The Lange Quality Watch Won The Outstanding Achievement Award In The Art World

Lange proudly introduces the fourth timepiece with the honor of ‘Pour le Mérite’, built-in sesame chain transmission system and tourbillon with patented stop-second performance. Both of these complex devices help improve the stability and accuracy of the watch. The chronograph dial with a delicate display is inspired by a famous historical man. Richard-Lange-Tourbillon ‘Pour-le-Mérite’-and its early blueprints
93This watch number 93 is based on the design of Richard Lange Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’. Watches with unique timekeeping performance are a model of sophisticated mechanical structure and a contemporary interpretation of Seyffert’s perfect pursuit of watchmaking. When connoisseurs admire Richard Lange Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite”, the first thing that catches the eye is the overlapping eccentric dial time circle: the large minute circle placed above is the main part, with an elegant posture, gently overlapping and distributed vertically Second and hour dials with relatively small areas on the left and right of the central axis. The dial layout is derived from 18th-century precision timepieces.In addition to serving as a timekeeping service and chronometer calibration, it is also used by manufacturers to synchronize time for new watches. To prevent it from being difficult to read when there is insufficient light, the hour and minute hands are mounted on different dials.

Lange launches Richard-Lange-Tourbillon- ‘Pour-le-Mérite’ rose gold version with extreme precision
LangRichard Lange Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” has a circular cutout on the dial of the second hand, which is penetrated by the minute scale above and the embedded tourbillon bridge, and the tourbillon frame is now in it. However, the details of the tourbillon can only be fully revealed between 12 and 6 o’clock. Once at 6 o’clock, the dial engraved with Roman numerals VIII, IX and X instantly turns into the display window to complete the hour operation. This operation is driven by a precise switching device to ensure that the dial area rotates 90 degrees every 6 hours, and the time display is equally clear regardless of day and night. At 12 o’clock, the hour hand dial area disappeared quickly, and in the next 6 hours, with the tourbillon rotating and reciprocating at the same time, and present again. This performance is to offset the deviation caused by the gravity of the balance on the balance shaft. With the patented stop-second device, the tourbillon can be stopped by pulling the crown, and the time display of the watch can be adjusted with the accuracy of seconds. The diamond end stone bearing on the edge of the bottom of the watch is fastened by a screw-fixed gold sleeve. This distinguished and exquisite design marks Lange’s famous ‘1A’ premium pocket watch quality mark.

Richard-Lange-Tourbillon ‘Pour-le-Mérite’, platinum case (or 18K rose gold)
This high-quality watch was given the title of ‘Pour le Mérite’. This is the fourth time Lange has awarded this title to the watch since 1994, and Alexander. Humboldt was founded in 1842 to reward the outstanding achievements of the scientific and artistic world. A Lange watch that can be dubbed ‘Pour le Mérite’ must be a complex piece equipped with a unique sesame chain drive system. The watch cleverly uses the principle of leverage to balance the gradual weakening of the power of the mainspring under continuous use, while maintaining the torque, so that the amplitude of the balance wheel remains stable during the 36-hour power reserve time. In addition, the planetary gear system ensures that even when the watch is wound, its constant power transmission will not suffer any interference. The wide 3/4 plywood opening position allows you to see the details.

Lange homemade L072.1 bracelet movement
Equipped with 6 vibrations per second, classic screw balance and Lange’s own Richard Lange Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’, which recalculates the balance spring, it has all the conditions for an extremely accurate watch. The exquisite 41.9 mm platinum or rose gold case is equipped with a new handmade Lange-made L072.1 movement, which is hand-made to the highest standards of Lange. The diameter of the movement is 33.6 mm, making good use of every inch of space to achieve the best performance. This remarkable watch masterpiece is extremely rare. Limited to 100 platinum editions, it is the perfect choice for watch collectors.
Richard Lange Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’, platinum case (or 18K rose gold), diameter 41.9 mm, Lange’s own L072.1 movement, manual winding, sesame chain drive system, 36-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, Small seconds dial time display; one-minute tourbillon with patented stop-second performance; dial with a compact display, 100 issued.

