Adrienne Brody At The Premiere Of The Oscars Wearing A Bulgari Octo Watch

On November 11, 2012, Rome, Italy, Oscar winner Adrien Brody wore an Octo watch (101964) and Save the Children charity ring appeared at the 7th Rome International At the 7th Rome Film Festival, attended the premiere of the film ‘Back To 1942’ directed by Chinese famous director Feng Xiaogang. Oscar actor Adrian Brody wore a Bulgari Octo watch at the movie premiere. The structure of the OCTO is the essence of this symbolic content. The work is not just a watch, it goes beyond pure functions, giving it a wide range of aesthetic and emotional implications. The formal and simple design of the watch reveals a complex texture: on the one hand, it conveys a series of values ​​of balance, perfection, immortality and eternity, on the other hand it also shows professional and exquisite clockwork.
     The case is unique in structure, with sharp cuts and clean lines, showing the watch’s momentum and self-evident power. Its delicate procedures need to go through complex basic production processes: including the middle case, bezel and spiral bottom. These three structures need to undergo countless continuous operations before they can be assembled. The brand’s new self-made OCTO case is composed of 110 facets. Each part is carefully created by hand, and is polished and polished with satin finish. It perfectly echoes the overall style of this watch. Its internal structure also fully follows a single design rule :excellence
     Such a meaningful work should naturally be paired with an outstanding ‘movement’. OCTO is equipped with Calibre BVL 193 movement, with hours, minutes and seconds display, and a date window at 3 o’clock. This unidirectional rotating self-winding mechanical movement features ball bearings in its automatic discs – ensuring optimal winding – and is equipped with two sets of barrels. This model has enhanced long-term isochronism isochronism, that is, stable time difference and accuracy. CalibreBVL193 has a diameter of 11.5 law minutes, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times (4 Hz) per hour, and a 50-hour power reserve. The finished parts of the movement, including polished shafts and satin-finished drive gears, are of exceptional quality. The new watch is paired with self-made elegant black lacquer and polished dial, fully using traditional pointer display, blending the rich aesthetic characteristics of Octo lines, highlighting the overall purity of the watch.
     Octo watches will become the brand’s classic men’s watch, interpreting a clear and single message: it goes beyond traditional standards, stands out from many models, and predicts future trends.