Zhenlishi’s Journey Through The Earth

Zenith Timepieces and the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen who reached the first pole in Antarctica have reached a cooperation agreement: Rodel Amundsen will be in Zenith chronographs were worn on future adventures.

Zenith’s journey across the earth
Ultimate adventure: ‘Pole2pole’ plan
即将 Johan Ernst Nilson’s upcoming adventure is a veritable modern adventure that will truly end the conquest of polar history. The Swedish explorer’s adventure route made even the most physically fit athletes startled: March 30 this year, starting from the North Pole; walking 200 kilometers along the Arctic ice cap to the Svalbard Islands in eastern Greenland Svalbard Archipelago); board a sailboat there and reach Canada along the Arctic Ocean; then cycle through the Americas from north to south, pass through the Amazon, and reach Patagonia; sail again to Antarctica, then A combination of skiing and paragliding began a two-month special journey and finally reached the South Pole. The entire adventure is expected to take about one year to set off from the northernmost point of the earth, and after a full exploration of the land features at various latitudes, it will reach the southernmost point of the earth.
Dengfeng extreme technology
完成 To complete this expedition, Johan Ernst Nilson’s equipment must be made of materials that have excellent durability and stability, can withstand a variety of extreme conditions, can adapt to large temperature changes, and can withstand the maximum humidity difference. In a long adventure, mastering time is very important, because the success of the adventure depends on whether it can travel regularly, especially in areas such as the polar circle where time cannot be judged by reference objects. For Johan Ernst Nilson, is there a better partner than Zenith for this expedition? Zenith is world-renowned for its precise, regular, stable and perfect timepieces, which have not compromised its outstanding performance even in the most extreme conditions (its masterpiece El Primero 1/10 second chronograph movement in the chronograph, now In the International Space Station, it is orbiting the Earth with the International Space Station!) Zenith watch has participated in polar expeditions many times in the past century: Polar Conqueror Rodel Amundsen also wore Zenith Timekeeper Watch. Not long ago, Zenith worked with French doctor Jean-Louis étienne to accompany him on a hot air balloon flight across the Arctic. This cooperation between Zenith and Johan Ernst Nilson will continue the glorious history of Zenith watches, and it is also a great opportunity for Zenith to continuously strive for excellence and push the superb craftsmanship to the extreme.
Environmental Explorer
Nowadays, the issue of global warming deserves everyone’s attention, and the ‘extremely extreme’ plan is precisely to draw public attention to climate change. For example, on this expedition, you can observe the melting of Arctic icebergs. If the exploration on the theme of environmental protection is harmful to the climate itself, even if the degree of harm is minimal, it will lose its original meaning. Therefore, the Extreme Plan will always follow the concept of ‘climate neutrality’. Johan Ernst Nilson, a self-proclaimed ‘environmental explorer,’ will use only natural energy sources such as hydropower, wind power, and solar energy to advance his physical strength throughout the expedition. The impeccable chronograph also relies on the power stored in the mechanical movement itself, which fully reflects the concern for environmental issues. Zenith has been involved in environmental protection for a long time: Zenith accompanied the knowledgeable oceanographer Prince Albert I of Monaco to complete a pioneering environmental protection initiative. In recent months, Zenith has partnered with Alain Thébault to participate in the development of the non-powered sailboat Hydrotère, and strive to perfectly integrate high technology with outstanding performance. This fast and pollution-free means of transportation is likely to revolutionize the way of intercontinental travel in the future.
A representative of the pioneering spirit of Zenith
Johan Ernst Nilson and Zenith brand naturally recognize each other, because Zenith has always been with explorers and adventurers around the beginning. For example, the Zenith Navy Chronograph was used to calculate the ship’s position in the ocean and to navigate mariners engaged in marine adventures. Zenith watches also assisted pilots in identifying directions. However, it is worth mentioning that Zenith has the unremitting pioneering spirit and the extraordinary courage to dare to surpass the limits that other watchmakers believe cannot be exceeded: the El Primero chronograph movement invented by Zenith is The world’s most accurate automatic movement is also the only movement in the world that can vibrate up to 10 times per second. Other chronograph movements can only vibrate up to 8 times per second.
Johan E. Nilson will wear the El Primero Stratos special edition watch on this adventure through the earth. This chronograph will be subjected to the harshest conditions on earth, and will be tested and tested in these extreme conditions. Stratos Pole2Pole watches will be limited to 500 pieces, each with a unique number.
环境保护 Environmental Explorer
瑞典 Johan Ernst Nilson from Sweden is one of the most experienced explorers in the world today. He has visited more than 100 countries and completed 28 expeditions. His adventures began one night in 1994 at the Grodan Cafe in Stockholm. While his friends were talking about their annual vacation plans to return to Marbella, Johan Ernst announced that he was going to Morocco and decided riding a bicycle to! My friends couldn’t help laughing, and they bet that he would not succeed. The result was just the opposite. After 52 days, Johan Ernst had been riding a bicycle on African soil, taking pictures everywhere. Since then, Johan Ernst has been fascinated by adventures, and has increasingly demonstrated his ambitions, and his adventure plans have become more detailed. Soon, the bipolar expedition became the focus of Johan Ernst Nilson’s attention: he successfully crossed Alaska in 1995, and it was this experience that made him aware of climate change. He participated in scientific research on Antarctica in 1998. In 1999, he visited the North Pole on a sled, and also crossed the Northwest Waterway in the same year.
Before the Extreme Plan, Johan Ernst Nilson’s most amazing feat was the summit of the Seven Peaks: he climbed the highest peaks of the seven continents, including Mount Everest, of course. He ascended Mount McKinley, Alaska, the coldest mountain in the world, giving him a new experience in the Arctic Circle, and the experience of climbing Mount Vinson was an excellent opportunity to learn about Antarctica. This expedition to climb the seven peaks was completed in 2008 with the support of the “Respect for the Climate” project, and it was during this expedition that Johan Ernst Nilson began to practice the concept of “climate-neutral” expeditions. Environmental issues became the core of his actions: the idea of ​​climbing the Seven Peaks stemmed from his concerns about climate change and the melting of icebergs, and the Extreme Plan also focused on these issues.
While planning the adventure, Johan Ernst Nilson is very happy to share and disseminate his experiences and observations during the adventure: the documentary filmed on his many adventures has been broadcast on the BBC, CNN (CNN), Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, making it an internationally renowned media figure.