Soul And God Fit! Bucherer And Rinspeed ‘xchange’ Concept Car

At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Swiss car design company Rinspeed recently released the ultra-sci-fi concept RV ‘XchangE’. It is based on the Tesla ModelS of the future car, but the car interior is more sci-fi than the ModelS. It marks a new era in the future unmanned autonomous driving concept. Frankin R. Rinderknecht, the soul of Rinspeed, is the brand ambassador of Bucherer. Bucherer fully supports this new project and its enthusiastic innovation and sustainable development research and development concept. It is equipped with one of the world’s most unique rotating and transparent components in the “XchangE” steering wheel bracket. Globe-shaped winder.
  Frank M. Rinderknecht has a long-term vision. For more than three decades, he and Rinspeed have been devoting themselves to the development of the ‘driving’ concept that belongs to the future. Among them, the goal is to develop a new concept car: he not only improves the performance of luxury cars, but also aims to develop epoch-making vehicles. Personalized cars, and strictly adhere to the principles of environmental protection and innovation, provide revolutionary solutions for the concept of ‘driving’ in the future through concept cars and limited-edition models. Frank M. Rinderknecht has developed many new concepts such as transparent body, amphibious, and one-seat to three-seat concepts. Each R & D project is groundbreaking and opens the door to future driving ideas.

  Realization of ideas
  The ‘XchangE’ concept car, which will be unveiled for the first time at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, is the result of Rinspeed’s passion for research and development, combined with revolutionary autonomous driving technology, and is closer to opening the door to the idea of ​​’unmanned driving.’ With autonomous driving technology, passengers can enjoy more free time; the interior of the cabin is very thoughtful, and can be turned into a rest or nap or work space at any time, because the steering wheel can be moved to the middle, the seat can be easily folded and turned, and each passenger can share the spaciousness Comfortable space, you can make better use of the time you spent driving; completely overturned driving concept, you can go to sleep, work, and deal with daily chores at the same time, you can easily go to your destination at the same time. become reality.
  Traveling with Bucherer
  The dashboard of the ‘XchangE’ concept car is embedded with a Bucherer Plavi TravelTec chronograph, which provides passengers with a unique time display and easily grasps the time in three time zones. The blue watch matches the hue of the car. The winder shaped like a globe is engraved with a map of the global time zone. Looking at the ‘XchangE’ concept body price of millions, it means that this is the most precious watch winder in the world! When the car is stationary, the globe winder starts to rotate, storing energy for the watch continuously. Of course, the watch can be taken out and worn at any time. Even when shuttle between different time zones, you can also grasp the time at any time: Such a revolutionary masterpiece originates from two The innovation-oriented spirit of each company embodies the passion and passion of both sides and the perfect technology level.
  Towards the future together
  Rinspeed’s concept coincides with the concept of Bucherer; Rinspeed’s concept car is not subject to the same restrictions as Bucherer’s outstanding timepieces, and is determined to open up new directions; cutting-edge technology, top-grade materials, enthusiastic investment, independence A portrayal of the business philosophy of the two companies. The ‘XchangE’ concept car interprets the relationship between time and distance from a revolutionary angle, and it is logical that Bucherer meets its prosperity.
  Bucherer Background
Carl F. Bucherer is an independent watch brand under the Bucherer Montres S.A. company, adhering to the independent management of the parent company, occupying an important seat in the luxury luxury timepiece field. The watch factory tirelessly produces high-end beautiful timepieces, with unremitting commitment to quality and aesthetics. It also reflects the watch factory’s mastery of mastering top watchmaking technology and jewelry craftsmanship; the name of the brand is to Carl Friedrich Po, founder of the Bucherer Group. Salute to Carl Friedrich Bucherer, as well as his timepieces and achievements that preceded the times.
  Bucherer is the only Swiss-based watch manufacturer based in Lucerne. It manufactures and distributes high-end men’s and women’s watches and is the second core business of the parent company Bucherer Group.
  The Bucherer Group celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013 and is now headed by Jörg G. Bucherer, the third generation of the founder family. The Bucherer watch brand team of 160 people, under the leadership of CEO SaschaMoeri, adheres to the brand philosophy and continuously improves the brand’s market position. It also established its own watch factory in Sainte-Croix, in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, dedicated to research and development and production of self-made movements. , And successfully launched its first self-made movement CFBA1000, further consolidating the position of Bucherer’s top watch manufacturer.

  Upholding tradition, pioneering and innovative

Technical specifications
Movement: CFB1901 automatic movement, through the Swiss official
COSC Observatory certification, diameter 28.6 mm, thickness 7.3 mm, 39 stones, power reserve 42 hours
Functions: hour, minute, second, date, time
Display, COSC Observatory-certified chronograph, water-resistant to 50 meters
Case: stainless steel, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, diameter 46.6 mm, thickness 15.5 mm
Strap: calfskin strap, discount