Dragon And Phoenix Earl’s Myth Fables

long long ago……
Dragon and Phoenix
Mythical Fable
整合 By integrating its 40 professional masters, Piaget has produced a unique watch series, which symbolizes the brand’s peak on the journey to excellence.
Piaget, this talented goldsmith, watchmaker, creator of timeless beauty, designer of extraordinary jewelry watches, and stylist who gives fantasy and beautiful appearance, successfully integrated the brand’s unique craftsmanship and technology perfectly , Carefully produced a series of more than 20 works, with a wide artistic perspective to interpret the imaginary world outlined in Chinese mythical fables, forming a series that inspires and fosters dreams.
To pay tribute to the Year of the Dragon, and to appreciate the abundance of treasures given to the world by Chinese cultural trends, Piaget is proud to present the Dragon and Phoenix watch series.

Earl Dragon & Phoenix Limited Pair
Divine harmony:
When the Dragon Meets the Phoenix
Nine dragons and phoenixes, their sacred positions in Chinese culture, symbolize honor and authority.
Therefore, dragon and phoenix also represent the two creative forces that catalyzed the beginning of the universe, as imagined in traditional Taoist cosmology: yin (female) and yang (male). The reconciliation of yin and yang is not only a marriage relationship, but also the fusion of power in the universe, bringing prosperity, good luck and good fortune to everyone.
Unique series
Praise to the gods
Chen Long and Phoenix are relatives in the sky, which also inspired the count’s creative inspiration. When the earl came into contact with the legend, he immediately found the similarity with the brand, and this was no accident. The Chinese name of the brand-‘Earl’ has a great connection with ‘honor’.
Piaget 以 presents the brand’s watchmaking art to the world with more than 20 watch creations. The heart of these stunning watches will be the movements produced by Piaget La Côte-aux-Fées, including elegant ultra-thin movements and magnificent floating tourbillon movements.
In order to create unique mechanical devices and decorative appearances comparable to this pair of fairy lovers, Piaget brought together its most outstanding master craftsmen, including jewelers, mosaics, engravers, and enamel painters. Perception, professionalism and experience are bet on the design and production of this series, which makes the series show a unique and extraordinary feeling regardless of the internal quality or external aesthetic shock. In the theme of dragons and phoenixes, Piaget interprets the brand’s most representative watch styles and several uniquely limited creations. Piaget will celebrate and greet the Chinese Dragon Year with a wonderful display of creativity and professional skills.

始 The beginning of all things
The Chinese dragon is very different from the image of evil animals in Western mythology. It represents positive natural energy and noble virtue in human wisdom. The dragon, as one of the oldest and most admirable symbols in China, naturally contains a variety of meanings.
随后 In the subsequent Chinese history, Long also symbolized the positive force inherited from God, the people of Zepi, the messengers who brought good fortune. Today, the dragon still represents the virtues of the ruler’s wisdom and kindness, and the power to promote the spirit of harmony, and it is the core of the philosophy of Chinese culture. The image of the ‘Dragon’ has been tempered by Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years, and the Chinese people today still claim to be proud of the ‘Long descendants’.

Beaulieu High Jewellery Watch
18K white gold dragon watch set with 2292 round diamonds (about 23.6 carats total), 99 square-cut diamonds (about 7.2 carats) and 2 egg-faced rubies (about 0.2 carats)
Silver dial
Earl 56P quartz movement
Folding buckle
Unique style, limited to 1 in the world
Ref. G0A36554

Symbol of Virtue
Earl Chung also extended the tentacles of aesthetics to the dragon’s spouse, the traditional Chinese symbol of Phoenix, which also has its own unique metaphor. The origin of the Chinese phoenix comes from a fable that brings together diligence and compassion.
Phoenix, this bird with an unparalleled beautiful image, it is said that the gorgeous feathers on its body are a gift for other birds in the world. Phoenix was originally a mediocre bird, diligently picking up the grain of other birds and birds, and in famine, when hunger threatened the entire forest, she shared her food with all the birds selflessly, Regardless of whether they had mocked her dim coat. In order to repay Phoenix’s selfless love, each bird gave her the most beautiful feather on her body, creating a beautiful image that can echo her compassionate spirit and be unique in the world. Since then, the Phoenix has become a symbol of the five virtues of kindness, integrity, etiquette, wisdom and sincerity.

Phoenix-shaped high jewelry mysterious watch
凤凰 18K white gold Phoenix watch set with 603 round diamonds (approx. 5.8 carats), 300 square-cut diamonds (approx. 13.7 carats) and 9 egg-faced sapphires (approx. 4.1 carats)
White mother-of-pearl dial
Earl 56P quartz movement
18K white gold jewelry chain with 240 round diamonds (about 18 carats total weight)
Folding buckle
Unique style, limited to 1 in the world
Ref. G0A36555