Tag Heuer Launches Its First Online Store

TAG Heuer launched its first online store, which will have a wide range of brands and some limited edition watches. The brand said that the online store aims to pay tribute to the brand’s independent stores and will use its ‘lifestyle lounge’ concept to allow shoppers to explore the history of TAG Heuer while shopping.

In addition to watches, the website will also sell other casual lifestyle accessories including TAG Heuer, cufflinks, luggage, trench coats and glasses. However, the mall currently only offers shipping to the United States.
Ulrich Wohn, President of TAG Heuer North America, said: ‘Like TAG Heuer’s eight independent stores in the United States, the newly opened online stores are very humane and will provide shoppers with an exclusive shopping experience.’

Richard Mille’s Best Friend Alexander Zverev Won The Atp Year-end Championship

On November 18th, 21-year-old German tennis star Alexander Zverev defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets to become the Men’s Professional Tennis Association ATP Year-end championship. This is by far the biggest success of his career.

RICHARD MILLE Alexander Zverev

 Zverev, the first German champion since Boris Becker, defeated Djokovic, the world number one, which was unexpected, but he did have that strength. When he raised the trophy, he wore a RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 Automatic watch.

RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 Automatic

 Alexander Zverev wore a RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 Automatic watch, winning the ATP Year-end Finals.

Omega Speedmaster ‘57-news Omega

From manual winding to automatic winding, from a three-ring to a binocular timekeeping layout, whether it is a clever fine-tuning on the appearance or a change in the built-in movement, the new Speedmaster ’57 in the Speedmaster series, Shake the altar again with a coaxial, precise, homemade movement, recreating the glorious lunar history of OMEGA.

Strong athletic character
With a clear brand positioning, you can take the lead before attacking the consumer market! This is indeed true when applied to OMEGA. As early as the 19th century, OMEGA was linked to sports and actively developed the field of sports timing. Not only did it participate in major world events, even the well-known Olympics, it also designated OMEGA as the official timekeeping. According to statistics, the brand has already held 26 Olympics Official timepiece records, such as track and field, swimming, golf, sailing and racing, and other sports, you can see OMEGA almost every important event, such as the recently concluded 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, can be on the scene Seeing the OMEGA Measurement Unit developed by OMEGA, it is set up on each snowmobile and is responsible for all data statistics to provide a reference for the conference and participating teams.
Looking back on the century-old history of the brand, in order to strengthen its adventurous character and sports image, OMEGA can be said to have made a lot of efforts. For example, when the NASA was performing a mission in 1962, OMEGA’s superpower watch happened to be selected on the screen and was selected. Without it, the durability and sturdiness of the Speedmaster is the best choice. Because the Speedmaster series was originally created because OMEGA wanted to make a durable, clear, and easy-to-read practical watch, the ruggedness of the watch itself became the biggest feature of the Speedmaster series, and when the astronauts were in darkness It is one of the indispensable conditions to face the environment of atmospheric pressure difference anytime, anywhere. Therefore, after a series of rigorous tests, the Speedmaster eventually became the official NASA meter. The strength of OMEGA is beyond doubt.
First lunar watch
On October 3, 1962, Wally Schirra wore a Speedmaster for the first time on a Sigma 7 spacecraft for Earth orbit flight. This was also the first record of the moon landing in the history of OMEGA watches.

Subtle changes in hands
In 1957, OMEGA launched the first Speedmaster watch, but it was not until 1962 that the Speedmaster watch was worn for the first time on the moon mission. Therefore, strictly speaking, the true moon landing model was the Speedmaster Accutron Astronaut in 1962, but the first The change of hands of a Speedmaster to the moon landing timepiece is interesting. First of all, in 1957, the first generation of Speedmaster watch number CK2915, its hands are the so-called wide arrow design, different from the common stick-shaped needle design later, the broad arrow pointer with a thick arrow supplemented by a diamond, showing masculine The neat and elegant style. This design is also very common in the Speedmaster series introduced later. The current Speedmaster series uses a variety of pointer designs, some are broad arrows, some are stick-shaped needles, and some are mentioned next. Sword-shaped pointer.
The sword-shaped pointer is a modified design of the Speedmaster watch numbered CK2998 in 1959. Its DNA was later extended to the lunar watch of 1962. Therefore, from a narrow perspective, the sword-shaped pointer is the most authentic moon landing. The prototype of the watch, and the replica of this classic gene also returns to the Speedmaster ’57 watch to be introduced this time.
In addition, I have to mention that Speedmaster ’57 continues the traditional round chronograph button design. It traces back to the original design of the chronograph. The chronograph buttons are round and square. Even before modern and changeable shapes, many players who love old watches. I like the lines of this round button, an elegant and superfluous slender round shape, different from the slightly larger round crown, these two designs with different flavors, coupling the classic and masculine of the watch , This design alone is enough to let people taste it carefully.
1957 CK2915
The watch is equipped with a 321 movement, a remanufactured Lamania 2310 movement, and a vibration frequency of 18,000 vph. At this time, the pointer is designed with a broad sword, and the large and masculine lines occupy the collector’s field of vision, which is quite eye-catching.

