The Power Of The Flood In The Watch Blancpain Reverses Time For You

Recently, a word got angry at the Rio Games. I believe everyone guessed it. The word is ‘the power of floods’! If the power of floods of an athlete can illuminate it for winning a medal, then the power of floods of a watchmaking brand is to create an unparalleled one for you. Watch, and became a stream of the entire watch industry.

   The Blancpain Villeret classic series two-year calendar watch 6670-1127-55 is a masterpiece of the power of Blancpain watchmakers. Since its introduction, the world’s second two-year calendar watch has never appeared in the world. Things didn’t change until Baselworld 2016. However, it is Blancpain who broke the deadlock—stainless steel model 6670. The aesthetic design is simplified. With the “indisputable” purity and the elegance of steel, it has conquered every watch fan who passed the booth and became the Basel 2016 A dazzling pearl on it. Blancpain’s global president, Mr. Mark Hayek, praised it: ‘For those who love 6670, we have one more elegant choice.’

   Since its introduction in 2011, the Cal. 6054F self-winding movement equipped with the 6670 is equipped with the world’s first annual calendar and the local time in the dual time zone indication. The mechanism can also make the calendar display forward or backward After adjustment. This great breakthrough unleashes Blancpain’s unparalleled power in research and development of its own movement, which is still a unique feature in the world of watchmaking. The Blancpain 6670 watch has a time-reversing function. You only need to turn your head back to adjust it from 2nd to 1st. At the same time, the week and month can be automatically adjusted back, which is the most humane in the calendar industry. Function settings.

   The week is up, the calendar is in the middle, the monthly calendar is down, and it is arranged at an angle of 30 ° on the right side of the dial. This humanized sorting design based on people’s writing habits, and the comfort of visual reading has been praised by the industry for its visual perception. The best watch; second, even if the watch is half covered by the cuff, you can easily read the full calendar information, showing elegance. The design of the new 6670-1127-55 second time zone removes the circle from the previous design, reducing the density of the time stamps, thereby creating more aesthetic blanking for the dial.

   Even in the embarrassing moment when you need to adjust the watch, Blancpain’s exclusive patented technology-hidden adjustment button, will make you elegant everywhere. You don’t need to look for bulky adjustment needles, toothpicks and other tools, just touch the button on the back of the watch with your fingertips to complete the adjustment. It is worth mentioning that, compared to the dimple-shaped dimple adjustment devices generally located on the side of the watch case, the hidden adjustment button makes the entire watch more elegant, and the case is perfect.

   Double-layered three-dimensional bezel, three-dimensional waist Roman scale, hollowed-out willow-shaped hands, Blancpain logo seconds hand, these Blancpain classic signature aesthetic symbols are all presented in 6670-1127-55 watch. Some netizens once commented: ‘Everyone loves Blancpain’s full moon phase 6654, but please also take a closer look at 6670. Its aesthetics and functions can also fly with 6654.’ In short, the steel year calendar is two Local timepiece 6670 is definitely another perfect choice for you to buy Blancpain’s light and complex models.