The Balance Between Income Generation And Profit Creation ‘cartier Lings Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award’ Walks Into Shanghai Jiaotong University-kedge Business School In Marseille, France

(Shanghai, April 12, 2014) Recently, the ‘Cartier Lings Outcome Women Entrepreneur Award’ was co-hosted with Chinese entrepreneur Mulanhui and Shanghai Jiaotong University-KEDGE Business School AEMBA Program Business theme seminar salon. The event specially invited Ms. Yu Jin, the global director partner of McKinsey & Co., Ltd., and Ms. Wang Jingbo, the co-founder of Noah Wealth and the chairman and CEO of Noah (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. as the guest speakers, and discussed social enterprises together. Consider both profitability and public welfare. The special guests who attended the seminar also include the 2011 Cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award, 2011 Asia Pacific winner, Ms. Chen Chunhong, Chairman of Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., 2009 Asia Pacific Finalist, SHOKAY founder Ms. Qiao Yanshan, the judges of the award, Ms. Yang Yan, Managing Director of Hurst Media Advertising Group China, and Ms. Zhang Xiaoyu, Cartier China PR Director. Ms. Li Peihua, Director of AEMBA Program of Shanghai Jiaotong University-Marseille KEDGE Business School, made a special welcome speech for the seminar. The theme of the salon was ‘income generation and profit creation’. The guests discussed the balanced development of social enterprises from three perspectives: business model, financing and balanced art.

‘Social enterprise’ is a new type of enterprise development today, and it is also the mainstream direction of female entrepreneurship. ‘This is a business model that we must adhere to no matter how difficult it is,’ shared SHOKAY’s founder Ms. Qiao Yanshan and guest speaker Ms. Wang Jingbo. From a tour, Qiao Shanshan saw the local herdsmen grazing yaks in a difficult environment, which gave her the idea of ​​establishing a social enterprise, creating a yak cashmere industrial chain, bringing economic benefits and improving the living standards of local Tibetans. In 2009, she participated in and was shortlisted for the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ for her innovative business model. SHOKAY’s leadership in philosophy is not only reflected in integrating social responsibility into corporate operations, but also in providing customized services outside its product line. SHOKAY organized a hand-knitting team in Shanghai to provide local female workers with job opportunities, while customizing hand-knitting as a brand connotation. ‘We want to work with herders and weavers, because we want to increase their income, so we have to start at the source,’ Qiao Shanshan said firmly. ‘This is the subtle difference between social enterprises and traditional business models.’

   The guest speaker Ms. Wang Jingbo thinks that to plan the development of a social enterprise, it is necessary to look at its commercial value from the perspective of capital investment, and to clarify its own advantages and attractiveness to capital. From finding unmet social needs to deciding business models, the new value found in them is the core of social enterprises. A business model that incorporates innovative values ​​is an important foundation for the growth and development of social enterprises. At the same time, the elements of sustainable development cannot be ignored. Ms. Wang Jingbo believes that financing is a necessary step for many start-ups to survive, especially social enterprises that need to balance revenue and profit. Chen Chunhong, the chairman of Yiyuan Company, which has created a ‘glass of water toilet’, has always adhered to the concept of an environmentally friendly enterprise. In order to promote the water-saving technology patents invented by her father, she gave up the job of a teacher and came to Shanghai to create ‘Yiyuan’. With persistence and perseverance, ‘Yiyuan’ successfully seized the opportunity to enter the World Expo and laid a broader development path for the enterprise. Ms. Chen Chunhong deeply understood the difficulties in the early stage of entrepreneurship and her views on financing. ‘Capital is blood, and no capital means that entrepreneurship will not persist. Even so, you must choose investment partners carefully, just like finding an object. Values Only when we are close can we go happily. ‘ In 2011, Chen Chunhong won the ‘Cartier Lingsi Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ for the ‘Cup of Water Toilet’ project, which surely accumulates more attention for the enterprise. In the same year, the annual sales of Yiyuan Company have quadrupled.

   The development of sustainable business models based on innovative values, taking into account social benefits and profit returns is a balanced art. However, as a woman, she often plays multiple roles in society. Ms. Yu Jin, global director and partner of McKinsey, personally interacted with guests Let’s talk about how to make use of the unique balance and wisdom of female entrepreneurs to take care of their careers and family, and to show their tough and feminine strength.

In recent years, the number of women entrepreneurs around the world has been increasing, and more and more women are active in the business field and have achieved a career. The ‘Cartier Lingshuang Female Entrepreneur Award’ received 1,800 cases in 2013, an increase of about 20% over 2012. Among them, environmental protection, the combination of business and humanistic care, and personalized services have always been hot spots for female entrepreneurs. While creating business benefits, female entrepreneurs pay more attention to social welfare and tend to choose to create social enterprises. The ‘Cartier Lingshui Surge Women Entrepreneur Award’ hopes to encourage more Chinese women to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, participate in the awards selection, get practical help and guidance, and achieve a balanced development of enterprise income generation and profit creation.

About the ‘Cartier Lings surging Female Entrepreneur Award’
The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards was co-sponsored by Cartier and the Women’s Economic and Social Forum in 2006, and co-organized by McKinsey International Consultants and INSEAD International Business School. This eye-catching annual international award is used to inspire women’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, achieve women’s entrepreneurial dreams, and help female entrepreneurs build international communication platforms. This award recognizes and honors six outstanding women-led innovative business plans worldwide each year. Since its inception, the ‘Cartier Lingshui Female Entrepreneur Award’ has unearthed 130 promising female entrepreneurs, given them professional business guidance and assistance, and commended 38 of them.