1959 CK2998
The hand canceled the wide arrow design and changed to a sword shape. The chronograph second hand tip was changed to a slender arrow shape. The watch body also added an O-ring gasket because of the chronograph button. The diameter of the watch was changed from the original 39mm is slightly enlarged to 40mm.

Using homemade movement
Regardless of the history of the Speedmaster ’57’s moon landing, this sporty stainless steel chronograph is very attractive in appearance, beautiful binocular chronograph, with simple and powerful clear layout, chronograph seconds hand, small right dial The red color on the hands is the finishing touch of Speedmaster.
If you want to trace these classic designs, you may have to start from 1957. The previous article mentioned the history of the hands of the Speedmaster. In addition, in terms of the movement and dial layout, this Speedmaster ’57 also responds to The market changed and made some changes. For example, from the well-known 321 manual winding movement in 1957 and the 861 manual winding movement in 1968 to the 9300 automatic winding movement that is now equipped, the differences from the movement can be dropped by the way. A glimpse of the changes in OMEGA’s brand strategy. From 1970 to 2006, OMEGA could not escape from the curse of the three major general-purpose suppliers of movements. Until 2007, OMEGA released the first self-made movement, 8500. The coaxial escapement movement is handled from design to production, symbolizing a return to the roots of watchmaking, proclaiming to the world, OMEGA is returning to the ranks of Swiss professional watchmakers who design and produce unique cores. Starting from this foundation, the 9300 coaxial escapement movement that was published later injected a new blood, strengthening the prestige of OMEGA’s homemade movement. In addition to the coaxial escapement, the 9300 movement also has the official certification of the COSC Swiss Observatory, uses a column wheel chronograph mechanism, and Omega cardless springs, silicon crystal springs, etc., and has a 4-year warranty. It is a Quite practical movement; and although the case is made of stainless steel, the movement uses a K gold automatic plate and a K gold straddle bridge. This is a very rare practice for the current models on the market today. OMEGA makes a difference in the details and injects new ideas into the seemingly re-engraved traditional design watch. This inadvertently attracts old watch collectors and young players at the same time. It is no wonder that OMEGA’s market performance continues to be excellent.
Multi body material
The Speedmaster ‘57’s case is available in different metal styles, including 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold, and lightweight titanium. This model is available in 18K rose gold with stainless steel two colors, providing users with multiple choices.

Classic + Practical
In terms of appearance change, the first-generation moon watch adopted a three-ring design, while the Speedmaster ’57 used a double-ring design, but the ingenious combination of the right-eye chronograph dial with 12-hour and 60-minute indications, and the right The small-eyed red hands appear in a wide arrow shape, and with the sword-shaped lines of the hour and minute hands, they have mastered all the characteristics of the Speedmaster, adding various innovative elements from the retro, and a slightly technological blue dial. The bright silver of stainless steel, the original interpretation of the refined look of the Speedmaster moon watch. In response to market trends, in addition to stainless steel models, the brand also has 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold, titanium metal, and 18K rose gold with stainless steel two-color styles to choose from. In general, whether it is the change of the top three rings to the binocular layout, or the change of the built-in movement from manual winding to automatic winding, and a vibration frequency of 18,000vph to 28,800vph, OMEGA has become more solid, stable and durable. A big step to become synonymous with high precision timepieces.
With clear eyes
In addition to the accuracy improvement of the 9300 coaxial escapement movement, the models equipped with this movement have a dial design that is significantly different from other brands of the brand, different from the representative Speedmaster, and other OMEGA. The chronograph’s three sub-counters feature a unique layout, while only two sub-counters. The small seconds indication is still on the sub-dial at 9 o’clock, but the 12-hour and 60-minute indications are located on the sub-dial at 3 o’clock, making reading the chronograph time more intuitive. The 6 o’clock date display enhances the clear time reading function of the watch itself. The bright blue dial and red hands make the high-tech atmosphere of Speedmaster ’57 in one go.

