones use arrow or bar-shaped time scales.
 Now whether in the primary market or the secondary market, Glashütte Original has both old and new conditions. If you don’t care about the movement, you can buy it at will; if you care about the movement, you should pay attention to distinguishing the old and the new.

When You Buy A Watch, Choose The Brand Or Look At The Material Function

As the question, this is a more tangled issue in any field, whether it is buying watches, cars or digital products, or other things. Between brand and material functions, there will always be There are some trade-offs.

   In fact, for friends who are new to watches, this problem is actually not that difficult, because they have just come into contact with the watch, they are not very familiar with many things, and may not intend to learn more about it, just to buy a daily wearable, My favorite watch, then the material complexity is not so important, but the brand is more critical. In today’s watches, we only talk about mechanical watches, talking about the appearance materials and movements, the appearance can be seen at a glance, what ceramic bezel, luminous scale, diamond setting, enamel dial, polished appearance, alligator leather strap, etc. The appearance of a watch can often account for more than half of the value of the entire watch. Performance of the movement, if we take the ETA movement as the basis, then the self-made special material hairspring, independent shock absorber, higher level of polishing, different patented automatic winding structure, new gear design, homemade capture Vertical mechanism, longer power and other special features. If you buy a watch for the first time, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the movement, because those parameters will not make your watch go over quartz, nor will it make your watch so magical. Instead, it has a good brand, good design and good appearance. It can make this watch have more flavor when you put it on your wrist.

   So what do you choose for a brand? This is very important, in fact, it is not just that you like the design of the brand, so I chose it. Each brand has its own positioning and design style. Although they have different collections, they all focus on the brand’s tone. When choosing a brand, first choose a brand that matches your own personality, not which brand everyone says is right for you. If you are Sven, then don’t choose a brand like Breitling. If you are relatively strong and rough, then Glashütte Original Just don’t choose, the character is more restrained and implicit, then Hublot is not suitable for you. In addition, when choosing a brand, in fact, the other choice is the brand culture and after-sales. If the staff members have a general attitude, don’t read it. If there is a problem in the future, it will be more uncomfortable to find them. Some small brands do not have after-sales centers in China or second- and third-tier cities, so after-sales will be a little troublesome. Now large groups generally provide express delivery for after-sales service, which can also be regarded as a way to solve after-sales. Try to choose the largest brand, there are more branches in various regions of the country, easy to find, the problem is relatively easy to solve.

   In the bezel, because of the different depths of the industry involved, there will be many different opinions. Some people think that the movement is important, some people think that brand and design are more important, and some people think that these are not important. Sincerity is most important, and some people think It’s worth buying. In short, different opinions do not say right or wrong, but they have different perspectives and viewpoints. So it doesn’t matter who you choose to listen to. What’s important is how you want to buy a watch and how to play with it. If you just buy a watch and wear a watch, choose a big name. Don’t think about it so much, the price is right, you like it.

   So when will there be a tangle between brand and material functions? Of course, when the prices are similar, but the two have their strengths in all aspects. For example, if you want to talk about the configuration, you must mention the Omega. The configuration of the Omega watch is very high in technology. In addition to the coaxial escapement, it also uses a large amount of silicon springs, antimagnetic materials, ceramic rings, and its own patented Sedna. Gold, the design is outstanding. From all angles, if you want to buy a sports watch, Omega’s latest seahorse series ‘Deep Ocean Black’, ‘Deep Ocean Blue’ and so on are all extremely high performance watches. The coaxial movement of the hippocampus has a public price of more than 40,000, and at this price, it is almost difficult to find a higher configuration than that. However, from the brand perspective, if the public price is 80,000, some brands have a higher positioning than Omega, such as Parmigiani, the basic models are at this price, as well as Piaget, Blancpain, Girard Perregaux, etc., except for a few In addition to the top brands, many other top brands, the current basic models, have been reduced to less than 100,000. The basic models of these top brands cannot be compared with Omega in terms of configuration at the same price, but they are better known for their brands.

   Obviously, these tables are all called good tables, and the differences themselves are not as great as expected. There was a time when I often reminded myself to de-brand, that is, when you see a watch, judge whether it is a good watch, first do not look at its brand, otherwise the brand impression will be preconceived as soon as you come up. But when it comes to purchasing, brand factors have to be taken into account, or even prioritized. Closer to home, when some good watches appear in front of you, then you should consider what you need. To give a few simple examples, if you are buying a watch for the first time, then I recommend giving priority to the basic models of big brands for a simple reason. When you do n’t know enough about the watch, you may not find those complicated configurations. Their excitement, but the brand is big enough, the basic models are simple and practical, not easy to break, and more meaningful to you.

   If you have played some watches and want to advance, then you can consider some higher configuration watches. For example, if you already have a basic model, then you do not lack a daily watch, so choose some cooler watches, will Bring you different excitement and experience. The same is a chronograph, a chronograph equipped with a cam structure and a chronograph using a column wheel have different feels. The same is a chronograph with a column wheel, the price is different, and the feel is still different. At the same time, some of the chronographs are self-produced and integrated, and some are added after the basic model, so in terms of fun, it is another matter. In addition, when you are used to wearing a steel model, you will find that the ceramic model is too light, and you are no longer used to it, and you feel that it is not weighty, but when you are used to the ceramic model, you feel that the steel model is too heavy and cumbersome. With age, I want some luxury watches. I started to choose watches with diamonds, only to find that some of the diamonds are too small, the setting method is very simple, but it seems stingy, and some watches have not many diamonds, but the setting technology is good, it seems Very atmospheric.

   If you don’t think it is clear enough, let me give you another aspect. You should feel it. Why is it recommended that a friend who buys a watch for the first time chooses the basic model of a big brand? One of the more important points is the after-sales. The watch is different from ordinary gadgets. Its after-sales often cost a lot of money. A simple three-hand watch, compared with the complex model, the failure rate is lower. Even if there is a problem, as long as it is not caused by a balance spring or escapement, other repairs will not be expensive. In addition, in order to maintain their brand image, quality control is still strict. But as soon as you come up, you buy some high-profile watches. Of course, it’s great when you buy them, but once you encounter the after-sales, you will be troublesome. The ceramic bracelet is very easy to wear, but it is easy to break. It can be changed for thousands of times. The watch often returns to zero after being bumped, or the timing is jittering, or it fails to jump to 59 seconds. Repair the chronograph, and if it is not replaced, it is at least 30% more expensive than the ordinary three hands. Pieces, it’s even harder to say. However, if you have been playing with a watch for a while, you have the basic concept of daily wear and maintenance of the watch. Although you cannot lower the after-sale price, it can at least reduce the chance of problems. At the same time, if you are playing with the watch, We can recognize some famous watch repair masters in the industry. Unless it is a relatively big problem or is within the warranty period, if there is a minor illness or disaster, a good folk master can also solve it for you, and the price is not so outrageous, unnecessary Thousands of miles run after sales.
   Therefore, when you buy a watch, choose a brand or choose a material function, in the final analysis, to see what state you are in at this stage, what you want. Summarizing it is very simple. If you have professional or special needs, or you already have some experience with playing watches and want to try different fun, then you can consider choosing a better built-in watch. If you buy a watch for the first time, or the watch is not yours A big hobby, then try to choose a large brand basic model. In addition, if you are already a veteran, I think I have more experience, and welcome to share. Of course, if you can fully afford the tuition fees for playing a watch, then you can play without any of the suggestions above, and play a watch that makes you happy.