Copy Round Button
In the early development of chronographs, this kind of round button design was quite common. However, with the change of history, various distinctive buttons have appeared one after another. Whether it is a square or circular line with strong sports style, this simple The redundant round button design has gradually become scarce, but the Speedmaster ’57 introduced this time has re-engraved the round button design of the first moon landing watch in 1962, making many players who like old watches appreciate this again. A totally retro design. Seen from the side, the lugs that are closely connected to the case are also one of the elements engraved by Speedmaster ’57.

9300 coaxial escapement movement
The balance wheel adopts a card-free design, and its operation is obviously different from that of the conventional slow and fast needle balance of a lever escapement. The round balance wheel is embedded with four small gold adjustment screws, which can be used to adjust the moment of inertia of the balance wheel, thereby changing the timing rate of the watch. This design eliminates the interference effect caused by the contact between the hairspring and the fast and slow needles, ensuring that the coaxial escapement can provide a stable timing rate for a long time. The net effect is reduced friction, which means that almost no lubricant is needed. The coaxial escapement movement has a longer maintenance interval, while the coaxial escapement 9300 uses a silicon crystal hairspring and provides a four-year warranty, which is quite practical and reliable.

Broadsword Hand
The wide-arrow pointer is the design of the first generation of Speedmaster watches. However, the first moon landing watch used sword-shaped hands, so the Speedmaster ’57, which followed the sword design of the first moon landing watch, completely transplanted this element. Coupled with the wide arrow-shaped hands of the right-eye chronograph small dial, it can be said that the two characteristics of the Speedmaster series models are reproduced on the dial; the fine scale around the dial also reproduces the first lunar watch With a retro design, with straight lugs and a solid bracelet extending from the case, the Speedmaster ’57 combines multiple design elements to perfectly reproduce the charming charm of the Speedmaster classic.

Glasutti Perpetual Calendar Watch Model Showing Elegant Temperament

German technology and watchmaking have a long-standing reputation. The watchmakers in the small town of Glashütte, Saxony, have been designing and manufacturing precision timepieces following the tradition since 1845. Very substantial contribution.

  Today, Glashütte watches are blue, and they have launched more excellent works that fully represent the spirit and texture of Germany. The Senator Perpetual Calendar perpetual calendar model in rose gold is one of the best. Crafted by hand in the Glashütte watch factory, it has witnessed the perfect journey of Glashütte watches’ continuous pursuit of mechanical complications and art.

  The rose gold case with matte black face plate, Roman numerals and white minute scale ring on it, you can feel its artistic implications at first glance. Viewed through anti-glare sapphire crystal, the perpetual calendar indication configuration is clear and easy to read, creating a visual golden ratio and extreme harmony.

  The week, month, and Glashütte original large calendar window displayed by it are all presented in black with white Arabic numerals as the base; the moon phase profit and loss disk is also based on black, creating a silvery white bright moon and full moon. Starry sky.

Raymond Weil Classic Master Ladies Series-colorful Symphony

Raymond Weil adds new notes to the 2012 Huacai movement. The brand now launches a new classic master and ladies series watch with a large case with a diameter of 39mm, a visual balance wheel and a high-quality leather strap. It is extremely gentle and feminine, and is available in multiple colors: bright orange, cherry red, Lime green, sky blue, deep sea blue, dark black, beige or beige. From left to right: Maestro self-winding watch with steel balance and orange leather strap with 80 diamonds, Maestro self-winding watch with steel balance and blue leather strap 6 Diamonds, Maestro self-winding visual balance wheel steel with green leather strap 80 diamonds
     A fusion of elegance, softness, and strong style, not fun and unexpected: this is the essence of the classic master and ladies series. Raymond Weil will present a truly colorful symphony for ladies.
     ‘Maestro’ means ‘master’ and refers to a person with high skill. In the field of music, the term master usually refers to a well-respected and distinguished person, such as a composer or conductor. This Swiss watchmaking brand captures the watchmaking enthusiasm and outstanding craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, and casts extraordinary timepiece works. Launched in 2010 by Raymond Weil, the watch collection of the same name showcases the craftsmanship and mastery of this watchmaker, who knows well the tradition and innovation.